With the magic Online release of Dragons of Tarkir another few weeks away and the Magic Online Legacy Cube up and running, I asked what you guys would prefer today: Modern videos or Cube videos. I got more replies for Cube than otherwise, so here we are!

The Legacy Cube on Magic Online has been changed quite a bit since its last iteration. You can find all of the changes and their justifications at this link. A lot of people have openly criticized the new vampire theme, as it's fairly underpowered when compared to the rest of the Cube and its strategies, but the good thing about the Cube is that it's around for a while, then it goes away, then it comes back again and it can be completely different. The possibility for change is constant.

Alright, well, with Cube being one of my favorite formats ever, let's dive in and see how things go!

Legacy Cube Draft - Draft

Legacy Cube Draft - Round 1

Legacy Cube Draft - Round 2

Legacy Cube Draft - Round 3

So we basically went in wanting to be blue. I think blue is one of the most powerful colors in the cube, but unfortunately we didn't really have any great blue options. What we did have was a pretty powerful sweeper, and the other white cards seemed to be coming quite freely. Luckily white is a great color to pair with blue and things seemed to work out in the first round.

While it was unfortunate we couldn't pair ourselves with a third color - we had a ton of black fixing, and I would have loved to play something like that Prophetic Bolt or the Mystic Snake - I think our deck was much more streamlined for only being two colors and it wasn't really lacking any of the key components of successful Cube decks like removal or solid finishers. In fact we had a ton of both.

The second round was pretty unfortunate. We misclicked in game one, and while we definitely lost game two handily, I think we would have had a chance in game three; although I did enjoy our opponent's deck. Any deck with Mystic Snake is okay with me. Misclicking is the unfortunate nature of magic Online, and I accept that. I've also been on the beneficial end of a misclick before; it happens. The thing I was most disappointed over in that match was the fact that I barely got to "play" Magic. This wasn't my opponent's fault, but a lot of older cards and strategies used to revolve around denying the opponent the ability to actually interact, such as Opposition, Stasis, etc. This is why, when you try to play games in the casual rooms on Magic Online, you might often find players with things like "no land destruction" or "no discard" in the game descriptions.

One of the most frustrating things you can do in a game of Magic is denying your opponent the ability to play the game with you, despite the fact that doing so is often a legal and powerful strategy. Luckily Wizards has seen that, psychologically, players enjoy their spells being countered and discarded and their lands being destroyed much less than if a player was able to cast a creature, and have it subsequently killed. This is why cards like Stone Rain and Mind Twist no longer see print; in the right deck, I would put Opposition in the same category of oppressive strategies. Ironically I lost another round to Opposition again that same night in a real life Cube Draft against Glenn Jones, but that's another story.

Round three we didn't even feel like a control deck. We were able to deal with his creatures pretty efficiently in both games, followed by some pretty sweet win condition including an 8/8 Wake Thrasher and a trio of Gray Merchant of Asphodels.

This series of videos highlights the exact reasons I love to not only play the Legacy Cube on Magic Online, but also why I choose to play Swiss, and the answer is the same for both: anything can happen. Your opponent can lock you out of the game with a hugely powerful strategy or destroy you on turn three; or your control deck can take on a completely different form as you win in a quick fourteen minutes. It's often said that when you Cube Draft, you aren't building a Limited deck, but rather a Constructed one and I love being able to share videos (and playing Cube matches) that help to emphasize that.

Well, that's all I have for today. I'll be back on Thursday with my Top 10 Sleepers from Dragons of Tarkir, and if you want some more Magic Online Cube action, be sure to check out my daily stream on Twitch TV! Thanks for reading and I'll see ya then!

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