Ever read a card and think about how much potential it has until it hurts? No? Well me neither, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I'm really good at icebreakers…

Today we're going to look at an array of cards that have seen little to no high-level competitive play, but have so much potential that it almost does hurt. Hopefully after reading through this, you'll be inspired to toss one of these cards in a deck you love!

All of these cards have one underlying theme: they search monsters. The ability to search for your combo starters or power cards is an integral part of creating a consistent deck. Some of these cards search so many options that it's actually absurd. Yes. That absurd. Yes. It's even more absurd than a grown person's obsession with walruses. I don't know who invited that guy. Stop asking.

Moving along! Once the absurdity is realized we only have one job: figuring out where these pieces fit and how they can be put to great use.

Romeo, Romeo
Where Arf Thou? This nifty little spell was mostly played in Mystic Piper decks, but I think there's always been more to it and the potential just keeps rising as Duelist Alliance hits the shelves. As long as you control any Level 1 monster, even a Scapegoat token, you can add any Level 1 monster from your deck to your hand. It'll cost you 2000LP if you don't Normal Summon said monster, but hey – sometimes you gotta do what you've gotta do, right? If you've read any bit of my last two articles, you know I love a good Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Database search and a spell of this nature benefits greatly from just that.

Simply go to the homepage and enter the number 1 in both "Level/Rank" boxes. Then click "Effect" and hit search. You'll get a quick rundown of all 258 Level one effect monsters in the game! Where Arf Thou is so cool, because you can search out aggressive or defensive cards. Need an Effect Veiler? You got it. Playing against Lightsworns and fearing Judgment Dragon? Take a D.D. Crow for good measure! Decided to finally see what all the fuss is about Dustons? Search for House Duston or Starduston! Need to stop a powerful monster in its tracks? Rainbow Kuriboh is here for you. Something fishy? Search for Mermaid Shark or Beautunaful Princess. The versatility here is truly impressive.

#####CARDID= 10918#####

Looking ahead we've got some even cooler monsters to search for. Wightprince is going to tie together the Skull Servant strategy beautifully, so searching out a Wightmare or King of the Skull Servants can be truly game breaking. Deckbot 001 is a cute little Tuner that boosts itself by 500ATK for each Machine-type monster you control! It can also revive itself from the graveyard for even more shenanigans. I could write an entire column on this James Bond-Machine wannabe, but we'll get there. I'm sure of it. From Ghostricks to women with blue eyes, this card almost does it all.

Next up: Creeping Darkness.

Enter the Shadow Realm
This soul-sucking card can do a helluva lot as well! Its biggest contribution to the competitive scene was when TCGPlayer's Loukas "AwkwardTurtle" Peterson used it in his Ghostrick Spirit deck for a Top 8 finish at a Regional not too long ago. Aratama's an incredible card and banishing two puny Ghostricks to add it to your hand is most likely why that deck was successful. It's easily one of the best applications for the card. (Which is why I told Loukas about it before the event). You're welcome, turtle.

Creeping Darkness does a lot more than fetch Spirits to your hand though. It can add a bunch of Evilswarm monsters as well - I think we all know how strong a late-game Evilswarm Kerykeion can be, and this spell is just another avenue to get there.

Doing a bit more digging we can see even more potential, because it can get you Summoner Monk, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer and a slew of incredible Zombies. Dark Grepher, Armageddon Knight, Doomcaliber Knight and Phantom of Chaos are also incredible options for specific decks. Much like Arf, Creeping Darkness can find you some niche cards from your Side Deck. Playing against a graveyard-driven strategy? Skull Meister easily Creeps into your hand to help solve that problem. Despise Dark Worlds as much as the next guy? Gemini Imps to the rescue! Lightsworn Rulers got you down? Ally of Justice Quarantine turns the lights off for as long as it's around.

Because this card requires a bit more setup than Where Arf Thou, it's a bit more limited in its range, because you don't want to open with it. But after a few turns have passed you really love to see it. Looking ahead: Gaia, the Polar Knight is a really interesting target for this card as well and something I might have to explore. Sure you could use Reinforcement of the Army to grab some of these monsters, but after exhausting your two copies, having more ways to search out powerful monsters is beyond important!

Keep your eyes on this one, because its targets are too powerful for it not to be busted in the future.

Need a Guide?
Why would I highlight a card that's fairly specific and clearly belongs in its own deck? Well for starters, it's a card that can search out ANY Level 4 monster. Any guesses? Don't worry. I'm not going to go on the Konami Yugioh Database and search out every single Level 4 effect monster in existence and tell you which of the nearly 1,200 are relevant. Yeah. I'm glad we dodged that bullet together.

Secondly, four of the six monsters this card interacts with can be summoned right from the deck with Tour Guide From the Underworld, a card that is about to see an immense jump in play because of the Burning Abyss theme! Still dumbfounded? Here's a hint. The card rhymes with "schmesantor pengine."

Nice guess! It IS Resonator Engine.

#####CARDID= 8518#####

The Burning Abyss is a brand new archetype debuting in Duelist Alliance. Their focus, so far, is on recycling one another and bringing out more Fiends from your deck! The interesting part about these little guys is that Dark Resonator is searchable via Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss. So you could Summon four out of the six Resonators using Tour Guide or search out Dark Resonator via Scarm to quickly fuel your graveyard, and thus meet Engine's requirements. They also have their own Reinforcement of the Army spell in Resonator Call.

The only missing piece would be the perfect Level 4 monster to search out, but with so many cards on the horizon for the Burning Abyss, we could have something here. It's been rumored by Konami that the theme will be getting a Synchro Monster soon, and the resonators all being Tuners could prove to be wildly useful! Digging through your commons for this spell could prove beneficial down the line.

The final two searchers I'll be talking about are all monsters that dig for a wide variety of cards.

Really, Really, Ridiculously Good-Looking
Not only are Peacocks beautiful, but in Yu-Gi-Oh, they're so awesome they bring more feathered friends to the party. Jason Grabher-Meyer summed this monster up pretty well in his Giant Review of Judgment of the Light when he said:

"Kujakujaku is one of those perfect, underrated niche cards that sees no hype but actually does some very useful stuff in off-the-radar strategies. It's an "If...you can" effect, which means it can't miss timing. It's a very cool, very unassuming little card that's going to become more powerful over time, and I can't wait to play it in a couple decks I'm cooking up."

That was almost a year ago, and here I am, talking about it again! Toss it into your Harpie deck to pair with Icarus Attack or Swallows Nest to search out more Divas for their Hysteric Party. Stuff it into your Mecha Phantom Beast deck to Tribute away with Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi or Enemy Controller so you can search out your awesome planes! It even works with Vertical Landing to give your strategy the ever-so-useful Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens and net you a monster you need. Kujakujaku goes as far as searching out the TCGplayer favorite Pilica, Descendant of Gusto! Why you would put Kujakujaku in a Gusto deck, I have no idea. But you could! There's synergy in everything I mentioned here, but again, it's all about finding it. I've shown you how to search for cards in various different ways; honing in on the skills I've mentioned is going to greatly benefit you when attempting innovation on a competitive Level.

The Peacock's uses are pretty diverse, but none have me more excited than its ability to search out our next card…

What's in a Normal?
Normal monsters have never been more playable than they are now. Between Blue Eyes White Dragon in Mythic Rulers, Labradorite Dragon and Galaxy Serpent in Hieratic Rulers and Evilswarm Heliotrope being an integral part of Evilswarm decks, normal monsters are everywhere! The good news is they aren't going away anytime soon and this nifty little monster can grab you a ton of them. That's right, I'm talking about Blue Dragon Summoner.

#####CARDID= 16276#####

If this card is sent from the field to the graveyard, you can add any Dragon, Warrior or Spellcaster-type normal monster from your deck to your hand! If you haven't heard, Pendulum Summoning gets really incredibly rather quickly at the end of the year, but right now we've got some awesome Normal Pendulums to make use of.

Flash Knight's a Level 4 Warrior with a high Pendulum Scale of 7, while Foucault's Cannon – a Level 5 Spellcaster – has a low Pendulum Scale of 2. Cannon even has the added bonus of destroying a face-up spell or trap during the end phase of the turn it was activated. Finally we have the World Premiere Level 6 Warrior Dragon Horn Hunter, which boosts the ATK of all Normal monsters and has a Pendulum Scale of 3. Blue Dragon Summoner can search out all of those cards, which will allow you to perform massive Pendulum Summons each turn.

Going further than Pendulum Summoning, Blue Dragon Summoner could also be included in Exodia decks to search out all of the limbs! The card isn't even restricted to one activation per turn, and it doesn't occur in the end phase, so you could potentially use it multiple times with cards like Soul Charge or Call Of The Haunted. Going off of the Dragon Ruler strategies, Blue Dragon Summoner could also find you Galaxy Serpent or Labradorite Dragon to make use of a Cards of Consonance. It also has a wide variety of Trade-In targets as well.

Despite only searching out Normal Monsters, this neat little searcher can get so many cards that there's bound to be a use for them. I'm excited to see its potential moving forward with Pendulums once Duelist Alliance is legal!

Let me know in the comments below if you've had any success with the cards I've mentioned. Or if you plan on trying to build a deck with some or one of these awesome monster searchers! Did you even know what some of these did? And be on the lookout for future articles featuring some of these cards! I'm excited to share some cool stuff with you all.

-Pasquale Crociata
Team Parallel Worlds Gaming