Recently, we wrote about a person who leaked a prolific number of cards from Commander Legends via a listing on eBay. On Saturday MTG Amino user "NoUsernamePlz" claimed to have bought part of that eBay listing and posted pictures of one of the opened packs. Since then, NoUsernamePlz has made three additional posts, each one showing the contents of two more packs. They apparently intend to leak two more packs every day until they run out of packs—and judging by the first post, they have 13 total.

It is TCGplayer policy not to list cards on the marketplace until after they have been revealed through official sources.

The first image posted by NoUsernamePlz.

In addition to slow-rolling the leaks conducted, NoUsernamePlz has been reselling the packs on eBay. We still do not know how the original eBay lister "luist281" got the German-language Commander Legends packs they listed. It's also unclear at this point what steps Wizards of the Coast has taken against any of the parties involved in this leak, or how they plan to prevent leaks like this in the future.

While small-scale leaks of new MTG sets are common, the magnitude of this leak, as well as the way the leaker is slow-rolling these leaks, are out of the ordinary. Commander Legends has 361 cards. If NoUsernamePlz leaks cards from 13 15-card Collector booster packs, that's (at most) 195 unique cards—over half the set.

We will provide further updates as they arise.