Ritual Summoning is a really cool mechanic, but it's inherently flawed due to poor card economy. You need a Ritual Monster, a Ritual Spell, and tribute to perform your summon. To combat that, you've either got to be Ritual Summoning a really good monster, or you've got to plus enough in card economy before and after the summon to make up for all that lost ground.

Luckily Konami's been steadily giving us better and better Ritual Monster themes. Nekroz were probably too powerful, packing a deadly combination of consistency, longevity, and power. Each of their Ritual Spells avoided the steep costs of Ritual Summoning in one way or another, and you could continuously search them again and again. The strategy was just too successful; it was miles better than any other Ritual deck we've ever seen.

So in an effort to give strength to older Rituals, we got Pre-Preparation of Rites. Unlike the original Preparation of Rites, Pre-Preparation of Rites only benefits Ritual themes that use a named Ritual Monster and a named Ritual Spell card, not generic ones like the Nekroz spells. You score a quick +1 every time you resolve Pre-Prep, softening the blow of a costly Ritual Summon. It also requires no setup, getting you to two-thirds of a Ritual Summon immediately. All you need is tribute and you're good to go.


Anyone that was excited for Pre-Preparation of Rites was most likely just as pumped for Cyber Angels, a new strategy out of Dragons of Legends 3.

Obviously based around Ritual Summoning, the Cyber Angels revived the motif of Rituals with a bunch of different searching options available every turn, though that search element isn't as overpowered as it was in Nekroz. The end result's a deck that takes from older themes we know and love and combines them with smart, modern standards of card economy.

Angels, Not Angles
The most important Cyber Angel we have is Cyber Angel Benten. At Level 6, it's the perfect tribute for Saffira, Queen of Dragons or Herald of Perfection. If Benten's tributed you can search a Light Fairy from your deck, and that effect isn't limited to once per turn. That means one Benten can provide enough tribute fodder for three Ritual Summons before you'd ever have to search another monster…Pretty incredible.

Even cooler though is the other stuff it can search. Utility cards like Herald of Orange Light, Honest, and Archlord Kristya are wildly accessible. There's also a lot of aggressive cards you can add too, like Star Seraph Scepter, Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, and Cyber Petit Angel. And then you can just go for other Ritual Monsters if you want, such as itself, Herald of Perfection, or Cyber Angel Idaten.

Idaten helps you out in a different front when tributed, boosting your Ritual Monsters by 1000 ATK and DEF. That's huge, letting you actually attack with Herald of Perfection instead of just sitting on it in defense. It also pumps Saffira, Queen of Dragons up to a ridiculous 3500 ATK, so it can run over almost anything else in battle.

But there are some hands where you'll need to Ritual Summon one of the Cyber Angels, and that's perfectly fine, too. Cyber Angel Idaten has a useful effect on summon that grabs back a Ritual Spell in your grave, and Cyber Angel Benten can pile on the damage when it runs over monsters in battle. More importantly, Machine Angel Ritual's a fantastic card to have in the graveyard because you can banish it to protect your Light monsters from battle or a card effect. That keeps your opponent from using a lucky Raigeki to blow up your entire field, and makes Machine Angel Ritual a perfect discard for Ritual Sanctuary, the new Field Spell built for Cyber Angels.


Ritual Sanctuary's insane, and it's actually the biggest reason I wanted to build this deck. It has two effects that you can use once per turn and they both help out tremendously.

The first lets you pitch a spell to add either a Light Ritual Monster or a Ritual Spell to your hand, which helps out in the early game. No longer are you stuck with mismatched hands of Saffira, Queen of Dragons with Dawn of the Herald, or vice versa.

Additionally, you can shuffle back as many spells from your graveyard as you'd like, to revive a Light Fairy of a Level equal to the number of spells you put back. On the low end you can shuffle back two spells to revive Cyber Petit Angel and nab a search. Or you could bring back Star Seraph Scepter to start rolling out huge Rank 4's.

But in the long term, the best use is to shuffle back six spells to Special Summon one of your properly summoned Ritual Monsters, which replaces a ton of great spells in your deck all while bringing out a powerful monster for free. Ritual Sanctuary's a key component of the Cyber Angel strategy because it lends so much consistency in both the early and late games; something that was a struggle for previous Ritual strategies.

Keeping all that in mind, take a look at what I've come up with:

DECKID=105477Considering the recent Forbidden & Limited List announcement I'd say that this deck actually has a good shot at events, even if it won't be super popular. Cyber Angels' hardest matchup was Burning Abyss, which was actually hurt quite badly by the newly Limited status of Beatrice, Lady of Eternal. Once you can push through the first copy your opponent's stuck without reliable disruption, letting your Rituals roam free.

I also like this deck as a prime candidate for Pot of Desires. Most of your hands will be playable, so you can cycle through all the searches you need to set up your board, and then use Desires to get some more Fairies in your hand for Herald of Perfection. After you make your initial field the monsters you draw are largely irrelevant because they all do similar things, so Pot of Desires is almost always going to be the cherry on top of an already awesome set-up.

As for further options, I really want to try Hieratics in here. That's partly due to my need to throw Hieratics into everything, but also because Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit combos so well with Level 6 Rituals. It might not be needed with Cyber Angel Benten supplying tribute fodder, but the allure of making Ultimaya Tzolkin next to Herald of Perfection is just too great.

Cyber Angels have a lot of big momentum swings, unbreakable boards, and versatility, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them earn a few Regional Qualifier Top 8's in the coming months!

-Doug Zeeff

Doug Zeeff hails from Michigan and is currently an English major in college. When he's not found emailing Konami about why there's not a single walrus card in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! you can find him regularly posting unorthodox, unfiltered semi-Yu-Gi-Oh! related content on his Youtube channel, Dzeeff. In his spare time he enjoys eating cheese, the Hanzo buffs, and, of course, playing Yu-Gi-Oh. Click here to follow him and his adventures on Facebook!