Secrets of Eternity was the first set in a long time that I couldn't attend a Sneak Peak for. Instead of having that early excitement, I resorted to reading all of the cards on the Konami Yu-Gi-Oh database once the set was released: that's when I stumbled upon Morphtronic Smartfon. I haven't touched Morphtronics in ages, but this card seemed to do literally everything. It's a Level 1 Earth Tuner, which means potential access to Naturia Beast and you can Special Summon it from your hand.

There are only a handful of Tuners that can be Special Summoned from your hand and Smartfon's one of the few with virtually no cost and no requirement for monsters on the field. If that wasn't good enough, and it is; if it's in attack position you can roll a die in order to excavate that many cards and add any Morphtronic card to your hand.


Being vaguely familiar with the theme I knew there were some really good Morphtronic Spells that this thing could fetch: namely Morphtronic Repair Unit and Morphtronic Accelerator. Both are extremely useful and pretty versatile given the right situation. Again, having some prior knowledge of the theme, I was beyond excited. Most of my friends assumed Smartfon could only grab monsters, because that's a relatively common effect. Adding "cards" of a certain theme screams "powerful" and that's exactly what this monster is: very powerful.

There are two ways Morphtronics are typically played: focusing on a One Turn Kill with numerous Equip Spells like United We Stand and Mage Power, or attempting to build huge fields of Synchros. Power Tool Dragon's the deck's unofficial boss monster and it can help in both versions. Another way to search Morphtronic Repair Unit is pretty good, but let's not forget that Snatch Steal is now Limited: you have a 33% chance of grabbing that if you need to as well. Because Smartfon's an Earth Tuner – my favorite attribute for Tuners – it's probably best if you focused on Synchro spam.

What's A Flip Phone?
Now that I had an idea of what I wanted to do, it was time to hit-up the Konami Yu-Gi-Oh database to take a peek at all of the Morphtronic cards Smartfon can get. By simply typing Morphtronic into the text box and hitting search, you'll get the list of all 28 Morphtronic cards.

The first thing you'll notice is that every Morphtronic monster has two abilities: one that you can activate while it's in attack position and one for when it's in defense. If you quickly skim through all of the effects you'll realize that nearly all of the defense position effects are decent, highly situational, or terrible. Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic attack mode effects. First up on the impressive list is Morphtronic Celfon: the true star of any Morphtronic deck.

Like Smartfon, Celfon lets you roll a die while it's in attack, but instead of adding cards to your hand you get to Special Summon one of your excavated Morphtronic monsters. The most ridiculous part about Celfon, and something I totally missed at first, is that Celfon bypasses Summoning conditions. That's incredible news, because if you Excavate Smartfon with Celfon you're free to Special Summon it! It's almost bizarre that Celfon has the words "ignoring the summoning conditions" in its effect, because up until now, no Morphtronic monster had any sort of Summoning condition. It's like back in 2008 when Morphtronic Celfon was released, Konami knew they would eventually release a Semi-Nomi Morphtronic monster.

I'd also like to point out that Celfon and Smartfon's defense position effects are exactly the same, except Celfon only allows you to look at the cards on top of your deck, while Smartfon lets you put them on the top or bottom of your deck in any order: talk about having an upgrade on your plan, am I right? So now that we know these two have a beautiful marriage, what's next?


Morphtronic Boomboxen and Morphtronic Staplen are two Level 4 Earth monsters, so they'll give you access to Naturia Beast: a must-run to combat Qliphorts and Shaddoll Fusion Spells. Their effects are relatively unnecessary, but given an open field Boomboxen can really put a hurt on your opponent while Staplen has some decent stall aspects. The final Level 4 that intrigues me is Morphtronic Slingen: the Morphtronic version of Hand of the Six Samuari. It's pretty neat and helps to remove pesky spells and traps.

I Lost The Remote In The Couch Again
Next up on our to-do list is to fill out our Tuner line-up. Morphtronic Remoten has always been pretty good for the theme: it's a free +1 while in attack position. Simply banish any Mophtronic monster and add one from your deck with the same level. That effect's REALLY fantastic now that you can banish Morphtronic Celfon or Morphtronic Lantron to get a Smartfon from your deck. This strategy's all about upgrading your stuff and Remoten does just that: turns your Celfon into a Smartfon! Oprah couldn't give away this many iPhones!

Remoten also has one of the few relevant defense position effects. You can send a Morphtronic from your hand to the graveyard to get a Morphtronic monster of the same Level. Again, this card turns your in-hand Celfon's into Smartfon's, or other Remoten's into Morphtronic Scopen: the next incredible Tuner!

Scopen's a super-cool Level 3 Tuner and it's key to your Shooting Quasar Dragon plan. While in attack, you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 Morphtronic from your hand; that gives you Turn 1 access to Power Tool Dragon, which can then fetch Morphtronic Repair Unit or Snatch Steal. If you're going second, feel free to Synchro Summon Black Rose Dragon to open up the field for your other plays. Let's not forget how good Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing is against Burning Abyss, either. Its defense position effect turns it into a Level 4 monster, and while that might seem irrelevant, that's its best asset. If Celfon Excavates Scopen, you want to Special Summon it in defense so you can Synchro Summon T.G. Hyper Librarian. That'll start your Synchro train and you'll probably not stop for a while.

The final monster I want to discuss is Morphtronic Vacuumen: the only monster you'll Summon in defense position every single time. While sitting in defense mode, you can equip one of your opponent's attack position monsters to it. Free removal. That's pretty nasty. If this thing gets out next to a Smartfon, you'll get to excavate a Morphtronic card, steal a monster and Synchro Summon Formula Synchron: effectively eliminating the monster you stole. It's a super-cool play that's a little more reliable now that you have more access to Morphtronic Repair Unit and a Tuner that's an inherent Special Summon.

Before we finish up with Morphtronic cards, I always check to see which cards a theme has that don't share its name. Head back to the homepage and type Morphtronic in the text box, but this time switch to Search by Card Text. You'll still retrieve 28 results, but notice the first two cards on the list are not Morphtronic cards. The only worthwhile non-Morphtronic card is easily Junk Box: a Monster Reborn for all of your Morphtronics. That's an easy three-of.

With well over half of the deck planned out, let's take a look at how I finished it off:

DECKID=101669This deck reminds me insanely of the beloved Plant Synchro deck of old, but with a little bit of luck required due to the constant rolling of dice. You can make Quasar in so many situations it's almost pointless to list them all. De-Synchro is beyond unfair in this deck, because of its ability to let you re-use Celfon and Smartfon's effects while Synchro Summoning multiple Formula Synchrons. I've won every game I've played where I resolve Celfon, Special Summoned a Smartfon and had a De-Synchro in my hand. You'll potentially net two monsters from Celfon, two cards from Smartfon and two fresh draws from your deck. If T.G. Hyper Librarian is on the field: that's four draws and all of the extra cards and monsters. You can see how quickly it gets out of hand.

Keep in mind though, that if you Special Summon Smartfon with Celfon's effect you can't revive Smartfon with De-Synchro since it wasn't Summoned properly.

You run so many Tuners that Red Nova Dragon gets enormous and Shooting Star Dragon can easily make four or five attacks during the Battle Phase. You'll steal a handful of games with both of those monsters.

I've had a lot of success against Qliphorts, Satellarknights and Burning Abyss with Morphtronics. Siding into Denko Sekka and Morphtronic Accelerator's really fantastic when going second and Naturia Beast is nearly an auto-win against Qliphorts. This deck has so many forms of recursion and Special Summoning that you can get by with using your Normal Summon on Denko Sekka or Neo-Spacian Grand Mole to handle the ever-so annoying El Shaddoll Winda.

Speaking of El Shaddoll Winda…well, dealing with it is a pain in the butt, so I typically bring in Breakthrough Skills and other forms of non-destruction removal.

Have you played Morphtronics before? Did I get you super-jazzed about the deck? What's your favorite legacy card in SECE?

Let me know!
-Pasquale Crociata