This is a Boros Devotion deck that I have been playing around with since Journey into Nyx came online on Magic Online. This deck draws some inspiration from the Tomoharu Saito version (again from his prolific Twitter account) but more on what Thea Steele played to the Top 8 of one of last year's StarCity Invitationals.


The main additions to the strategy are Prophetic Flamespeaker and Iroas, God of Victory. That three-into-four can help ensure Prophetic Flamespeaker gets in...and then we can only assume that anything and everything we imagine can and will occur. Huzzah.

The main cut is Frostburn Weird. I never really loved-loved that card in the decks where it seemed forced; and Boros Devotion smelled like one of those to me. It might very well be the case that Frostburn Weird ultimately belongs, but for our isn't present.

This deck is often the beatdown, but not always. It is a heavy mana deck with some "Tinker"-like elements (there will be a fair number of matchups over the course of the day where your Stormbreath Dragon is the most expensive thing in either deck). But generally speaking, you use your creatures to soften him up...and then? BAM! Fanatic of Mogis!

We're in game two. We had our first game stolen by infinite Witchstalkers. Sadly, we didn't draw our Fanatic of Mogis this game...


Here's how it looks on turn six:


Temple of Plenty (untapped)
Temple of Abandon (tapped)
Temple Garden (tapped)
Temple Garden (tapped)

Fiendslayer Paladin (untapped) wearing a freshly-cast Unflinching Courage.

He has 18 life and three cards in hand.

The only card in his graveyard is a Gladecover Scout.


Mountain (untapped)
Mountain (untapped)
Mountain (untapped)
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (untapped)
Sacred Foundry (untapped)

Stormbreath Dragon
Purphoros, God of the Forge

16 life with these cards in hand:
Iroas, God of Victory
Stormbreath Dragon
Boros Charm

We have one card in the graveyard: Anger of the Gods.

Basically we went first, he ran a Gladecover Scout; we blew it up with Anger of the Gods.

He played Fiendslayer Paladin, got us once and played Unflinching Courage...

But we ran Purphoros, God of the Forge and tinged him once with our first Stormbreath Dragon, but left it home last turn.

Now we have (at least) another Stormbreath Dragon!

It's our sixth turn and we haven't played a land yet.

The challenge: Play your sixth turn. Why did you do that?

As usual with Make the Play Monday, the question is open to the TCGplayer community to answer. Go ahead and answer in the comments below.

On Flores Rewards Friday we will draw to winners from the comments below. One of them that agrees with Yours Truly, and one who agrees with the week's Celebrity Guest. Each of those two winners will receive $25 in store credit.

Sound great?

What's even better is just walking through the individual plays that make up games of competitive Magic: The Gathering. I don't always make the right play, meaning I don't always agree with the Celebrity Guest...but I feel like it's really fun and worthwhile for me personally to walk through some of these situational decision making opportunities.

Hopefully you like it, too.


(What are you waiting for?)