The preview season for Magic: The Gathering's next set, Kaldheim, is drawing to a close! However, the set still has plenty of gas in the form of awesome new cards. Let's take another good look at some of the cards previewed in the past couple of days!

Cosmos Elixir

Jokingly described by a few Magic Twitter personalities as "the best white card in Kaldheim," Cosmos Elixir is a colorless artifact that, much like Ascendant Spirit, could be white if the card draw aspect of the card was a bit different. Like Speaker of the Heavens, Path of Bravery, Angel of Destiny, and other recent mono-white cards, Cosmos Elixir grants you a benefit if your life total is higher than your starting life total. While it looked like Wizards of the Coast was carving out new design space for the (arguably neglected) white slice of the color pie, Cosmos Elixir turns lifegain and life-total-matters into effects that every color of Magic can access.

But we digress; Cosmos Elixir is a pretty good card for what it does, which is gain life and, more importantly, draw cards. Expect to see this card most of all in Commander decks that could use the extra life or draw power.

Tyrite Sanctum

When the God creatures of Kaldheim first began to roll out in previews, many players balked at them because they all innately lack indestructibility. Tyrite Sanctum solves that issue and more. Not only can it make any God creature indestructible, but it can make any legendary creature a God. There's no need to track whether or not a creature with a divinity counter is impervious to death anymore; all that is needed is an indestructible counter!

Wizards of the Coast first introduced ability counters in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths back in mid-2020. Normally, brand-new mechanics like this don't show up again so quickly. It seems like Wizards of the Coast may be willing to make ability counters an "evergreen" mechanic that they can use whenever they're appropriate to the card they want to make. That's a huge step for Wizards of the Coast to take so soon after Ikoria's release, and as evidenced by Tyrite Sanctum, it open up an exciting world of potential card designs.

Dream Devourer

Ranar the Ever-Watchful, while a cool commander for Azorius control decks, suddenly seems a bit less powerful with the addition of Dream Devourer in Kaldheim. Giving any spell you cast the ability to be put in effective layaway via foretell makes the game far more interesting than just reducing the cost to foretell cards that already have the ability. In a dedicated Esper deck that capitalizes on the mechanic and uses both cards, they each instantly get far better. Sen Triplets comes to mind immediately, even if it's bad for virtual Commander games due to its abilities being a bit more interactive than is ideal for remote interfaces like Spelltable. On Magic Arena, this card is going to be an all-star, however, and we foresee the rise of instant-based decks in the coming Standard season.

January 19th is the last day for Kaldheim previews. We will keep you informed as news continues to roll in!