A certain someone near and dear to all our hearts just aced a huge TCGplayer.com $5k with this nice and different Weapon of Choice:


Gotta say there are some things I dislike about this deck. Two things kind of pop out, actually...and they're both Mana Confluence.

I don't mind Mana Confluence in some decks. It's a great card to play in beatdown decks like Naya Auras, where either you have the Unflinching Courage to dig you out of conditional life loss or your deck is fast enough to splatter the opponent before those self-inflicted wounds paper cut you a point at a time.

But here?

I've already had some situations where I had to tap my Mana Confluence early for permission, then kind of had a one life point tax the rest of my game. Not insurmountable, but definitely in the category of general dislike.

But otherwise...

Such a cool deck!

This deck has more angles than an MC Escher woodcut.

● The midrange / ramp-y angle. You can start on Sylvan Caryatid to roll into Courser of Kruphix + a land (and hopefully off the top), or just run a strong third turn card. Either Advent of the Wurm or one of the powerful Planeswalkers.
Advent of the Wurm! Bringing this card back in a Bant shell gives anyone playing a year ago some interesting memories of Snapcaster Mage. I like that Advent of the Wurm gives you not only a surprise(!) way of dealing with incoming attackers but also a wide open lane to fill with an on-demand Planeswalker assault.
● Speaking of Planeswalkers... That's what this deck is set up to do! You can play a really diverse, multi-layered offense where everybody is accumulating Loyalty. Kiora and Jace can blunt the attack while Elspeth is accumulating advantages.
● It's not predictable. Dissolve backup too?
AEtherling - The deck is full of enchantments, various Planeswalkers, etc. but AEtherling is there to clean up any leftover messes.

Rapid Hybridization - There is little more satisfying than saving your dude from removal...especially when you have so few dudes to begin with! Particularly good with your other tokens (because if you have a U open, it's unlikely you're saving AEtherling this way).

There are probably other reasons to think this one is super cool; those are just the ones off the top of my noggin.

Here is one more deck, with a hell of a pilot, knocking over the misguided notion that Standard is totally solved. Though we've seen other Bant decks -- in this column even -- the combination of light creatures, focus on the battlefield, and high-end threats really scratches a variety of itches.




So here's our question -- bearing on this Bant Super Best Friends deck, of course...

We kept a two-lander and got there for third turn Courser of Kruphix.

Our top card was a Sphinx's Revelation or a Detention Sphere or something. Not a land. Maybe the next one down was a land? We'll never know as Courser bit it to Abrupt Decay prior to being able to get us a land.

We missed our next drop and ran out Sylvan Caryatid to try to catch back up.

He played a pair of Fleecemane Lions. Holy Patrick Chapin!

We could have handled this a variety of ways, but chose to get the short-term two-for-one offered by Detention Sphere. It is clear we had to do something as the number of answers to a Monstrous Fleecemane Lion in our deck aren't exactly plentiful. But we didn't want to pop Supreme Verdict at the time (for fear of our own, poor, Sylvan Caryatid).

Now it is turn six.

Our opponent spent his last turn showing us yet another Abrupt Decay, freeing both of his Fleecemane Lions + sweetening the deal with an Eidolon of Countless Battles (currently a pretty impressive 4/4 for three).

We've just drawn Temple of Plenty. After missing our fourth land drop once, we've been okay with land pulls, thankfully. Our hand is pretty good with...

Advent of the Wurm
Sphinx's Revelation
Sphinx's Revelation
Supreme Verdict
Temple of Plenty

So how do we play this turn?

Play all of turn six, indicating what mana you would tap for whatever you plan to do.

For Reference:

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