What's up everyone! Welcome back to another week and another awesome strategy. This week we're going back to Deskbots and I am so excited to show off this bad boy. In case you missed the first take, you can check it out here.

As a quick re-cap, back in Secrets of Eternity, Deskbots actually became their own deck thanks to the introduction of Deskbot 003. Whenever 003 is Normal Summoned, you can Special Summon any Deskbot from your Main Deck, except another copy of itself. Then, during either player's turn you can boost any Deskbot by 500 ATK and DEF for each Deskbot currently on the field.

The old play was pretty simple because your best target was Deskbot 002, which upon being Special Summoned adds any Deskbot card from your deck to your hand. Then, while it's face-up on the field, it boosts the stats of all Machines by 500 ATK and DEF. So while Deskbot 003 can't Special Summon itself, Deskbot 002 can just fetch another copy of 003 to rinse and repeat each turn. That's a quick +2 of card economy without even thinking.

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To compliment the play, we used three copies of Machine Duplication and Inferno Reckless Summon to quickly spam the field with Deskbots and wipe out your opponent in one fell swoop while triggering three Deskbot 002 effects just in case something went wrong. The play got even sillier if you had Deskbot 001 in your graveyard, because 001 can Special Summon itself if two or more Machines are Special Summoned at the same time. Two cards often led to five monsters, plus three more added to your hand and a devastating 13,000 ATK on the field.

Yeah. Crazy. I know.

However, like any good game, the trends of Yu-Gi-Oh have shifted and OTK's are a little trickier to come by thanks to an increase in play of Mirror Force, the always annoying Nekroz of Valkyrus, and the newly released Lose 1 Turn. Thankfully, Deskbots are always ready to adapt and with Crossed Souls legal, Deskbot 004 paved the way for a new take on the strategy!

Deskbot 004: The Man With Theā€¦Pen Gun?
On the surface, like all of these monsters, Deskbot 004 just looks plain mediocre. Okay. Maybe 003 doesn't look that bad, because anything that has an effect like Tour Guide From the Underworld is pretty strong. But Deskbot 004 is one of those cards that doesn't make a ton of sense until you actually play with it.

I was of the mindset that it didn't add much to theme and you'd only use one or two of, because it couldn't accomplish an OTK and that sucked. But that was my first Mistake. The deck doesn't have to OTK anymore. It just retains that option.

Whenever Deskbot 004 battles an opponent's monster, you can send one Deskbot from your deck to the graveyard, except another 004. If you do, your opponent takes no damage for the rest of the turn and 004 boosts its ATK and DEF by multiples of 500 equal to the level of the Deskbot sent. Then, if Deskbot 004 destroys the monster by battle you can Special Summon two Deskbots from your graveyard or hand.

Deskbot 004 sets you up for insane success while gaining a lot of card advantage and putting you in a position to win without an OTK; that's an option the deck never had before. The only downside to Deskbot 004 right now is that it can't out a Djinn Releaser of Rituals lock on its own, because it can only boost itself to 2000 ATK and DEF. But don't worry, Deskbot 005 is coming soon and then Deskbot 004 will be able to reach 3000 ATK and DEF without any issue.

As I mentioned before, the ideal Special Summon with Deskbot 003 was Deskbot 002 to score a quick +2 in card economy. That play's still solid and won't get worse anytime soon, but now Special Summoning Deskbot 004 is more often the better play. Let's say you're staring down El Shadoll Winda and have a Deskbot 003 in your hand. You could easily kill the Winda by Normal Summoning Deskbot 003 and Special Summoning Deskbot 001, which would be at 2500 ATK and DEF with the help of 003. However, now you can also grab Deskbot 004 from your deck to wreck Winda and nearly win the duel.


When you declare an attack on Winda with 004, you'll enter the Damage Step and boost it by 1000 ATK and DEF with 003. Then, in damage calculation, you'll send Deskbot 002 to the graveyard with 004's effect bringing your Deskbot 004 to 2500 ATK and DEF. Winda will get destroyed and if you have a Deskbot in your hand you can Special Summon it along with the 002 you sent to the graveyard. Now, if you have 001 in your graveyard, it also triggers and Special Summon itself to the field. Then with 002 you can add another Deskbot 003 to your hand. Finally, in your Main Phase 2 you can Synchro Summon Naturia Beast with 001 and 004 to cut off all Fusion Summoning.

Sure, you didn't deal any battle damage in that exchange, but you're left in a really amazing position to close out the game on your next turn thanks to the 003 you added to your hand. Like I said. These things get out of hand really quickly.

The best part about Deskbot 004 is that it can kill nearly every common monster played today with the help of 003 getting it to 3000 ATK and DEF. That means Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss, Nekroz of Valkyrus and Nekroz of Trishula are all no match for your Deskbot 003 and 004 team.

Die Another Day
Back in the old build, the only traps we played were Call Of The Haunted and Limit Reverse, because we wanted to abuse Deskbot 002 and Inferno Reckless Summon without any issues. Now, thanks to Crossed Souls we've got a new and improved Limit Reverse in Powerful Rebirth!

Where Limit Reverse restricts the ATK of the monster you can Special Summon, Powerful Rebirth restricts the Level to 4 or lower. However, the monster gains 1 Level and 100 ATK and DEF. While the stat boost is irrelevant, the Level increase is incredible and allows for easier high-leveled Synchros. Deskbot 004 and 001 under Powerful Rebirth means Naturia Barkion, pair it with 002 for Herald of the Arc Light or with 003 for another way to make Naturia Beast.

With the idea laid out, let's see where I went with this:

DECKID=102133I briefly mentioned Herald of the Arc Light earlier, but I need to bring it up again: the card's amazing. It's basically a Herald of Perfection with a tiny body and it's super easy to make. As you whittle down your opponent's resources, negating nearly any card they could topdeck is huge. It's also a big reason why I play triple Mirror Force, because Herald's stats are so bad and your opponent's sure to try and run it over in battle before activating any cards.

Mirror Force also helps you keep your tiny Deskbots on the field as you build up your resources, and is another way to protect Naturia Beast. That's priceless.

Scrap Recycler's also a really cool addition. It acts as another Mathematician, but can work with Call Of The Haunted or Powerful Rebirth, while recycling your Deskbot 004's for a free draw. The Mathematicians and Scrap Recycler add to your consistency by dumping Deskbot 002, which can be revived to find your Deskbot 003 from the deck. Peropero Cerperus is an out to the Djinn lock with Mathematician, but it's also a nice card to send to the graveyard when your Deskbot engine's fully established.

Tellarknight Ptolemaeus is an incredible addition to any deck that can Xyz Summon Rank 4's, because now every deck can make Satellarknight Constellar Diamond to shut down Shaddolls and Burning Abyss. This strategy doesn't really struggle against Shaddolls, but Burning Abys is a pain. Being able to Machine Duplication into Diamond is a very strong play.

Digging deeper, Jar of Avarice is slowly becoming my favorite card in Crossed Souls, because it gives every deck insane longevity. In here, it keeps your Deskbot 003 with the best possible targets while recycling your Effect Veilers.

Deskbots are an off-the-wall strategy that's getting ridiculous support one card at a time. Deskbot 005 in the next booster is a Scale 10 Pendulum monster that destroys spells and traps while furthering the quickness of the strategy. I can't wait until we get to Deskbot 007, because it's bound to be the star of the theme for obvious reasons.

Are you gearing up for the NAWCQ? What innovative techs are you testing in your decks? Let me know below!

-Pasquale Crociata

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