As our current format comes to a close, I figured that now would the best time to discuss a deck that I've been working on since the North American WCQ ended. There was no true rhyme or reason as to why I was working on it aside from the fact that I love Dark Magician. I knew the deck would be fun and had some competitive potential, which is important. Constructing casual decks that win under fifty percent of the time is something I always avoid. Style points are cool, but winning is very important to me and trust me: this deck packs in the style points.

The idea came to me when I saw the card Flash Fusion in Dragons of Legend, because Amulet Dragon replaces itself when it's destroyed by any means, so the drawback of Flash Fusion wasn't so harsh. All that was needed were some solid Dragons plus a consistent way to get to Dark Magician and I was confident that I could accomplish some quick kills. Jump ahead to where we are now and Flash Fusion's hardly as appealing when Super Polymerization has basically defined the format. In my opinion, Super Poly's one of the most devastating cards ever printed and it's finally found a new home in a deck that can safely run it in multiples: Shaddolls.

Thankfully, so can Dark Magician!

I Need A HERO!
As I stated earlier, the first thing we needed was a consistent way of getting to Dark Magician, and it doesn't get much easier than Elemental Hero Prisma. If you're unfamiliar with this chameleon of a card, Prisma changes its name to that of any monster listed on a Fusion Monster card by simply revealing the Fusion, and then sending the monster you want to imitiate from your deck to the graveyard. Since Prisma's name is now Dark Magician, you can use a lot of the incredible support cards that our faithful Spellcaster has. But we'll get to that in a minute.

What makes Prisma even more vital for this deck is that now, for the first time; you can change its name to Dark Magician Girl thanks to Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight! That play is beyond important because of the spell Sage's Stone, which allows you to grab Dark Magician from your hand or deck.

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Thankfully, Prisma's easily accessible with E ā€“ Emergency Call and Reinforcement of the Army, giving you up to five ways to search it. Knowing that you're bound to see Prisma early and often, you can safely and easily run The Eye of Timaeus to quickly Fusion Summon The Dragon Knight or Amulet Dragon. Those two new Fusion Monsters out of Dragons of Legends are insanely powerful right now, but this deck holds one trump card in the Shaddoll matchup: Dark Paladin! Paladin's powerful for quite a few reasons, but none more than the fact that it allows you to safely use your Extra Deck, since it can negate Shaddoll Fusion. Also, most Shaddoll builds are running White Dragon Wvyerburster and Black Dragon Collapserpent, and your Paladin gains 500 ATK for each Dragon monster on the field or in either player's graveyard. With a base ATK of 2900, it gets big quickly. Really big.

Dark Magic ATTACK!
With this many Normal Spells already in the deck, it should come as no surprise that Destiny Hero ā€“ Diamond Dude is on my radar as well. Diamond Dude lets you use any Normal Spell off the top of your deck free of costs and restrictions. It's pretty neat. That means you could use Sage's Stone without having a Dark Magician Girl face-up on the field; Dark Magic Attack without controlling a Dark Magician; and Soul Charge without skipping your Battle Phase! Please note that you still pay Life Points for each monster summoned from Soul Charge because it's not a cost, however since you're not technically activating the card, you won't skip your Battle Phase and that means you can even use it during your Main Phase 2.

Diamond Dude being a Dark monster is also important to your cause, because much like Shaddolls, the best Dragons for this deck are the baby Chaos Dragons. Collapserpent and Wyverburster replace themselves with their counterparts whenever they're sent from the field to the graveyard, allowing you to use Super Polymerization in an extremely effective way. They also give you access to quick Rank 4 Xyz and Tribute Summons if you happen to draw into your Magicians.

Much like my Reasoning for running Diamond Dude, Summoner Monk fits nicely into this deck, because you'll have so many disposable spells. Monk just boosts consistency and allows you to amp up your style points thanks to Daigusto Emeral. My favorite play thus far has to be using Monk to bring out Prisma from the deck. You reveal Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight to send Dark Magician Girl to the graveyard, then activate Sage's Stone to Special Summon Dark Magician from your deck. From there, activate The Eye of Timaeus targeting Dark Magician to Special Summon Dark Paladin. Overlay Monk and Prisma for Daigusto Emeral to Special Summon back the Dark Magician!

It's a four-card sequence that puts 7200 damage on the field, but if there are two Dragons anywhere, you eclipse 8000! Those types of plays seem situational but happen more often than you'd think. The cool plays this deck offers are vast and it's all about analyzing your options to get to them. Learning which Magician to send off of Prisma is just one of the many things to master.

Let's take a peek:

DECKID= 101144 There are countless other cards that could work well in this deck, which is why building it was so much fun. You could run Magician of Faith to re-use your powerful spells, Magical Dimension to help alleviate the fear of drawing into too many Magicians, and even Skilled Dark Magician if you feel like you want more powerful Normal Summons. Heck, you could even go all Loukas "HieraticMonarchs4Life" Peterson on this bad boy and run a Spellbook version. I mean, Fool of Prophecy can indeed Special Summon any of the Magiciansā€¦ And so can Reaper of Prophecy. Wait. So Can Temperance of Prophecy.

Okay, okay. Now we're just getting CRAZY.

#####CARDID= 11164 #####

Diffusion Wave-Motion could be an incredible card for your Side Deck; it's pretty deadly with a Dark Paladin. Wave-Motion will keep all of your opponents' monster effects in check while Paladin deals massive damage and wipes them all out. The deck gets a little bit of a boost when the next Shonen Jump Promo's released too; Ebon Illusion Magician is really powerful and something to totally get excited about.

What are your thoughts on this format? Any cards that you're hoping to see legal again? Any cards you can't wait to be Forbidden or Limited? Let me know down below!

-Pasquale Crociata
Team Parallel Worlds Gaming