Re-introduced in MTG's Innistrad: Crimson Vow, exploit rewards players for playing a bunch of creatures and for thinking ahead. First seen in MTG's Dragons of Tarkir, the mechanic was introduced to represent the Sultai Brood, and how Silumgar ruled the clan with sheer ruthlessness. As such, the keyword fits with the Innistrad theme of returning creatures back from the dead. In MTG's Innistrad: Crimson Vow, exploit appears mostly in association with zombies, which fall into the black and blue colors for the gothic horror set.

How Does It Work?

Exploit features on creatures as an "enters the battlefield" ability. Whenever a creature with an exploit enters the battlefield, you can choose to sacrifice a creature. If you do, an ability will trigger.

These abilities can range from countering spells and destroying permanents to drawing cards, or tutoring for a particular card you need. Bonus points for players who are able to return the exploited creature from the graveyard, such as Gravecrawler! They can choose to exploit the creature over and over, to generate value without shrinking their board.

How To Play It

Here are some notes and tips to keep in mind when using exploit:

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