What's up innovators? I know I promised some of you an updated Normal Pendulum deck, but you're just going to have to wait a little bit longer for it. This week, however, I'm tackling everyone's new favorite Zombie: Uni-Zombie.

Uni-Zombie is the perfect monster for Zombies as a whole, because it gives you instant access to Mezuki from your deck, while pitching a card from your hand to adjust Levels on the field. While its second effect is the stand-out, its first one is meant to work along with it: discard a Zombie to make itself a Level 4; send Mezuki from your deck to the graveyard to bring it to Level 5; then use Mezuki to revive the Zombie you discarded. Its Dark Tuner status is really relevant too, especially when you consider the fact that you can easily manipulate its Level, giving any deck really easy access to Void Ogre Dragon and Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons: two powerhouses.

I think everyone's initial thought was to immediately toss this thing into Skull Servants and finish off your opponent faster than before. Uni-Zombie can get Wightprince out of your hand or deck, fueling your King of the Skull Servant onslaught. It's got the bonus of being a high-Level'd Tuner after both effects kick-in, so the deck has a bit more versatility, something it was drastically lacking. While that strategy's beyond sound, I thought Uni-Zombie would fit better in one of my favorite decks from a few formats ago: Gogogo Zombies.

If you're unfamiliar, then prepare to be enlightened!

Mighty Morphin' Go Go Rangers!
The Gogogo theme is centered around easy Rank 4 Xyz by way of Gogogo Giant and Gogogo Ghost. Giant's like Debris Dragon, reviving any Gogogo from your graveyard and letting you do what you want with them. It's got a beefy 2000 ATK, but switches to defense position after it attacks or if you use its effect. While that's not too fantastic, it's still fine, because you're typically just going to Xyz Summon anyway. The best target for your Giant is easily Gogogo Ghost while you have a Gogogo Golem in your graveyard.

#####CARDID= 17826 #####

Anytime Ghost is Special Summoned you can revive a Golem from your graveyard. That means, upon successful resolution of Giant's effect you score a quick +2 and open up 3-material Rank 4 Xyz. Ghost, like Giant, will switch to defense position when you resolve its effect to bring out Golem, but again that's almost always irrelevant. My favorite part about this interaction is that while you can make a 3-material Rank 4 like Evilswarm Ouroboros, you can just as well go for a standard Rank 4 like Castel, The Skyblaster Muskeeter by using Gogogo Giant and Gogogo Ghost as materials. You'd use those two, because once per turn, your defense position Gogogo Golem can't be destroyed by battle. That's pretty neat and it's way more useful than you think.

With the introduction of the core monsters out of the way, it's time to introduce you to the supporting cast: the Dododo's and Zombies!

Onomatopoeias Are Fun
The Dododo theme's comprised mostly of Warriors, and your goal with them is to make Rank 4, Rank 5 and Rank 6 Xyz through Dododo Buster, Dododo Witch and Dododo Driver. It's a weird group of cards because aside from Buster, every Dododo monster uses resources from your hand, so you can run out of steam quickly. To top it off, Buster only revives from the graveyard when it's Tribute Summoned, but can be Special Summoned from your hand as a Level 4 similar to Cyber Dragon.

Unless you're going to focus on the Dododos, which we're not, it's best to stick to using Dododo Buster because of your Rank 4 Xyz spam goal. And the only reason we have to run it is to abuse the extremely cool searching Spell Onomatopaira. By sending one monster from your hand to the graveyard, you can add two monsters from your deck to your hand. Those monsters must be from the Gagaga, Zubaba, Dododo or Gogogo monster themes and you can't add two from the same theme: the biggest bummer. What's really cool is that the cost of the card helps further your strategy by ridding your hand of Gogogo Ghosts and Gogogo Golems to search for Gogogo Giant and Dododo Buster. I suppose Gagaga Magician is viable, but you want your Normal Summon for Gogogo Giant or Uni-Zombie, so Dododo Buster's typically safer.

What's next should be obvious: Mezuki. The classic Zombie-type shines brighter than ever in Gogogo Zombies, because it's an instant +2 from the graveyard when you revive reviving Gogogo Ghost with Gogogo Golem in your graveyard. The set-up's extremely easy to achieve thanks to Onomatopaira, Uni-Zombie and Lavalval Chain. You could even go for a 3-Material Rank 4 Xyz like Stellarknight Delteros by reviving Zombie Master and using it's effect to Special Summon Ghost from your graveyard. Speaking of Delteros, it's almost THE reason to use this deck right now, because you can Special Summon Stellarknight Constellar Diamond. Now you might be thinking: if I wanted to summon Diamond, shouldn't I just play Satellarknights?

Obviously that's a legitimate thought, but I think this deck offers a much wider range of plays and is way less reliant on the Normal Summon. In Satellarknights you want to continually use Satellarknight Altair to revive Satellarknight Deneb and abuse your Rank 4 Xyz toolbox. If your opponent shuts that down, you typically bank on Call Of The Haunted or Oasis of Dragon Souls to save the day: two cards that are a little slow. In Zombies you have Book of Life, which can revive Gogogo Ghost for an instant Rank 4, and you're not restricted to attacking with only certain monsters. While Book of Life isn't fantastic against Qliphorts since you need to banish a monster from your opponents' graveyard, it's really good against Burning Abyss. The central gameplans of both decks are similar, but I'd argue that sacrificing free +1's from Deneb and Stellarnova Alpha for explosive and less predictable plays is a great thing. After playing around with the deck, you'll quickly notice that you generate your +1's in a multitude of ways.

Not sold yet? Let's take a look at the build:

DECKID=101681If you couldn't tell from my past articles, I'm a huge fan of decks that run few or not traps. Fewer traps typically means more combos, and this deck comes at you from all fronts. Instantly make Rank 4's from your graveyard with Mezuki; Normal Summon Rank 4's with Gogogo Giant and Zombie Master; or Book of Life into them just as easily.

Kagetokage helps with slow starts: if you open with Golem or Ghost and Kagetokage, overlay them for Lavalval Chain and detach the Gogogo you have to send the other to the graveyard. The same can be said if you start with Mezuki and Kagetokage: just overlay them to put the Ghost in your graveyard. The set-up's quick and easy.

King of the Feral Imps nets you quick +1's while Bujinki Amaterasu reuses two Mezuki's on the turn you summon it: one on your turn to the field, and one on your opponent's turn to your hand. The longevity it provides is incredible.

Here's a quick three-card combo that I've used a ton of times to seal games. To start, you'll need any two of Gogogo Ghost, Zombie Master or Mezuki, and your opponent must control a monster. You can achieve that really quickly on your first turn thanks to Onomatopaira, Foolish Burial and Uni-Zombie. Now that two of those monsters are in the graveyard, here's what you do:

Special Summon Dododo Buster at Level 4 and then Normal Summon Uni-Zombie. Next up, you'll boost Uni-Zombie to Level 4 to send any one of the missing Zombies from above to the graveyard. Banish Mezuki to revive Zombie Master.

Zombie Master sends any monster from your hand to the graveyard to revive Gogogo Ghost. Xyz Summon Bujinki Amaterasu using Dododo Buster, Uni-Zombie and Ghost as materials. Detach Ghost to use Amaterau's ability to Special Summon Mezuki from your banished zone. Follow that up with the Xyz Summon of Lavalval Chain using Mezuki and Zombie Master. Detach Mezuki and send Gogogo Golem from your deck to the graveyard.

Finally, use Mezuki's effect once again to revive Ghost. This time, Ghost will trigger reviving Golem for another Rank 4. Make whatever you feel you need in the moment. If you happen to have a Gogogo Golem in your hand, you can make a second 3-Material Xyz like Satellarknight Delteros.

In the above sequence, you'll simply send your second Gogogo Ghost to the graveyard instead of Gogogo Golem. Then, you'll revive Zombie Master instead of Ghost with Mezuki. This adjustment is easily made by using Zombie Master to make Amaterasu instead of Ghost. You then leave Ghost on the field to overlay with the Mezuki you Special Summoned with Amaterasu.

Finally, activate Zombie Master's effect, sending Golem to the graveyard to revive Ghost: which triggers reviving the Golem you sent from your hand. This is a four-card cost, but if you need to destroy a card and make Stellarknight Constellar Diamond to seal the game…it's worth it.

#####CARDID= 17785 #####

Now unfortunately you won't be able to attack with anything except Zombies the turn you do this, but it's a solid Main Phase 2 option to generate insane card advantage and put up a huge board.

There's also a ton of room for tech choices like Masked Chameleon, which can revive 7 monsters in your Main Deck for Level 8 Synchros or Rank 4's and it gives King of the Feral Imps versatility. Photon Thrasher can help on the first turn as well. Pot of Dichotomy fits like a glove in here: a card I used to run in threes, but the loss of the Battle Phase proved to be a bit too much in this format. The Extra Deck could also be pushed to use more Synchros, depending on what decks you play against most.

And if you're so inclined, you could even include a copy of Gogogo Golem – Golden Form. It's a pretty neat card that you can search off of Onomatopaira to get up to two effect negations of opponents monsters. It's also an out to nearly any big monster, since it'll be a minimum 3600 ATK when you summon it. I just couldn't support running a monster I couldn't revive from the graveyard. But it could be Side Deck worthy against the likes of Burning Abyss.

Konami's also set to release a set in April called World Superstars, which imports a ton of cards that are only available in the OCG. This deck could get a huge boost with Number 55: Gogogo Goliath, a Rank 4 Xyz that lets you re-use your Gogogo Giants from your graveyard. There's also Dododo Draw, which lets you send a Dododo monster from your hand or field to the graveyard to draw two cards. I'm crossing my fingers these two cards will be included, because they'll give the deck speed and a bit more longevity: two great aspects to any deck.

Let me know what you think! Have you ever fooled around with Gogogo's before? Or are you more of a Gagaga person? I'd love to know what you've been using Uni-Zombie in.

-Pasquale Crociata