You read that right. We're filling the board with infinite Jaces like it's a MagicFest and nobody coordinated their cosplay.

"I thought you were going as Vraska!" "I thought you were going as Vraska!"

Doubling Season forms the other half of our combo. With this infamous five-mana enchantment, all your planeswalkers enter with twice their normal starting loyalty, which means Jace, Cunning Castaway can use his ultimate immediately. Each Jace copy can also ultimate, creating an arbitrarily large number of Jace Clones, four-fifths of which will still have 6 loyalty.

Each of those Clones can then -2 to create a 2/2 blue Illusion (well, two tokens, because of Doubling Season) and then you pass the turn. If they don't draw a sweeper, you attack for lethal next turn.

This isn't the most busted planeswalker interaction with Doubling Season. There are even scarier interactions in this deck, like getting Teferi, Hero of Dominaria's emblem the turn you cast him. But it is, objectively, the BEST planeswalker interaction, as measured by the number of Jaces it puts into play.

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