A couple months ago Loukas Peterson wrote about his Bujin deck. In the Comment section he was ridiculed for not using Royal Decree. A week ago he wrote about Noble Knights and this time he did use Royal Decree. Naturally, people ridiculed him for using it. The lesson I've learned from this is that you should always just play one and a half copies of Royal Decree to please both sides of the readers' opinions. Today I've opted to anger the second half of commenters by playing three Decree.

The deck? Gogogo Zombies with some new tech from Premium Gold. Gogogo Ghost is an awesome card that works in conjunction with Zombie Master to create easy Xyz Summons without dealing you any minuses of card economy. Gogogo Giant is similar, taking up your Normal Summon. What makes this build different from previous Gogogo variants, though, is the addition of a new Fusion Monster - Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon. Dragon's Mirror is our first route to Dragonecro, but Zombie World plus Super Polymerization results in some devastating swings in card economy that can and will end games. Take a look at what I've come up with.


I had to read over Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon's effect about nine times so don't feel bad if it' hard to understand at first. Basically, Dragonecro can't destroy anything in battle. Bummer. But whenever you battle something, that monster's ATK is reduced to 0, and then you Special Summon a Token with the same ATK and Level as the reduced monster. After that you're free to run over whatever you originally attacked with Dragonecro. At the end of all this your opponent's going to take damage not only equal to the difference between their monster and Dragonecro but also their monster's entire ATK.

Yeah I know, totally not fair at all.

Anyway, one of the cooler aspects of that effect is that you don't actually have to attack the reduced monster with the Token you Summon. If you have a field of Dragonecro and Goblin Zombie against a 2800 ATK and 2400 ATK monster, you can simply create a Token off the 2800 ATK one and proceed to stomp both monsters. The longer Dragonecro stays on the field the more Tokens it generates. After a few turns things quickly get out of hand, but I only mean that in the best ways possible for you. Not only is it a great card, but the newness factor means your opponent will probably misread Dragonecro the first three to five times they look at it and won't know how to play against it.

As for Fusion Summoning Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon in the first place, you don't need much set-up to make it happen. Dragon's Mirror is by far the easiest way to bring it out. Did you know Dragon's Mirror could bring out stuff other than Five-Headed Dragon? I sure didn't. Despite requiring Zombie monsters for Fusion Material and spawning actual Zombie-type Tokens, Dragonecro is in fact a Dragon-type. Nifty. Anyway, Zombie World helps you out even more in this regard because you can banish fallen Xyz Monsters and Gogogo Giants.

…Or you can just use your opponent's monsters! Super Polymerization has seen little play outside of Elemental HERO decks. With Zombie World active though, you can use any two of your opponent's monsters for Dragonecro. That makes Super Polymerization a 2-for-3 that leads into even more +1's. The best part is that your opponent can't even pull out a clutch Mystical Space Typhoon on Zombie World because Super Polymerization can't be chained to. Using unfair cards to Fusion Summon an unfair Fusion Monster is what this deck's designed to do.

Zach Buckley Took All The Zombie Puns So I Don't Have A Good Heading
Zombies! Ever since Mezuki and Plaguespreader Zombie were released from the shackles of their former Limited status, duelists everywhere have been trying to find ways to put them to work. I've decided not to play Plaguespreader because I need that Extra Deck space Synchro Monsters would normally require, but Mezuki is an auto three-of in virtually any Zombie strategy. It's a free Monster Reborn for a deck that already has another free Monster Reborn in Book of Life. Five Monster Reborns might not suit your style for reasons of sheer morality, but when the monsters you're Special Summoning have effects that trigger when they're Special Summoned you can't help but take in the beauty of it all.

Gogogo Ghost is a beast. Whenever it's Special Summoned you can revive Gogogo Golem. Ghost ensures you only need to play a single Golem, and Zombie Master ensures you only need to play two Gogogo Ghosts. Besides Zombie Master there are a few other ways to trigger Ghost's ability. Pyramid Turtle is one of the first that comes to mind. Whether you're crashing it into an opponent's monster on your turn or waiting for your opponent to attack over it, you're still making a one-card Xyz Monster. Summoner Monk is always a viable option, too, as is Gogogo Giant. Both take up your Normal Summon, but the end result's usually an Xyz Monster and a spare Level 4. Throw Mezuki into the mix and you've got a lot of board presence for very little commitment.


Of course, you don't necessarily have to use the Gogogo monsters to win games. Ye' Olde Zombie Monsters will work just as well. Zombie Master, Goblin Zombie, Pyramid Turtle, and Mezuki all provide ample Special Summoning and search tricks. It's not ideal but there will definitely be games where you win just by spamming Rank 4's with those four monsters. Remember kids: Exciton Knight and Goblin Zombie are best friends forever.

Face-up Cards: Solving All Your Problems
Zombie World and Royal Decree are two of this deck's strongest cards. The bad news is that both of them are Mystical Space Typhoon magnets. The good news is that your opponent will usually only be able to destroy one of them. Choosing the order in which you activate these cards is crucial if you want to win with this deck. Zombie World's really, really good against certain decks like Bujin, Raccoons, and Geargia, but Royal Decree can absolutely shut down entire strategies if you flip it at the right time. Knowledge of how other decks operate will be important in your decision making with those two cards.

So yeah, Zombie World. Outside of Super Polymerization it has the potential to ruin strategies all on its own. Bujins aren't that threatening without any of their Bujingi tricks, and Zombie World prevents all of them from activating besides Bujingi Turtle. Similarly, both Karakuri Geargia and Pure Geargia rely heavily on their monsters holding Machine status, necessary for their most important Extra Deck Summons. Take that away and you reduce the deck to a basic Rank 4 toolbox without all the themed cards that make it stand out. Zombie World also screws with Monarchs, Evols, Rank-Up-Magic decks, Dragunities, and Harpies. It's always nice when your Field Spell's beneficial to your own strategy; stopping others is just icing on the cake.

How about Royal Decree? Dragonecro doesn't like trap cards so Decree takes them out of the equation. Most monsters can't get over 3000 ATK in battle, so your opponent's left to rely on monster effects to get Dragonecro off the field. What's good about that, is that most monster effects activate on your opponent's turn. Royal Decree then pretty much ensures you're going to get off a bare minimum of one Token Summon, at least until your opponent blows Dragonecro up on their turn. Of course, I've included two Effect Veilers to ward off destruction effects or abilities like that of Number 101: Silent Honor ARK.


That's not all, though! Even without Dragonecro, Royal Decree helps ensure that your billion Rank 4 plays go off without a hitch. Your success is partly reliant on how many Zombies you can swarm the field with and you can't afford to see Zombie Master get Fiendish Chained. While I understand the downfalls of Royal Decree – namely that your opponent now knows you don't play any actual traps – the pros of playing it outweigh the cons here. You may disagree with me, but in the end I feel that it's the right call by a vast margin.

Then again, what are the advantages to Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon as opposed to a regular Gogogo Zombie build? Realistically I feel that the difference parallels that of +1 Fire Fists versus Fire Kings of last format. Fire Kings sacrificed a bit of the consistency of +1 Fire Fists for a whole bunch of power plays, and I think that's the compromise this build makes too. You might have a few cloggy hands every once in a while, but overall your plays offer much better end results. Dragonecro effectively gives Gogogo Zombies the boss monster that they've always wanted, and most of the time it fits right in with your regular play patterns.

As always though, there's going to be room for improvement. I found Masked Chameleon didn't work out so well in this strategy, but you may think otherwise. Zombies have way too many cards at their disposal to work with, and as a result there's a lot of different ways to go about making Dragonecro decks. What do you think about Dragonecro in Gogogo Zombies? Is there a better way to do it? Let me know in the Comment section.

-Doug Zeeff
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