One of the last articles I wrote about before the format changed was GoGo Performages, picking up where Jake Mattern left off when he topped YCS Dallas and a Regional Top 8 the weekend following. My version of the deck used a lot of the same innovative points Mattern came up with, packing triple Jigabyte and Main Decking Retaliating "C", but I added some blowout powerplays with Gogogo Giant.

I felt that Performages needed that type of play in their arsenal, because outside of cute double Rank 4 Xyz Summons with King of the Feral Imps and Jigabyte, the options felt mildly limited. The Gogogo and Dododo engine complimented the strategy extremely well and I loved what I came up with. Now though, thanks to the debut of a full Pendulum Scale in Dimension of Chaos, the Performages can almost stand on their own, and can definitely dominate your opponent with the help of some friends.

If you're note aware of how it all works, all the absurd combos live and die by Performage Plushfire.

It's Cute and It's On Fire
Sitting at only 1000 ATK and DEF, Plushfire won't win you a ton of games with its stats, but it's there for its incredibly versatile effects. First off – while in your Pendulum Zone, if an opponent destroys another Performage, even another copy of Performage Plushfire, you can take 500 damage and Special Summon it out of your Pendulum Zone to the field. Doing so can unleash its Monster Effect: if it's destroyed in any way, you can Special Summon any Performage from your deck except Performage Plushfire. The Pendulum Effect is a hard once per turn, but the Monster Effect isn't, and both are "If…you can" effect which means they won't ever miss their chance to activate.

While that's pretty good at face value alone, creating a nice string of attack blocks especially if you get Performage Trick Clown out of your deck, there's a weird ruling that makes it all the better. Basically, if Plushfire's destroyed while in your Pendulum Zone, its Monster Effect will trigger to Special Summon a Performage from your deck. Even though it was a Pendulum Spell at the time.


With that incredibly silly but amazing ruling, the deck automatically becomes absurd – especially when you think about cards being released in the future. Your best combos will come out of Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer and Wavering Eyes. Both destroy Plushfire while in the Pendulum Zone, triggering its Monster Effect to Special Summon any other Performage from your deck and add another copy of itself or any Pendulum from your deck to your hand. From there your go-to Special Summons are Performage Trick Clown or Performage Damage Juggler.

Trick Clown's usually my first pick, because you've got field presence without committing a Normal Summon, which can be huge if you've got a Pendulum Scale in motion. Since there's already a Plushfire in your Extra Deck if you used Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer to destroy it, you can simply activate a low Scale Pendulum Spell and Special Summon both Plushfires back to the field. Overlay Trick Clown and a Plushfire for King of the Feral Imps, detach Trick Clown to search out Jigabyte, and you can Special Summon it from your hand for another Rank 4.

If the field is open, you can overlay the revived Trick Clown with Plushfire for Performage Trapeze Magician and end the game by letting King of the Feral Imps attack twice (2500+2300+2300+1500=8600). If the field isn't open, it's usually best to leave the Plushfire on the table to trigger its effect and simply overlay for whatever Rank 4 you need.

Also, don't forget that Trick Clown can revive any Performage from your graveyard, so you can get a Plushfire to continue blocking attacks if you used it as an Xyz Material, and potentially get Performage Damage Juggler in your graveyard for later use.

Now that the basic combo's out of the way, let's get into the deck profile so I can explain further card choices and combos.

DECKID=103711Before I break down another combo, I wanted to address the Dinosaur in the room: Samurai Cavalry of Reptier. This nifty World Premier's incredible, and while I only used a single copy in my Majespecter article, I'm opting for a full playset here. I'm in love with this card because it's so good against Kozmos and Infernoids. Those strategies crank out huge monsters like nobody's business and Reptier handles them with ease. It also gives you niche access to Evolzar Dolkka and Evolszar Laggia, which can easily win games on their own.

Performages excel at cranking out Level 4 Special Summons, which makes it very easy to drop an Abyss Dweller next to your Reptier ensuring you won't trigger Kozmo Starships and even Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss. It's the incredible versatility of Performage Damage Juggler and Performage Plushfire that led me to run three Reptiers. This deck does a way better of a job at managing its Pendulum Scales and Reptier can more easily contribute in this deck where you're not relying on powerful spells and traps to take out opponent's monsters.

Speaking of spells and traps, Grand Horn of Heaven's worth noting and fearing. While "kind of" a -1, because you give your opponent a free draw, it's usually worth it. The -1 can pay for itself if you've hit multiple Pendulum Monsters or a deadly Xyz or Synchro Summon, since your opponent invested multiple cards to make their monster. The cost is usually offset and negligible, but its real strength comes in screwing around with your opponent's Main Phases.

Whether you're making your opponent skip their Battle Phase, because you've left them without a monster; ensuring you live to spam Plushfires and Trick Clowns to win the game; or even ending your opponent's turnby crushing them with Grand Horn in Main Phase 2, the card means business. I've won so many duels just by taking away Main Phase 1 and the Battle Phase from an opponent with this deck, because it's so easy to drop 8000 damage and Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer handles opposing threats so well.

What's Not To Love About A Good Wombo Combo
Let's break down a simple Wavering Eyes and Performage Plushfire combo. It requires Wavering Eyes, Performage Plushfire, any Pendulum Monster, and any Level 4. While it is a four-card combo, half of the requirements can be filled with almost any card in the deck, so it's easy to accomplish as long as you have Wavering Eyes and Performage Plushfire. We'll say our Level 4 is Magical Abductor; there's no real added value out of it and you're forced to use your Normal Summon.

- Begin by activating Plushfire and Reptier in your Pendulum Zones, and then use Wavering Eyes to deal 500 damage to your opponent and add any Pendulum Monster to your hand. You'll destroy your Pendulum Spells and trigger Plushfire's ability to Special Summon a Performage from your deck. Get Performage Damage Juggler and add Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer to your hand.

- Next, Normal Summon Magical Abductor and Xyz Summon King of the Feral Imps. Use King's effect, detaching Damage Juggler to add Performapal Partnaga from your deck to your hand. Then banish Damage Juggler from your graveyard to add Performage Plushfire from your deck to your hand.

- Activate Partnaga and Plushfire to your Pendulum Zones and Pendulum Summon the Luster Pendulum you added off of Wavering Eyes and the Reptier and Plushfire you destroyed with Wavering Eyes.

- Synchro Summon Ignister Prominence, The Dracoslayer using Luster Pendulum and Reptier and then use Ignister's effect to Special Summon another Luster Pendulum from your deck.

That's nearly 8000 damage with the Wavering Eyes burn (1000+2300+2850+500=6650), but you've got a whole mess of other plays you can do to finish the game or to get more card advantage. That play's also the reason I'm using Chicken Game over Upstart Goblin. If I had Chicken Game as the fifth card in my hand, I'd activate it now to draw a card and then continue on with my combo as follows:

- Next use Ignister's effect to destroy your Plushfire on the field and shuffle back in the Partnaga from your Pendulum Zone. Both of your Plushfires can trigger. You'll Special Summon Performage Mirror Conductor from your deck and Performage Plushfire from your Pendulum Zone. (If you had Chicken Game on the field, you would shuffle it into the deck to keep your opponent from being able to use it and to get it off the field to cleanly OTK.)

- Xyz Summon Majester Paladin, the Dracoslayer next using Performage Mirror Conductor and Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer. Use Majester's effect to Special Summon Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer back from your Extra Deck by detaching Mirror Conducter.

- Now you can Synchro Summon a second Ignister Prominence, The Dracoslayer with Plushfire and Luster Pendulum to Special Summon your third copy of Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer from your deck. You can clear the way for an OTK by destroying Luster Pendulum to shuffle away anything on the field. (2850+2850+2300+1850+500=10350).


If you don't get the job done and win the game with that, you'll end your turn with two cards in hand, one being any Pendulum Monster you want thanks to Majester Paladin, The Dracoslayer and then an impressive field of Majester, two Ignister Prominence, and King of the Feral Imps.

Continuing the powerful combo after you've achieved 8000 damage lets you put even more damage on the field, winning the game through any monster with 2300 ATK. You also put Performage Mirror Conductor on the field, so you could even use its effect to switch a monster's ATK and DEF to make your push that much easier.

There's so much going on and so much room for innovation that I seriously love this deck. Because I only use six traps, you could ditch all of them for Royal Decree to help combat Majespecters and then play Upstart Goblins, more Pendulums, added backrow disruption and even some hand traps. Because Ignister Prominence doesn't target, your Kozmo matchup's actually pretty strong, because you've got a very easy way to get the Starships off the field. You can fend off OTK's through Plushfire's ability to chump block and Damage Juggler's damage nullification.

Majespecters can be tricky, but Wavering Eyes can Archfiend Eccentrick put in a whole mess of work, while Storming Mirror Force can get all of the animals off of the field so you can end the game with ease on your own turn. The second copy of Majester Paladin, the Ascending Dracoslayer is expendable and if your metagame's full of Infernoids or Burning Abyss, I'd advocate for Steelswarm Roach, a second Abyss Dweller or Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk.

Outside of those two decks, older themes are a bit easier to take down, because Performages are so explosive. The Pendulum onslaught's real and as the structure deck Masters of Pendulum quickly approaches, it's only going to get worse thanks to Performapal Skullcrobat Joker and the Magicians.

-Pasquale Crociata

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