It's that time again, Magic fans!

On January 7th, following a number of official reveals during Magic's "Week of Metal" promotion and a lone reveal on December 24th, Wizards of the Coast debuted a many cards during their announcement stream for Kaldheim. Interspersed with various bits featuring Jimmy Wong and a heavy metal rock band, viewers were given previews of cards through interviews with Wizards of the Coast employees Cynthia Sheppard, Mike Turian, and Matt Tabak.

Of the cards revealed, these stood out pretty prominently:

Valki, God of Lies & Tibalt, Cosmic Imposter

Valki, God of Lies is an interesting card for brewing in Commander and elsewhere. Its front face, a mono-black God creature, is reminiscent of Tidehollow Sculler or Sin Collector. The creature is temporary pseudo-discard, but with the added upside of being able to change into one of the many creatures it exiles from opposing hands.

Valki is neat, but that's only half of it...

...Because the deception is very real.

Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor is notable here in that while he can be played as an early game threat in the form of Valki, God of Lies, he can be played during the late game as an engine for card advantage like no other. Tibalt's emblem immediately allows you to play cards exiled with Tibalt, and all of his abilities will exile cards belonging to you and your opponents for immediate access. What's more, Tibalt's emblem does not go away after he is destroyed; once Tibalt steals something away into exile, it's yours to do with as you please.

In Commander, the Rules Committee has ruled that if Valki, God of Lies is your commander, you can play Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor from the command zone (paying all applicable costs, of course).

Snow Basic and Dual Lands

Another big reveal that the Kaldheim debut video confirmed was the addition of Snow cards as a returning mechanic in the set. All of the cards using this mechanic have a new frame, and perhaps most striking of all are the new basic lands.

With each new iteration, the Snow Basics get more and more fancy. Beyond this, we also have a ten-card cycle of dual lands (yes, with land types and all!) that enter the battlefield tapped. While they are obviously no Alpha/Beta/Unlimited/Revised duals, they're a reasonable nod to those land cards, and a significant upgrade from the Snow dual lands in Coldsnap.

Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider

At the end of the debut video we got a glimpse of New Phyrexia through Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider! This reimagining of one of the five Praetors of New Phyrexia has a set of abilities that are similar to Doubling Season, but dialed up to 11. The addition of the Phyrexian creature type to the game is an interesting, if slightly controversial, choice by Wizards of the Coast as well, and the card itself raises a good question: When and where will we see the other Praetors?

Cosmos Charger

While January 7th's debut was huge and as flashy as expected, January 8th's previews are still forthcoming. However, for the time being, one of the biggest reveals today was Cosmos Charger, revealed by Day[9]. In Limited (and probably in Standard if Foretell is viable enough), Cosmos Charger will allow your foretell cards to be even deadlier traps, so to speak. The foretell mechanic seems to take some notes from the book of a certain other card game, but surely Magic: The Gathering will have found ways to make the mechanic its own.

We'll have a whole slew of other previews to recap in the coming days, so stay tuned and we will cover more as they come up!