YCS London was a busy event, a proving ground for lots of theory in the newformat. On one hand the Sky Striker story of the weekend went like this:only three Striker decks made it to the Top 32, and two of them couldn'tget into the Top 16. The third deck won it all,as Pascal Kihm took home the Championship by innovatingwith Card of Demise, Compulsory Evacuation Device and Lost Wind.

On the flip side the weekend's biggest surprise might have beenTom Kleinegraber's Top 4 finish with Infernoids! That strategy's been bumping around the top tables here and there formonths now, but this was a breakout showing at the YCS level.

What do these decks look like paired off against each other? Leon foundout, when he piloted the Top 4 Infernoid deck against the winning SkyStriker build in this live match video. Check it out, and see which deckwas #toostronk!

Are Infernoids a one-hit wonder this format, or will we see more Top Cutfinishes at YCS Pasadena? Let us know, down in the comments.