The Kaladesh Prerelease weekend kicks off tonight and everyone around the office is excited to play with the newest cards, except for me. I, uh, already had my chance for glory at LoadingReadyRun's Pre-Prerelease, which you can watch in its entirety before jumping into Kaladesh Sealed yourself:

Of course, jamming Vehicles and figuring out how good fabricate and energy are for yourself is just one of the exciting things about the newest set. Standard gets a makeover as new cards get to fill the gaps held by powerful stuff from Dragons of Tarkir and Magic Origins.

Jon and Ryan took a first look at the top preordered cards, breaking down what it means for Standard and beyond.

If you don't have a few minutes to catch up, here's the rundown.

Honorable Mentions


Top 10 Kaladesh Preorders

#10: Inventors' Fair

#9: Concealed Courtyard

#8: Lathnu Hellion

#7: Paradoxical Outcome

#6: Fleetwheel Cruiser

#5: Panharmonicon

#4: Aetherflux Reservoir

#3: Blooming Marsh

#2: Spirebluff Canal

#1: Smuggler's Copter

Join us Monday to get the breakdown of what sold during the Kaladesh Prerelease as we gear up for the first weekend of new Standard!