The V and VMAX mechanics are still relatively new, but that doesn't mean they can't pack a punch! Drednaw VMAX  is a 'shellacious' Pokemon that has 320 HP and an ability that lets it take 30 less damage from any attack, making it a formidable foe (and that's before we even start adding the Buff Padding!). In this week's video, The SAbleyes gives us the full breakdown on a Drednaw deck list that can tank any hit, even a Brave Blade, and also fight back in kind! If you're pumped to see this list in action, check out the video below! 

There is plenty to love in this deck! Taking two of the heartiest Pokemon currently in the game and pushing them to even higher stats makes it impossible for your opponent to OHKO your Pokemon, while cards like Frosmoth and Glimwood Tangle allow you to apply pressure from the very beginning of the game. Though the competitive scene is overrun with decks like ADP and Zacian, having a deck that isn't afraid to take a hit can definitely shift the balance in your favor the next time you come up against them. If you'd like to see more great content like this, be sure to check out The SAbleyes on their Youtube Channel here and let them know what you think of this list!