As humans, secrets tend to fascinate us. The idea that there is something we don't know - we can't know - floating around out there is so intriguing. What is it? Why can't I find out about it? Is my life better not knowing? WHAT IS IT???

So, when we are on the other end of that, being trusted with a secret, the power feels pretty good. But there is a big difference between knowing when a surprise birthday party is and being involved with a secret underground society whose intentions are mysterious. If you happen to fit this second description, you might be in the Dimir, or maybe the Illuminati. The Dimir have always turned to questionable tactics, so why not form an alliance with the creepy devoid aliens bent on total destruction?

Alright, maybe that isn't exactly canon, but I decided to go with it anyway as I worked on a new blue, black, and colorless Eldrazi deck for Standard. Colorless acts like a third color when you have some 16 or so effects in your deck that ask for it, so stretching the mana any more thin is something I would discourage, but as a Dimir shell, I have been having a lot of success and a heck of a lot of fun.

I was originally inspired by some lists that were floating around on Magic Online. They contained most of the core midrange Eldrazi stuff along with cards like Murderous Cut and Transgress the Mind for disruption. For testing purposes, I wanted to give Inverter of Truth a shot, so this is where I arrived:


In the videos I break down this list card by card, as well as an overall approach and strategy for how you should look to play the list. After that, I run through a gauntlet to test out the shell. Iterations and improvements are almost always needed and we will explore this list further in the coming weeks. Until then, thanks for watching!

--Conley Woods--