With the new Forbidden & Limited List announced and a promise of no new changes before September 1st, the current format is locked in. Eldlich and Adamancipators are here to stay, but with Eternity Code in full swing, Toon Chaos on the way and Altergeist Multifaker back to three, what else is viable?

That's the question on the mind of TheCaliEffect this week, as he discusses his top picks for the Summer format. Are Altergeists back? Is the new support for Madolches enough? Hit the video for those answers and more.

The "no real changes" nature of the latest F&L List surprised a lot of players, but it keeps stores safe as they struggle back from the pandemic. It also keeps you from getting dropkicked if you picked up the new stuff, since you'll still have a chance to play it. Locals are starting to make a comeback, and it's time to figure out what to play.