Magic: The Gathering Arena kicked into its next wave of testing, thanks to the upcoming updates tomorrow bundled with the removal of the NDA. Neither announcement shared much new, still leaving unanswered the questions Neale Talbot asked in his interview with Principal Game Designer Chris Clay last month.The clarity of vision for how MTG Arena will be used isn't there yet, but getting a fresh start with some graphics updates is a step towards release.

What's Next

100,000 additional invites won't cover everyone that wants to be in MTG Arena. Offering the chance for streamers and content producers (like us!) to share the experience and build towards the public launch makes sense.

That's exactly what we have in mind.

Playing with the new version of the client, and experiencing the new features as they roll out, isn't quite the same as testing a Challenger Deck against the current Standard field. Presumably there are new features tied to the upcoming Dominaria release (Will we finally get Draft in MTG Arena? There will be 100,000 more reasons to have it.) and that lines up with an obvious public launch around this fall's Standard set rotation—at least from where we sit.

Making it easier to get started—with the smallest number of Standard sets needed—for players jumping into MTG Arena is a smart choice we're planning on Wizards making. This means getting comfortable with the client today and showing off new-to-Magic content we've been working on go hand-in-hand. New player tutorials, budget decks that make the most of the Wildcard system, and quick looks at a new Limited format are all things we're eager to show you to share Magic with friends.

After all, once MTG Arena is release your friends will all be able to play for free with you—and having new friends play Magic is pretty sweet.