Yu-Gi-Oh's pretty expensive right now. Accesscode Talker and Eldlich the Golden Lord remain at the top of the competitive heap (and the market), but that doesn't mean they're the only options. In today's featured video, Leon shows you how to make the most of your budget by picking up some much needed staples and running them with one of the strongest themes going: Salamangreats.

As always, Leon shows you when to save and when to splurge so you can keep your new deck on a reasonable budget. Not only does he cover which commonly-found cards are the most viable, Leon also tells you how to upgrade the deck with cards you might have on hand. If you're returning to Yu-Gi-Oh after a long hiatus, check it out as see how you can jump right back in at the top tables!

The Soulburner Structure Deck's a great place to start building up your Salamangreat arsenal. And if these ferocious firestarters aren't quite your pick, you can check out Leon's previous piece on how to play Rokket Crusadia on a budget.