Today we're doubling our mana in Standard!

Oh—no, I meant the other card that doubles your mana. The four-mana enchantment?

No, I meant—it's Fires of Invention! Hence the 'Fires' in the title?

There we go. Fires of Invention effectively doubles your mana, with the additional downside that you can't cast spells on your opponent's turn. No matter. As long as your four and five-drop spells are powerful enough, it won't matter that you can't interact with your opponent. After all, they can't cast spells if they're dead.

This is the list Zvi Mowshowitz played in the Twitch Rivals tournament last week. Unlike other Fires players, Zvi skipped Fae of Wishes and the wishboard plan, opting instead for four copies each of Cavalier of Flame and Cavalier of Gales. In an ideal game, you'll drop both of these Knights for free on turn five, spend six mana pumping them with Cavalier of Flame's ability (oh hey, we tripled our effective mana this turn!) and swing for 17. Not bad.


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