A couple weeks ago, the Banned and Restricted announcement caused  some major shake ups in numerous formats, including Pioneer. Previously, I hadn't played Pioneer as I didn't have the need to, and it wasn't very interesting to me. However, after exploring the format for the past couple of weeks, I've found a deck I love, and it might be the next most broken thing in the format:

Lukka Fires.

Lukka Fires was first popularized in Standard before being hit with an Agent of Treachery ban. Luckily (or unluckily), Agent of Treachery is still legal in Pioneer, and you get some upgrades to the deck with the larger card pool.

Why Lukka Fires?

Pioneer used to be dominated by combo decks: Dimir Inverter, Mono White Devotion and Lotus Breach. Each of these decks got hit with a ban, and midrange players rejoiced. While a lot of people have taken the time to explore new brews, aggro, and midrange strategies, I started to analyze how the format got to the place it was before the bannings.

Pioneer has a vast card pool with access to various tools to attack a handful of decks. However, all these tools seem to fail against the majority of combo decks. Apart from Lotus Breach, combo was surprisingly difficult to interact with, and especially resilient against typical hate cards. This is part of why Wilderness Reclamation has had so much Pioneer success lately—there are so few ways to preemptively stop instant-speed shenanigans. There appears to be a weak spot in the format where the current card pool cannot adequately hate out resilient and consistent combo decks, so my next move was to find Pioneer's next best combo deck.

I'm going to focus on Lukka Fires for today's article, because I've been having a lot of success with it. It's incredibly difficult for the opponent to stop your combo, and you can maneuver around most things that are thrown at you. With a strong sideboard plan, you can beat any deck you come up against.

The Deck

This list was created by my friend Lydia. She's put a lot of work into perfecting this list, and it's treated me well in my testing.

Magic: The Gathering TCG Deck - Lukka Fires by SunBird17

'Lukka Fires' - constructed deck list and prices for the Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game from TCGplayer Infinite!

Created By: SunBird17




Market Price: $459.18



Color Identity:W

Market Price: $0.04

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/242996_200w.jpg

({T}: Add {W}.)

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/242996/magic-adventures-in-the-forgotten-realms-plains-263

The Birth of Meletis

Color Identity:W

Market Price: $0.13

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/206752_200w.jpg

(As this Saga enters and after your draw step, add a lore counter. Sacrifice after III.)
I — Search your library for a basic Plains card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle.
II — Create a 0/4 colorless Wall artifact creature token with defender.
III — You gain 2 life.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/206752/magic-theros-beyond-death-the-birth-of-meletis

Raugrin Triome

Color Identity:R,U,W

Market Price: $11.55

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/212695_200w.jpg

({T}: Add {U}, {R}, or {W}.)
Raugrin Triome enters the battlefield tapped.
Cycling {3} ({3}, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/212695/magic-ikoria-lair-of-behemoths-raugrin-triome

Dovin's Veto

Color Identity:U,W

Market Price: $1.92

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/187186_200w.jpg

This spell can't be countered.
Counter target noncreature spell.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/187186/magic-war-of-the-spark-dovins-veto

Fabled Passage

Market Price: $4.58

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/215556_200w.jpg

{T}, Sacrifice Fabled Passage: Search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle. Then if you control four or more lands, untap that land.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/215556/magic-core-set-2021-fabled-passage

Chained to the Rocks

Color Identity:W

Market Price: $0.51

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/71001_200w.jpg

Enchant Mountain you control
When Chained to the Rocks enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until Chained to the Rocks leaves the battlefield. (That creature returns under its owner's control.)

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/71001/magic-theros-chained-to-the-rocks

Castle Vantress

Color Identity:U

Market Price: $2.10

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/199284_200w.jpg

Castle Vantress enters the battlefield tapped unless you control an Island.
{T}: Add {U}.
{2}{U}{U}, {T}: Scry 2.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/199284/magic-throne-of-eldraine-castle-vantress

Teferi, Time Raveler

Color Identity:U,W

Market Price: $20.44

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/187194_200w.jpg

Each opponent can cast spells only any time they could cast a sorcery.
+1: Until your next turn, you may cast sorcery spells as though they had flash.
−3: Return up to one target artifact, creature, or enchantment to its owner's hand. Draw a card.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/187194/magic-war-of-the-spark-teferi-time-raveler

Omen of the Sea

Color Identity:U

Market Price: $0.11

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/206769_200w.jpg

When Omen of the Sea enters the battlefield, scry 2, then draw a card.
{2}{U}, Sacrifice Omen of the Sea: Scry 2.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/206769/magic-theros-beyond-death-omen-of-the-sea

Supreme Verdict

Color Identity:U,W

Market Price: $7.45

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/145308_200w.jpg

This spell can't be countered.
Destroy all creatures.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/145308/magic-iconic-masters-supreme-verdict

Anger of the Gods

Color Identity:R

Market Price: $0.91

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/145342_200w.jpg

Anger of the Gods deals 3 damage to each creature. If a creature dealt damage this way would die this turn, exile it instead.

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Sacred Foundry

Color Identity:R,W

Market Price: $17.93

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/175200_200w.jpg

({T}: Add {R} or {W}.)
As Sacred Foundry enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, it enters the battlefield tapped.

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Color Identity:R

Market Price: $0.09

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/192595_200w.jpg

This spell can't be countered.
Fry deals 5 damage to target creature or planeswalker that's white or blue.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/192595/magic-core-set-2020-fry

Castle Ardenvale

Color Identity:W

Market Price: $2.76

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/199390_200w.jpg

Castle Ardenvale enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Plains.
{T}: Add {W}.
{2}{W}{W}, {T}: Create a 1/1 white Human creature token.

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Color Identity:R

Market Price: $0.05

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/196580_200w.jpg

({T}: Add {R}.)

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/196580/magic-commander-2019-mountain-298

Fires of Invention

Color Identity:R

Market Price: $0.26

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/199255_200w.jpg

You can cast spells only during your turn and you can cast no more than two spells each turn.
You may cast spells with mana value less than or equal to the number of lands you control without paying their mana costs.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/199255/magic-throne-of-eldraine-fires-of-invention

Omen of the Sun

Color Identity:W

Market Price: $0.06

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/206784_200w.jpg

When Omen of the Sun enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 white Human Soldier creature tokens and you gain 2 life.
{2}{W}, Sacrifice Omen of the Sun: Scry 2.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/206784/magic-theros-beyond-death-omen-of-the-sun

Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast

Color Identity:R

Market Price: $1.26

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/211996_200w.jpg

+1: Exile the top three cards of your library. Creature cards exiled this way gain "You may cast this card from exile as long as you control a Lukka planeswalker."
−2: Exile target creature you control, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card with higher mana value. Put that card onto the battlefield and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
−7: Each creature you control deals damage equal to its power to each opponent.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/211996/magic-ikoria-lair-of-behemoths-lukka-coppercoat-outcast

Glacial Fortress

Color Identity:U,W

Market Price: $3.58

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/142037_200w.jpg

Glacial Fortress enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Plains or an Island.
{T}: Add {W} or {U}.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/142037/magic-ixalan-glacial-fortress

Agent of Treachery

Color Identity:U

Market Price: $6.89

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/192629_200w.jpg

When Agent of Treachery enters the battlefield, gain control of target permanent.
At the beginning of your end step, if you control three or more permanents you don't own, draw three cards.

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Elspeth Conquers Death

Color Identity:W

Market Price: $0.28

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/207052_200w.jpg

(As this Saga enters and after your draw step, add a lore counter. Sacrifice after III.)
I — Exile target permanent an opponent controls with mana value 3 or greater.
II — Noncreature spells your opponents cast cost {2} more to cast until your next turn.
III — Return target creature or planeswalker card from your graveyard to the battlefield. Put a +1/+1 counter or a loyalty counter on it.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/207052/magic-theros-beyond-death-elspeth-conquers-death

Shark Typhoon

Color Identity:U

Market Price: $10.97

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/212133_200w.jpg

Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, create an X/X blue Shark creature token with flying, where X is that spell's mana value.
Cycling {X}{1}{U} ({X}{1}{U}, Discard this card: Draw a card.)
When you cycle Shark Typhoon, create an X/X blue Shark creature token with flying.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/212133/magic-ikoria-lair-of-behemoths-shark-typhoon

Yorion, Sky Nomad

Color Identity:U,W

Market Price: $2.75

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/212715_200w.jpg

Companion — Your starting deck contains at least twenty cards more than the minimum deck size. (If this card is your chosen companion, you may put it into your hand from outside the game for {3} any time you could cast a sorcery.)
When Yorion enters the battlefield, exile any number of other nonland permanents you own and control. Return those cards to the battlefield at the beginning of the next end step.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/212715/magic-ikoria-lair-of-behemoths-yorion-sky-nomad

Narset, Parter of Veils

Color Identity:U

Market Price: $1.26

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/188705_200w.jpg

Each opponent can't draw more than one card each turn.
−2: Look at the top four cards of your library. You may reveal a noncreature, nonland card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.

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Sulfur Falls

Color Identity:R,U

Market Price: $4.16

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/162122_200w.jpg

Sulfur Falls enters the battlefield tapped unless you control an Island or a Mountain.
{T}: Add {U} or {R}.

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Color Identity:U

Market Price: $0.05

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/215717_200w.jpg

({T}: Add {U}.)

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/215717/magic-core-set-2021-island-264

Mystical Dispute

Color Identity:U

Market Price: $0.89

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/198683_200w.jpg

This spell costs {2} less to cast if it targets a blue spell.
Counter target spell unless its controller pays {3}.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/198683/magic-throne-of-eldraine-mystical-dispute

Hallowed Fountain

Color Identity:U,W

Market Price: $7.91

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/182831_200w.jpg

({T}: Add {W} or {U}.)
As Hallowed Fountain enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, it enters the battlefield tapped.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/182831/magic-ravnica-allegiance-hallowed-fountain

Dream Trawler

Color Identity:U,W

Market Price: $0.17

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/207050_200w.jpg

Flying, lifelink
Whenever you draw a card, Dream Trawler gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
Whenever Dream Trawler attacks, draw a card.
Discard a card: Dream Trawler gains hexproof until end of turn. Tap it.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/207050/magic-theros-beyond-death-dream-trawler

Void Winnower

Market Price: $9.66

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/105007_200w.jpg

Your opponents can't cast spells with even mana values. (Zero is even.)
Your opponents can't block with creatures with even mana values.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/105007/magic-battle-for-zendikar-void-winnower

Steam Vents

Color Identity:R,U

Market Price: $14.17

ImageURL: https://tcgplayer-cdn.tcgplayer.com/product/175202_200w.jpg

({T}: Add {U} or {R}.)
As Steam Vents enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, it enters the battlefield tapped.

Buy This Card! https://www.tcgplayer.com/product/175202/magic-guilds-of-ravnica-steam-vents

The Game Plan

I played a lot of Lukka Fires when it was legal in Standard, and the transition to Pioneer is pretty smooth. There aren't many card variations except for upgrades to board wipes like Supreme Verdict and Anger of the Gods.

If you have never played a Lukka deck before, the game plan is to get a creature token into play with Omen of the Sun, The Birth of Meletis or Shark Typhoon, sacrifice it to Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast, then getting an Agent of Treachery into play and steal your opponent's most powerful permanent or a land. This is also a Yorion deck, so you're playing some filler cards like Omen of the Sea.

Speaking of Yorion, Sky Nomad, the card gives you some of your most broken turns by flickering your permanents to reset your planeswalkers, gain card advantage, and steal more of your opponent's permanents.

Yorion, Sky Nomad is a powerful payoff card when you have an established board, but the most broken play patterns involve Fires of Invention. With Fires of Invention, you can often play Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast, get an Agent of Treachery, bring Yorion, Sky Nomad to hand, then cast Yorion, Sky Nomad, all in one turn. Not many decks can come back from stealing two lands or two of their most powerful permanents on turn five.

Not only does Teferi, Time Raveler help our game plan by bouncing our own Agent of Treachery and Yorion, Sky Nomad for additional triggers, but Teferi, Time Raveler also stops our opponents' game plans. Azorius Control and Temur Reclamation are gaining popularity in Pioneer, and Teferi, Time Raveler is an efficient hate card against both of those decks.

The rest of the deck is almost identical to the Standard deck except for the removal suite. I already mentioned the board wipes got upgraded, but Anger of the Gods and Supreme Verdict are specifically important in Pioneer. Supreme Verdict is a non-conditional board wipe that can't be countered from decks like Sultai Delirium. Various Rakdos Lurrus decks and Jund Sacrifice decks are also gaining traction in the format, which makes Anger of the Gods especially powerful because of the exile clause on the card.

In addition to the board wipes, you get access to a one-mana removal spell that hits every significant creature in Pioneer: Chained to the Rocks. This is important in a format where Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath and Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger are good, because they can keep recurring from the graveyard.

Sideboard Guide

In the matches I've played with Jeskai Lukka, I haven't had issues dealing with anything my opponents have brought against me. There are a couple matches that are more difficult, but if you know the deck, matchup, and game play well, it's going to be difficult for anything to beat you.

Vs. Mono-Green Devotion

Mono-Green Devotion typically doesn't interact with you, so you just need to make sure you don't die before you can combo. Therefore, board wipes are important here.

+1 Anger of the Gods
+1 Supreme Verdict
+2 Dream Trawler

-2 Elspeth Conquers Death
-1 Agent of Treachery
-1 Shark Typhoon

Vs. Wilderness Reclamation

Wilderness Reclamation can be a difficult matchup because you're often a tapout deck while Wilderness Rec operates almost entirely at instant speed. However, you do have ways to stop their gameplan with [Teferi]Teferi, Time Ravaler) as well as Mystical Dispute and Dovin's Veto post-board.

+3 Dovin's Veto
+3 Mystical Dispute
+2 Void Winnower

-1 Agent of Treachery
-3 Elspeth Conquers Death
-3 Supreme Verdict
-1 Anger of the Gods (leaving the other in for Young Pyromancer)

Vs. Jund Sacrifice

Jund (and Rakdos) Sacrifice can both interact with Lukka Fires through a number of cards like Thoughtseize, Fatal Push and more. But they can't put enough pressure on you through all the board wipes fast enough. Eventually, you can draw enough cards and shape your draws until you topdeck your combo.

+1 Anger of the Gods
+1 Dream Trawler
+1 Supreme Verdict

-3 Elspeth Conquers Death

Vs. Azorious Control

Some people assume this matchup is poor because of similar reasons as Wilderness Reclamation, but if you play patiently and understand where to pick your spots, this matchup is favored for Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast. Plus, the matchup gets even better post-sideboarding.

+3 Dovin's Veto
+2 Fry
+3 Mystical Dispute
+1 Dream Trawler

-3 Supreme Verdict
-2 Anger of the Gods
-3 Chained to the Rocks
-1 Agent of Treachery

Vs. Aggro

This is most commonly Mono-Red Aggro and Mono-Black Aggro, where I value board wipes more than anything else.

+1 Supreme Verdict
+1 Anger of the Gods
+2 Dream Trawler

-1 Agent of Treachery
-2 Elspeth Conquers Death

Vs. Lukka Fires (The Mirror)

I haven't had much experience with the mirror in Pioneer, but in Standard this matchup was about playing the control game until picking your spot to resolve Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast.

+3 Dovin's Veto
+3 Mystical Dispute
+2 Void Winnower

-2 Anger of the Gods
-1 Supreme Verdict
-3 Chained to the Rocks
-2 The Birth of Meletis