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Today we're on Chronicle of Bolas: The Unwritten Now. That's the eighth and final episode for Core Set 2019, available now.

It turns out the hedrons that are protecting Ugin and housing Yasova and Baishya also do a good job of stopping mind control powers.

Naiva snaps out of it long enough to not slice her twin to ribbons, and instead has a heart to heart with grandma Yasova.

They realize they are in a tricky spot, and Yasova still thinks their best chance is to outwit Nicol Bolas rather than fight him directly. She puts all her hopes into Ugin and asks Naiva to experience his visions one more time.

So she curls up next to her sister, falls asleep, and now we're back to hearing things from Ugin's perspective, which remains very different from what Nicol Bolas was telling us last episode.

In this vision, Ugin is sitting in the Meditation Realm, just calmly reflecting on his life so far and how much it has pained him to see Nicol Bolas go from being his ambitious twin to a power hungry warlord on Dominaria, but he thinks "hey at least he's stuck there and won't harm the other planes I've come to love."

So guess who then shows up in a flash of golden light? Nicol Bolas has learned to planeswalk, and comes straight for Ugin.

He says he's mad Ugin kept all these great secrets for himself and only returned to Dominaria to mock him and make sure he knew how much he was missing out.

Ugin puts up some defense and attempts to reason with Nicol Bolas, but it is no use. He tries to flee and planeswalks to another world, but his brother follows him. So Ugin keeps trying to run away, only to be chased relentlessly by Nicol Bolas.

Ugin gets tired. His injuries start to add up. He can't rest or eat or fight back in his current state, so he briefly considers going to Tarkir but decides Nicol Bolas would destroy it if he knew how important it was to him, so he comes up with another plan.

He figures Nicol will just keep coming for him until he's dead, so he heads back to the Meditation Realm and awaits his fate.

What happens next is a little complicated, but basically, Nicol Bolas kills Ugin, and Ugin's body falls into the waters of the Meditation Realm. This causes two things: one, all that still water is splashed away, leaving just a dry ocean bottom. And two, Nicol Bolas is also splashed away, being forced back to Dominaria.

Then, the waters return, kind of like a tide coming in. And once all the water is back in place, Ugin's reflection is present upon its mirrored surface. This ghostly image of him draws all that water inward, and it kind of fuses with magic and becomes a new body for him.

Satisfied that his trick has worked and he's made Nicol Bolas think he's dead, he leaves the Meditation Realm, which once again starts to refill itself with this mysterious magical water.

So just to be clear here, if we are believing this version of events, Ugin died once on the Meditation Realm, and replaced his physical body with the shimmery liquid that makes up its surface. Thus making him, The Spirit Dragon.

From there, he began his quest to stop Nicol Bolas from spreading destruction to the rest of the planes in the multiverse. He makes plans with another planeswalker, a sphinx named Azor, to trap Nicol Bolas somewhere by using a magical artifact called the Immortal Sun

They decide to set the trap on Tarkir, believing that Nicol Bolas would never expect Ugin to risk his favorite plane. Ugin even calls the dragons of Tarkir to his side, thinking it will make an even more tempting target for Nicol Bolas.

Unfortunately, Nicol is able to turn those dragons against Ugin, and defeat him again. This time, Ugin crashes down to the surface of Tarkir, where Sarkhan activates the hedron cocoon and saves his life. Nicol Bolas has evaded the trap though, and remains free to go about his business elsewhere.

At this point the visions start to repeat themselves, so the twins wake up and tell Yasova everything they saw. The three of them come up with their own plan to deal with Nicol Bolas, who is still waiting for them just outside the hedron.

Naiva and Baishya swap clothing. Naiva is to stay inside the hedron while her sister and grandmother head outside. They want Nicol to think he still has control of Naiva, but since it will really be Baishya standing there, she'll be free to carry out the plan.

Somehow, this plan works. Yasova convinces Nicol Bolas that the magical artifact that was going to trap him on Tarkir is still here, and is now active, and Ugin is going to win, even though he's dead. This infuriates Nicol Bolas and forces him to flee, lest he become stuck here next to Ugin's grave.

As he leaves he triggers an avalanche meant to bury Yasova, but Baishya is able to use her magic to create a protective barrier, mirroring her actions way back in episode one.

So we've come full circle. Ugin will remain safe and protected within the hedron cocoon, Yasova and her grandkids will live to see another day, and ultimately nothing has really changed in the Magic multiverse.

We now know Ugin really did die and bring himself back to life like a Star Wars force ghost. There was no clever Fight Club style twist, just two versions of the same story, with the truth being probably somewhere in the middle of them.

And Nicol Bolas is still out there, still planning his next move, and seems to have his eyes set on Ravnica, as we'll experience this October.

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