This past Wednesday the Magic Online Cube returned, allowing everyone to draft all of Magic's high-powered goodness! So that's exactly what Melissa and I did.

We're big fans of the Cube and when it's available on Magic Online, we always want to do a few videos with it because it shows up so infrequently. You guys seem to have responded favorably to these types of drafts in the past, and considering my Limited content is so sparse, I hope you guys will enjoy these.

The current iteration of the Cube can be found here. As you can see, there isn't any "power" in the Cube this time around, like Moxes, Black Lotus, or Time Walk, but it's still quite powerful; afterall, that's the entire point of the Cube.

Let's take a look at the draft itself, then we'll talk about what was going on!

Magic Online Cube Draft #4 - Draft

Magic Online Cube Draft #4 - Round 1

Magic Online Cube Draft #4 - Round 2

Magic Online Cube Draft #4 - Round 3

Okay, I'm never sure how to present the drafts because they're a little unique. It's hard to give straight up "drafting" advice, because unlike doing, say, a Theros draft, the advice won't be applicable outside of Magic Online Cube drafts specifically. One thing we could do is discuss the picks we made or the viability of the strategies that we explore within the Cube.

Another thing I hope is that by seeing how awesome the Cube is, you guys might be compelled to build your own, because they're a pretty awesome investment.

Nevertheless, there are a few key strategies that can be implemented within the Cube; or rather cards that can be built around. Specifically cards like Tinker, Sneak Attack, Show and Tell, Eureka, stuff like that. There are others, but these are some of the most powerful. Recurring Nightmare and Survival of the Fittest are also a thing that can be backbreaking in conjunction with one another.

Reanimation is also a viable strategy. As you can see we ended up not only passing a good deal of reanimation stuff (including a misclick in the first pack, taking an unplayable-in-our-deck Moment's Peace over a Necromancy), but we also ended up getting a good deal of it in our final deck, including the Modern staple Unburial Rites / Gifts Ungiven combination. We even managed to Reanimate Kozilek, Butcher of Truth once despite his "shuffle him back into your library" clause, thanks to the instant speed of Makeshift Mannequin. Entomb also lent itself to this strategy, and we had no problem reanimating something as tiny as a Baleful Strix in order to draw a free card and trade with a dude.

Two of the pitfalls we've noticed are found in Show and Tell and Eureka. I might have mentioned it before, but we actually actively avoid these cards; it has never worked out for us every time we cast them. For example, in a recent draft our opponent played Eureka. He probably thought he was going to end up way ahead after putting Iona, Shield of Emeria into play. But he didn't. We ended up putting a Restoration Angel (which blinked our Thragtusk), a Mirari's Wake, and a Dungeon Geists into play (which tapped his Iona for the remainder of the game). The lesson is that you don't have to have something huge and monstrous to keep up with Show and Tell and Eureka. You just have to have something to deal with their huge and monstrous thing, and in the Cube, this can be as little as a Control Magic - a card we also ended up having and later stole his Iona with, making sure that now he couldn't cast any green spells.

We can't seem to stay away from Esper decks, or rather base blue and white decks. Often these decks are accompanied by black, however. While cards like Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Cryptic Command, Fact or Fiction, Treachery, Stoneforge Mystic, and Bitterblossom are some of my favorite cards ever, I can't have such Tunnel Vision as to unjustly think they're also some of the best cards in the Cube, right? That can't just be me personally liking those cards, can it? Either way, every time we get a late pick Treachery, or someone passes us a fourth pick Consecrated Sphinx, I wonder if I'm truly alone in the world.

Either way, we were really pleased with the way this deck turned out, and I think the results speak for themselves. I love any format where you can run a deck with Karn Liberated, Griselbrand, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, and Sphinx's Revelation, and realistically cast any of them within your matches. I'm not sure how it could get any better than that.

That's about all I have for this week. If you guys like what you see, I highly recommend you give a Magic Online Cube draft a try, or pick up some cards from TCGplayer and build your own! They're just as fun in real life! Thanks for watching and I'll catch you later this week as I tackle another Chromanticore list.

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