Just a few weeks ago I unveiled my updated Deskbot build that included the brand new Deskbot 006 and Deskbot Jet. The deck's a force to be reckoned with and by using sweet tech choices like Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, Emergency Teleport and Genex Ally Birdman, you could drop some impressive first turn fields. The deck worked so well that Bobby Kenny took down a field of talented duelists to claim an X-Box One tournament. I'd highly recommend going back to read it before moving forward if you didn't check it out.

Now that you're up to speed on Deskbots, let's press on!

With the release of the Masters of Penedulum Structure Deck, Deskbots can get even more crazy and fun. One of the main issues plaguing the theme was its reliance on your Normal Summon and the need to get to Deskbot 003 and Deskbot 004. The Pendulum Deskbots helped solve that issue by letting you Pendulum Summon Deskbot 002, which could then search out your missing combo piece. Through Pendulum Summoning, the deck has access to a ton of new plays and can more easily trigger Deskbot 001's graveyard effect for more Synchro opportunities.

Even still, power plays and big pushes always hinge on Deskbot 004. But by mashing up Deskbots, Odd-Eyes and Magicians, you can win games without ever triggering Deskbot 004.

As Easy As Pulling A Rabbit Out Of A Hat
If you've somehow missed the hype surrounding the Structure Deck's release, it's got a ton of amazing stuff. The brand new Odd-Eyes boss monsters are insanely powerful, the new Magician Pendulums are fantastic, and it comes with a bunch of ways to search for everything. It's easily one of the most powerful Structure Decks ever released. For the purpose of this deck though, we're only going to be using just a handful of the deck's strongest new cards.

First up, we've got the Normal Magician Pendulums: Dragonvein Magician, which is a Level 4 Earth Spellcaster with 1800 ATK, 900 DEF and a Pendulum Scale 1; and Dragonpit Magician, which is a Level 7 Earth Spellcaster with 900 ATK, 2700 DEF and a Pendulum Scale of 8. They each have a Pendulum Effect that lets you discard a card to destroy a spell or trap, or a face-up monster, if you control another Magician in your Pendulum Zone. There's no restriction on what you can Pendulum Summon while they're active either, which is amazing because together they complete a Scale almost as high as the Deskbots' Scale, while still letting you Pendulum Summon Deskbot 002. The fact that Dragonvein Magician is a Pendulum Scale 1 means you're going to be seeing a lot of these things for weeks to come.

#####CARDID= 18615#####

Oh, and you can search them both in one shot thanks to Pendulum Call. If you haven't activated a Magician Pendulum Effect, you can discard a card to search two Magician Pendulums with different names from your deck. If that wasn't incredible enough, your Magicians in your Pendulum Zones can't be destroyed by card effects until the end of your opponent's next turn. It's a silly card that's going to be an issue moving forward, but for now, you've got to embrace the crazy! What I love about Pendulum Call in this particular mash-up is just how many cards you don't need to have in your hand and want in your graveyard anyway, so the cost of Pendulum Call can often set you up for more plays.

The powerful Field Spell Sky Iris rounds out the new additions in the Main Deck. While face-up, Sky Iris protects your Magician, Performapal and Odd-Eyes cards in your Pendulum Zone from being targeted by opposing card effects. Then, it lets you destroy another face-up card on the field to add any Odd-Eyes card from your deck to your hand.

If it hasn't clicked already, you'll be using Sky Iris as a quick way to destroy your Deskbot Pendulums and get Odd-Eyes Fusion from your deck to your hand while triggering the Deskbots' abilities in the process; Deskbot 005 lets you Special Summon a Deskbot from the graveyard, while Deskbot 006 adds a Deskbot from your graveyard to your hand. The one-two punch is a power play in its own right, even if you can't use Odd-Eyes Fusion right away. Reviving a Deskbot 004 out of the graveyard, or being able to complete your Pendulum Scale are game-breaking moves.

With the Odd-Eyes Fusion cat out of the bag, which Odd-Eyes monster are we going to use?

Answer: Almost All Of Them
If you're unfamiliar with Odd-Eyes Fusion, it's an extremely good Fusion Spell because you can usually Fusion Summon Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon for free. If your opponent controls two or more monsters and you don't control any, you can use up to two Odd-Eyes monsters from your Extra Deck as Fusion Materials. That's convenient, because Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon requires any Odd-Eyes monster and any Pendulum Monster as Fusion Materials.

Even before the release of the Structure Deck, you could Fusion Summon Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon easily thanks to Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon or another copy of Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon. As long as you've got any Pendulum Monster in your hand, it was super easy to fulfill its requirements. And if you were lucky enough to have an Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon already face-up in your Extra Deck, you could Fusion Summon Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon using it and any other Odd-Eyes monster you want.

Oh, and Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon is nuts. When you Special Summon it, it returns a face-up attack position monster your opponent controls to the hand. Then, during either player's turn, you can shuffle a face-up Pendulum Monster in your Extra Deck into your Main Deck to negate the activation of a spell, trap or monster effect. Because it's a quick-effect that "negates activations" you can even use it in the damage step. Sitting at 2500 ATK and 3000 DEF and with the ability to negate virtually anything, Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon is a pain to deal with, often winning games without much thought needed.

The standard Sky Iris play in this deck is the ultimate comeback or game-winning move. You can destroy Deskbot 006 with Sky Iris to search for Odd-Eyes Fusion and get back a Deskbot 004 from your graveyard. Now, you can Fusion Summon Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon and you've even got a Pendulum locked and loaded in Deskbot 006 to negate whatever you want. Then you can Normal Summon Deskbot 004 to further your advantage when it kills a monster.

Deskbot 005 is still the better Deskbot Pendulum, but Deskbot 006 really shines in this version. The aforementioned play is only the tip of the iceberg, because paired with Deskbot 001 you can Synchro Summon Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon! When it's Special Summoned, Meteorburst Dragon lets you Special Summon any Pendulum Monster from your Pendulum Zone.

#####CARDID= 19115#####

It also has a nasty continuous effect that doesn't let your opponent use monster effects during either player's battle phase. That wins games against Kozmo, nixing the self-replacing effects of cards like Kozmo Dark Destroyer and Kozmo Forerunner. Burning Abyss and a ton of other strategies are affected too. If I'm being really honest, I think Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon is going to define the format. Especially because it's a generic Level 7 Synchro.

While Meteorburst Dragon's first effect is neat – you can use it to destroy a spell or trap with Deskbot 005 – you can also just Special Summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon or Dragonpit Magician. The main reason you'd Special Summon either is to go for an Xyz Summon, since they're both Level 7. Your go-to Xyz Summon is probably going to be Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon, which requires any two Level 7 monsters. Absolute Dragon's a 2800 ATK behemoth that can negate any monster's attack by detaching an Xyz Material, much like Number 39: Utopia. The big difference is that if you negate an attack, you can Special Summon any Odd-Eyes monster from your hand or graveyard!

That means free revival of fallen Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragons and you can even detach and Special Summon the same Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon you used to Xyz Summon Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon. There's a ton of OTK potential with Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon, because you can use it to negate your own weaker monster's attacks to basically trade it in for a 2500 ATK Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon. And if you Xyz Summoned Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon and it's sent to the graveyard while it has an Xyz Material, you can Special Summon any Odd-Eyes Monster from your Extra Deck – which basically means even more ways to get out Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon.

If you Special Summoned Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon with Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon, you do have another option - Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon! This version can't Xyz Summon Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon at full strength, since we're not using Xiangke Magician and Xiangshen Magician, but it's still a neat option to have thanks to its killer 3000 ATK and its second effect: if Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon is destroyed, you can destroy as many Pendulum Monsters in your Pendulum Zone as possible to place it in your Pendulum Zone.

While it's there, Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon lets you place any Pendulum Monster from your deck into your Pendulum Zone…because why not. Then after that, if it's destroyed while in your Pendulum Zone, Rebellion Dragon will go into your Extra Deck face-up, only to be Pendulum Summoned back out as long as you can Pendulum Summon Level 7 monsters. It's pretty reassuring to know that if you go for that play and it fails, Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon will just replenish your Pendulum Scale for free.

With everything laid out, here's the list:

DECKID=103801With only two traps, this version of Deskbots plays really aggressively and thrives on powerful fields of monsters; thankfully you've got a ton Extra Deck monsters with lockdown capabilities.

If you thought pure Magicians, Magician Majespecters or Performage Magicians were the way to go before, I urge to you swing over to the Deskbot camp. The speed and power these little Machines offer the Normal Pendulum Magician engine is insane. Purely having easy access to Naturia Beast makes this deck worth a look, but it does so much more coupled with the Odd-Eyes cards.

Get familiar with how these types of decks work, because you're going to be seeing a ton of them in the very near future.

-Pasquale Crociata

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