When Konami released this video as a spoiler to Crossed Souls I couldn't believe how amazing all of the new U.A. support was. I think seeing four incredible cards for a TCG World Premier theme in one set was more shocking than getting U.A. Midfielder in New Challengers, because I thought Konami wouldn't release a Level 4 monster until it was too late.

But they did.
And they gave us four amazing cards in Crossed Souls.

I'm still in shock…

While we all digest the greatness that is these basketball stars and hockey trap, I implore you to go check out my article from November where I wrote about a land where Denko Sekka sat next to U.A. Mighty Slugger equipped with U.A. Powered Jersey to finish off your opponent in the blink of an eye... or a swing of a bat.

The game plan was simple. Anytime your opponent had a monster on the field with 1700 ATK or less (or two monsters with the combined ATK of 3600 or less), and you controlled U.A. Stadium and could attack with U.A. Mighty Slugger equipped with U.A. Powered Jersey, the game was over. Denko Sekka provided the incredible lock down power you needed to secure victory while the U.A.'s did all of the work. It was a match made in heaven until Nekroz came along and did it a bit better.

Fast Forward to Secrets of Eternity and U.A's got three new cards that were a bit all over the place. U.A. Playmaker helped you get U.A. Midfielder to a respectable ATK quickly, but offered very little outside of that, and a few fancy OTK's. U.A. Blockbacker's effect negation was really irrelevant because Qliphorts were one of the top decks, and U.A. Victory Tactics was virtually impossible to trigger, because swarming the field wasn't one of U.A's strong points and neither new monster helped accomplish that goal. It was a sad day for me and the U.A. team and I knew I wouldn't be able to do very much until they got some new cards to tie it all together.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours
U.A. Signing Deal is everything. It's exactly what the deck needed and I couldn't have been happier when I read it. For the cost of some LP, you can Special Summon any U.A. from your deck, but its effects are negated and it can't be used for Synchro or Xyz Summons. None of that matters, because you're just going to return it to your hand for another U.A. Special Summon and then you've erased all of the drawbacks that Signing Deal has.

Not only can you still activate Signing Deal if you control another monster, making it leaps and bounds better than A Hero Lives, but if you have U.A. Stadium and another U.A. in hand, you can simply use it to grab U.A. Midfielder, return Midfielder to your hand to Special Summon another U.A. and then Normal Summon Midfielder to search out any other U.A. you need. It's that kind of synergy that makes the card perfect for the theme. You've successfully put two U.A.'s on board for U.A. Turnover Tactics and more than likely got a little U.A. Perfect Ace setup.


The Perfect Ace lock has only gotten better since New Challengers thanks to U.A. Penalty Box. Not only does the trap make it hard for your U.A's to be killed in battle, but it's the best card to discard for Perfect Ace, because while in your graveyard, you can banish it to add any U.A. spell card from your deck to your hand! The theme drastically needed another way to get to U.A. Stadium and even U.A. Powered Jersey and now it has one. I love this trap so much, because your opponent will never want to destroy it, but it's such a pain to leave on the field. They'll have to choose the lesser of both evils every time you flip it.

Finally, the two new monsters add so much to the strategy it's insane. First up, U.A. Dreadnought Dunker is a 2500 ATK piercer that upon dealing battle damage can destroy any card on the field. Unfortunately, we're at a time in Yu-Gi-Oh where many of the top decks don't commit a lot of cards to the field, or get certain advantages when things are destroyed and sent to the graveyard. That said, Dunker shines against heavy backrow decks and it's an easy way to remove pesky Mistakes from the field. It can also destroy your own U.A. Penalty Box if you're dying for U.A. Stadium or need Signing Deal. The versatility it offers in destroying Penalty Box, along with devouring rogue strategies makes Dunker a welcomed addition to the team.

Finally, Rebounder' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=U.A. Rival Rebounder">U.A. Rival Rebounder's easily my favorite monster since U.A. Midfielder. If you Special Summon Rebounder during your opponent's turn or Normal Summon it, you can Special Summon any U.A. except itself from your hand or graveyard. Rebounder gives you the explosiveness you've been dreaming of and can reuse U.A's you discarded for Perfect Ace negations. Coupled with Midfielder, on your opponent's turn, you can easily get extra negations with Perfect Ace or surprise them with U.A. Blockbacker. Simply bounce a spent Ace for Midfielder's effect to Special Summon Rebounder and then Special Summon back the Ace you returned for another negation.

One of the not-so-obvious features of Rival Rebounder is its interaction with U.A. Stadium when you Normal Summon it. Because both Rebounder and Stadium are "If...you can" effects, you have the option to build the chain with Stadium at Chain Link 2. If you do that, you can search for any U.A. from your deck and Special Summon it straight to the field with Rebounder's effect. That's an awesome way to get two monsters on board, but also a slick way to finish off your opponent.

Now that I've gone through a handful of combos and expressed my love for these new cards, let's see who made the team:

DECKID=102098Okay. So there's not a lot that's different from my last build, but that's because I fully believe that if something's not broken why fix it? The only thing I've done is enhance the strategy with the incredible newcomers. I've also gone and pushed Denko Sekka to the Side Deck for Burning Abyss and Satellarknights. It's still amazing against those styles of decks and now you can abuse it more than ever before.

U.A. will always be a weird combo deck, because you rely on U.A. Stadium and U.A. Midfielder. You can now steal some wins without those two cards thanks to U.A. Signing Deal, but you'll still need another U.A. in your hand to really get anywhere. It's that kind of three card combo idea that led me to believe that you needed Double Summon to really explode.

My favorite thing about U.A. Stadium is that its searching effect isn't limited to once per turn, so with Stadium, Double Summon and Midfielder you can create a fantastic field on Turn 1. You'll recoup the -1 from Double Summon with Stadium and start putting all of your important players on the field for a quick OTK. Denko Sekka fits beautifully in this new version, thanks to Signing Deal and Double Summon. Both spells let you to get your ideal two monsters on the field so you can potentially end the game with U.A. Powered Jersey.

Heroic Champion – Assault Halberd is merely another target for Reinforcement of the Army, but can also put immense pressure on your opponent by searching out another copy of itself. If the first was Special Summoned, the second can be Normal Summoned to Xyz Summon Lavalval Chain to get U.A. Penalty Box into the graveyard, searching out Signing Deal or Stadium. You've also got the amazing option to Xyz Summon Tellarknight Ptolemaeus for incredible Rank 5's or Stellarknight Constellar Diamond.

Effect Veiler and Maxx "C" are both too good to pass up for obvious reasons. I've been using triple Effect Veiler in virtually every deck I play with right now; it's too strong.

U.A's are truly the perfect team. You play incredible offense on your turn with Mighty Slugger and Dreadnought Dunker while giving your opponent limited options on their own turn thanks to Perfect Ace and Blockbacker. The immense boost to consistency has given U.A's pretty good matchups across the board that only get better when you dig into the Side Deck.

Any strategy that relies on the Extra Deck just gets dominated by U.A. Turnover Tactics, while Artifact Lancea and a second U.A. Blockbacker help keep Nekroz of Trishula and the rest of that deck at bay. The Monarchs Stormforth is an obviously strong card, but gets even better when you combine it with Rival Rebounder as an out to the Djinn lock or stun monsters like Vanity's Fiend.

I'm a true believer and know that once regionals begin, U.A's will start slowly topping those tournaments. They won't be a dominant force like Nekroz, but they'll be a contender for sure.

What decks are you playing around with now? Any awesome combos you've realized recently? Will you be attending the NAWCQ in Nashville, TN?

Let me know below!

-Pasquale Crociata

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