The reason why there has been a ton of graveyard hate running around the past few months has been the dominance of Dredge. Now that deck has lost a lot of its power, Living End may very well be the best graveyard-based strategy in Modern. This is a deck that can prey upon linear creature strategies, because of their inability to fight through a resolved Living End. With so many cyclers in the deck, there's a consistency you might not expect.

This particular list is not all that different from others that are floating around. Living End is a combo deck so there really aren't that many slots to play around with. Many of the cyclers are obvious four-ofs. There are a few choices like how many Simian Spirit Guides, Jungle Weavers and Shriekmaws to play. I have liked the main deck Shriekmaws, as they are very good against some decks. The format is full of Tarmogoyfs and Eldrazi creatures. The other card that some lists don't play as many of is Beast Within.

The Tron matchup was frustrating as the land destruction plan didn't work out as we hoped. To be honest, though, sometimes the opponent's draw lines up perfectly against yours. Tron is one of the few decks with main deck graveyard hate, and even graveyard hate out of the sideboard. Despite Rest in Peace and Relic of Progenitus, we had a chance to win game two in that match if our opponent hadn't drawn three Urza's Towers. As the games played out the matchup seemed much worse than it actually is. Beast Within and Fulminator Mage are the cards you want, as you do need to keep the opponent off assembling Tron.

The other matches played out much more favorably. The Goblins deck is one of the best possible matchups for Living End. That deck can put together a bunch of Goblins with haste and try to fight you, but going wide against Living End is not a recipe for success. Being able to Violent Outburst into Living End on our opponent's turn is also important, as it prevents any haste threats being relevant the turn you Living End. Any creature based tribal deck is an excellent matchup for Living End.

The other match against Esper Spirits didn't feel close either. Our opponent needed to have counters or discard to disrupt the resolution of a Living End, and casting Disrupting Shoal at the wrong time certainly didn't help. Most games Living End plays will come down to Living End itself resolving or not. Once Living End resolves you should have an overwhelming advantage on board, and you can also start moving towards the stage a hard casting creatures.

Living End is a deck I expect to see a lot more of. With Fatal Push looking to change the format significantly, Living End improves since it doesn't really care about that card. Modern is getting shaken up and this is one of those decks that may significantly benefit from that.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield