The Secret Forces just dropped last Friday and boy is there a lot of cool stuff in there. The mighty Nekroz are bound to make an impact at YCS Tacoma (which, at the time of this writing, hasn't been completed yet), and Pasquale and I have been brainstorming the best way to pilot Ritual Beasts. It's kind of an awkward time to be writing about Yu-Gi-Oh! though, because the competitive landscape is shaking up for the first time in what seems like months. I thought I'd spend this article talking about a strictly casual deck that I've been messing around with the past week: Zombie Dude Turbo.

Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude is easily one of the favorite cards. I love the rich blues on its artwork and it comes in Ultimate Rare which is my favorite rarity. Its effect is admittedly a Gamble: flip the top card of your deck and if you hit a Normal Spell you pitch it to the grave and activate it on your following turn, cost-free. Hit anything else and it gets sent to the bottom of your deck.


While Diamond Dude doesn't minus you if you don't hit a Normal Spell it does throw off your tempo because that means you could've used your Normal Summon on something more beneficial.

The key to Diamond Dude is Plaguespreader Zombie. It's no secret that stacking a Normal Spell with Plaguespreader before using Diamond Dude is an awesome one-two punch, but it's worth mentioning anyway. Plaguespreader Zombie guarantees a successful Diamond Dude, and that's money to my ears.

…Diamond Dude and Plaguespreader Zombie alone do not make a deck, do they? Destiny Hero - Malicious is an auto-include for a variety of reasons. It's good discard fodder for Destiny Draw, you can make Level 8 Synchros with Plaguespreader Zombie, and - more recently - you can Mask Change it into Masked HERO Dark Law. That last point is especially important and I'd ask you to take note that you can use regular ol' Mask Change on any HERO monster, not just Elemental HERO cards. Destiny HERO's, Masked HERO's, and Evil HERO's are all prime candidates for Mask Change, and that's awesome because it's only a -1 unlike the -2 of Mask Change II.

Since we're playing Plaguespreader it makes sense to use a slew of your favorite undead monsters. Zombie Master, Mezuki, and Goblin Zombie will all be making an appearance. These Zombies create an effective, resilient engine that cranks out Rank 4's as well as Level 6 and Level 8 Synchros. The new addition is Uni-Zombie, a new card that fixes a ton of consistency issues that plagued Zombies for years. Pasquale even wrote about Gogogo Zombies a couple weeks ago, so I'd make sure to check that article out!

For example, you can use Uni-Zombie to discard an in-hand Malicious to pump Uni-Zombie up to Level 4. Then you can banish the Malicious to Special Summon another from the deck and Synchro Summon Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree with your Level 6 Malicious and now Level 4 Uni-Zombie. Alternatively you can load up your grave with stuff like Mezuki to make Rank 4's, or even use Uni-Zombie's second effect to Foolish Burial any of your Zombies to suit your needs. Uni-Zombie is the much-needed alternative Zombie Tuner (Pain Painter doesn't count) and it serves so many purposes with just its two effects.

Designing Zombie Dude Turbo in mind of a casual crowd it's important to build it with variety in mind. Assuming your locals averages about a third top decks, with the other two thirds random rogue strategies, it's sometimes daunting selecting the right card choices. You never know when a random Kaiser Collosseum will be flipped on you or maybe even a slew of Creature Swaps to throw off your game. Let's take a look at what I came up with:

DECKID=101763I really love Mask Change I and II in here. With Uni-Zombie you can discard Malicious, revive it, make Leo, revive Malicious again, and then make Dark Law. That's an insane set-up that's definitely hard to get over, especially at a local level. Mask Change II is stellar too, because you can send Goblin Zombie to the graveyard to Special Summon Dark Law and get a search.

Also: Necroface is crazy in this. A long time ago I made a Necroface deck based around Chaos Zone and Shutendoji, which was a whole heck of a lot of fun piloting in a graveyard-heavy metagame. While that strategy isn't viable anymore I will argue that Necroface as a single card is almost a win condition if it resolves. Case in point: in recycles Malicious, Plaguespreader, and Mezuki. Malicious is especially relevant because you'll usually be shuffling two copies back and leaving one in the graveyard. Necroface basically gives you two free Special Summons. That's just nutty, even if Necroface is the ugliest card ever.

The Perfect Field Spell?
Zombie World's incredibly well timed right now in lots of strategies, but it's especially good in Zombies. It has two extremely powerful effects: one that turns everything in the graveyard into Zombie-types and another that stops players from Tribute Summoning non-Zombies. The first effect is obviously good for bringing back stuff with Zombie Master: remember that you can now bring back Diamond Dudes from your grave. More than that though, Zombie Master can Special Summon from either player's graveyard, which means you can take random monsters straight out of your opponent's yard virtually for free.

Even better: the tribute restriction of Zombie World really messes up Qliphorts and Monarch strategies. The latter isn't so important, but Qliphorts are definitely a threat even at a local level. There's bound to be a few Qliphort players and Zombie World really limits their options. Sure, they can still build card advantage with Qliphort Scout, but without Tribute Summoning for their Qliphort Disk or Qliphort Stealth they're kind of left to cap out at 2100 ATK (1800 + 300 from Saqlifice). Against Monarchs you pretty much just lock them out of the game; always a good thing.

Other choices are pretty straightforward. There's 13 Normal Spells to hit off of Diamond Dude, which is a decent number. You're really aiming to nab those free Destiny Draws but random Night Beams are always great, too. Night Beam isn't that good against Nekroz, Qliphorts, or monster-oriented variants of Burning Abyss, but it's awesome against plenty of backrow packed rogue decks so I decided to keep them in. Other more "sacky" options could include Crystal Abundance, Lightning Vortex, or Magical Stone Excavation. Those cards are all wonderful to get with Diamond Dude because you don't have to pay their costs, but they're sort of horrid to actually draw.

Anyway, Zombie Dude Turbo's just a concept that I've been playing around with. It's not going to break the game anytime soon but it's a strong rogue contender for locals with less competitive decks. I'd even consider taking it to a Regional Qualifier to get your invite if you Side Deck correctly. It's fun, explosive, and has some neat tricks that opponents won't see coming. Feel free to comment and tell me what you'd add or drop; I'd love to hear your opinions!

-Doug Zeeff