I haven't really thought about Psychics in a long time. Actually, the last testing I did with the deck was right around the WCQ last year; Jeff Jones was showing me how good of a Dragon Ruler matchup it had. If your opponent opened with Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack and you could get Psychic Jumper and any other Psychic on the field you'd kind of just win, because Jumper's effect would swap your Psychic monster for your opponent's Dracossack; you'd detach for two Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens; and then you'd bring out Crimson Blader with Jumper and the Tokens, running over the monster you gave your opponent to completely lock them out of playing their Dragon Rulers.

In the end, I wound up sticking with Madolches instead of Psychics for the WCQ because they were more consistent. That being said, Psychics still have a ton of cool plays and in these last days of the format I think it's time for some totally casual, totally awesome strategies that might only be good on a local level!

DECKID=99930Psychics haven't really been popular ever. TeleDAD was the closest thing they saw in terms of widespread mainstream success, and even then that deck only played three to five Psychics depending on the build.

In this version – made possible by Extreme Victory – you're focusing on the powerful interactions between Serene Psychic Witch, Silent Psychic Wizard, and Psychic Jumper. In addition, one copy each of Hushed Psychic Cleric and Esper Girl extend your plays without hurting consistency or creating more dead draws.

Put On Your Floaties
One of my favorite aspects of this deck is that almost all the monsters replace themselves when destroyed. Serene Psychic Witch is the prime example of that: whenever she's destroyed by any means you get to banish one of your in-deck Psychics, immediately Special Summoning it during the next Standby Phase. Whether you want to get another Witch or you'd rather attempt to make a Synchro play with Esper Girl or Psychic Jumper, the choice is yours. Witch sits at a perfect 1400 ATK, safe from the likes of Bottomless Trap Hole, and correct reads on Dimensional Prison go a long ways in advancing your game plan.

Silent Psychic Wizard is great. Once again, it falls to Dimensional Prison pretty hard, but more basic monster removal won't do your opponent any good. Whenever you Normal Summon Psychic Wizard you can banish a Psychic from your graveyard, and whenever it leaves the field you get to Special Summon whatever you banished. That includes any instance where you use the Psychic Wizard as a Synchro Material, which is great news. Consider a hand of Serene Psychic Witch and Silent Psychic Wizard. By setting Witch and banishing Psychic Jumper when it gets destroyed you can make a Turn 2 Naturia Barkion and get your Witch back. Witch then continues to net you more free cards and Barkion shuts down a quarter of your average opponent's deck. Open the same hand but with Emergency Teleport and you can banish Psychic Commander instead, ending with Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree and Witch. The -1 you took to make that field hardly matters if your opponent's cards are all dead in the face of Leo, one of the strongest legal Synchro Monsters out there.


Nobody likes their own cards being used against them. Creature Swap is the standard way to take your opponent's monsters these days, but when you're using a Psychic deck you have Psychic Jumper at your disposal. The best part about it? You get to pick what monster you're stealing. Creature Swap might be better in certain scenarios because it doesn't target, but the potential to take any targetable monster without giving your opponent a choice in the decision is just too sweet to pass up. Psychic Jumper can and will end games.

The Supporting Cast
If a deck can play Crane Crane then it should play Crane Crane. This is basically my philosophy when thinking up deck ideas. Crane Crane's by far one of my favorite monsters ever, and I'm always looking for decks to throw it into. This particular Psychic deck happens to pair beautifully with it. You can revive Serene Psychic Witch for Instant Rank 3's, and Psychic Commander can leverage Level 6 Synchro Monsters. In addition, should a Silent Psychic Wizard survive for a turn you can Crane Crane into Psychic Commander to make Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree. In a slower format like this one you'll manage to pull off that combo with decent consistency.

Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders is cool too. Psychic Commander plus Redox is, you guessed it, an instant Leo. Redox is a recurring 3000 DEF monster from the graveyard, and it acts as a pseudo Monster Reborn from your hand. Pitching an Earth to bring back any of your powerful Synchros is great, and the -1 is often balanced by the effect of whatever monster you bring back.

Getting card advantage over your opponent is usually crucial to winning in Yu-Gi-Oh. Cardcar D and Traptrix Myrmeleo both help by scoring you an easy +1. Myrmeleo's great here, combining with your Tuners to churn out Level 6 and higher Synchros. You can grab Bottomless Trap Hole, regular Trap Hole, and the under the radar Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Should you Special Summon Myrmeleo through an effect like Redox or Call Of The Haunted you'll score a quick back row pop, too. End Phase Call Of The Haunted on Myrmeleo is game-breaking, and often the momentum you get from that simple play is too much for your opponent to come back from.

Slow Rolling
While there are definitely blowout games with Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders and multiple Emergency Teleports, you'll play the majority of your duels by grinding down your opponent. Outside of Bottomless Trap Hole and Solemn Warning, most of your monsters are expendable. Witch and Wizard replace themselves when destroyed, making stuff like Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear, and a bunch of other cards completely irrelevant. In addition, swapping monsters with your opponent creates openings that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Getting over big monsters with a deck like this isn't always easy, but Psychic Jumper and Creature Swap take care of that issue.

In terms of how you should play the deck, be careful and think through every effect activation. The goal's simple: gain as many +1's and +2's as you can to whittle your opponent down. Take note of every minus you're taking, and do your best to make the correct reads. Normal Summoning a Jumper and swapping a Witch is great, but it's not so awesome if your effect gets stopped. Skill Prisoner is a strong Side Deck pick here, and maybe even a Main Deck choice if your local metagame's cluttered with Effect Veilers.


As far as other Side Deck choices go, Gozen Match is totally viable. All of your monsters are Earth, as are a wide variety of your Synchros. The only thing that Gozen really hurts is Crane Crane, but even then you can still revive Psychic Commander to go into Naturia Barkion or HST Psyhemuth. The real trick is playing Gozen Match against decks that it completely cripples. Losing some versatility with Crane Crane is worth it should your opponent fail to make plays.

Psychics might be out of favor right now, but that's the perfect time to play a rogue deck. Most players won't know what any of your cards do, putting you in prime position to catch them off guard with your effects. After all, you can't defend against what you don't know exists. Do you think Psychics have the potential to be good going forward into summer? Let me know in the Comment section.

-Doug Zeeff
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