YCS Toronto and YCS Rimini are in the record books, and the Yugiverse is bracing for the new format! With Regional Qualifiers set to kick off here in North America this Saturday, now's a great time to look at which cards are selling the most copies here in the TCGplayer marketplace.

On Friday we saw the fallout of the new F&L List. Announced Wednesday evening, the big reveal made an immediate impact as Gold Sarcophagus leapt into the Top 10 and the surprisingly unrestricted Card of Demise went straight to Number 1. Meanwhile fan interest in the Level 10 Train cards and Cyber Angels held strong, with lots of cards related to the Cyber Angel strategy price spiking throughout the week. While Cyber Angel Benten sold out, Cyber Angel Idaten and Ritual Sanctuary became even more popular; meanwhile Saffira, Queen of Dragons jumped past the $5 mark, and Herald of Perfection rocketed to fifteen bucks.

Soul Charge continued its reign off its Ultra Rare reprint in Dragons of Legend: Unleashed, while Mirage Dragon' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon">Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon and the surprise of the week, Number 59: Crooked Cook, both made the Top 10 cut.

So what cards held their demand, which slipped, and what kind of surprises did we see in the last four days? Let's examine the bestselling cards from the Friday to this morning to find out.

#10: Cyber Angel Dakini

With hype continuing to build for Cyber Angels, and Cyber Angel Idaten and Cyber Angel Benten both topping the sales charts in the past week, it was only a matter of time before the Level 8 Cyber Angel boss monster would break into the Top 10. While Cyber Angel Dakini doesn't appear so ubiquitously in Cyber Angel variants, it's still a pretty well-designed card that offers non-targeting removal and serves as an instant +2 if it survives the turn it's Summoned; or a +3 if it manages to run something over.

Not too shabby.


#9: Metalfoes Combination

Metalfoes, back in the Top 10 after their conspicuous absence last week!

While the Metalfoes Pendulum Monsters are no longer the kings of the sales charts as they were in the time between The Dark Illusion and Dragons of Legend: Unleashed, Metalfoes Combination managed to slip into the Top 10 once again, after the Deck put in some successful Feature Match showings at YCS Toronto. While Combination's usually played as a 1-of in the OCG, there's been a move here in the TCG toward playing two copies, and that might've been a factor in the card's spike of popularity.


#8: Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora

Sort of like a Rank 10 Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy, Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora can be the finishing blow for the Train deck. Played in tandem with Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max, the two cards can swiftly deal game damage off a pair of Xyz Summons; Super Dora can protect your push when you're on the attack, or ward off disruption on your opponent's turn to ensure a second shot from Gustav Max.

The hype train – har har – isn't slowing down any time soon, with not one but two more cards for the Level 10 Train theme topping the bestseller list over the weekend. More on those in a moment.


#7: The Eye of Timaeus

The reprint of The Eye of Timaeus was one of the most hotly anticipated releases from DRL3, and while it's on a declining price trend, the new Ultra Rare version is still maintaining an average Market Price of about $4.50. Supply's pretty steady on this one, but demand is keeping pace, so it's a pretty solid entry to today's list.


#6: Cyber Angel Benten

Formerly Number 1 on the charts a week ago, Cyber Angel Benten continues to sell out and it's hugging the $10 mark for its available list price, with a rising Market Price above $7. The clutch search card for the Cyber Angel theme, its ability to grab everything from Herald of Perfection to Archlord Kristya's makes it wildly useful, and sets up the Cyber Angels to work with a slew of other themes and individual monsters.

Cyber Angel Benten probably would've moved more copies over the weekend if there were more on offer, but with the sellouts coming thick and fast and nobody having stock to keep up, Number 6 is as good as it was going to get the past four days in the TCGplayer marketplace.


#5: Ruffian Railcar

Holding onto its Number 5 position from Friday, Ruffian Railcar continues its long ride as the Elemental Hero Stratos of the Train theme, searching out key cards like Rocket Arrow Express and Snow Plow Hustle Rustle. A must-run with Revolving Switchyard, Ruffian Railcar serves as a bit of burn damage, an aggressive attacker that can push your opponent beneath functional thresholds, and a sequenced search effect that combos with some of your best cards.


#4: Cyber Angel Idaten

Where Cyber Angel Benten goes, Cyber Angel Idaten usually follows, and while the card was in rich supply up to its Top 10 debut on Friday's Market Watch, it's getting closer and closer to a sellout four days later.

Idaten's still clocking an average Market Price under $2, but very few copies are left in the marketplace and it could hit a decent bump in value over the next week. It'll be interesting to see where this one goes in the time between today, and our next Market Watch on Friday


#3: Soul Charge

Soul Charge: still available as an Ultra Rare for a lower price than its original Super Rare printing, still Limited, and still a really hot pick as the card remains in the Top 3 for the third Market Watch and counting.

Soul Charge is huge in Blue-Eyes White Dragon decks, the Ultra Rare reprint is its highest rarity yet, and it's still easier on the wallet than the foil original; that's all led to continued demand.


#2: Bahamut Shark

A new entry to the Top 10, there are no mysteries as to why the prodigal Rank 4 has returned to prominence. With an ability that Special Summons up to two Rank 3 or lower Water Xyz from your Extra Deck across two turns, Bahamut Shark can unleash the upcoming Treatoad, bringing the powerful control card to decks like Mermails, Gishki, Nekroz, and anything else that has the two Level 4 Water monsters needed for Bahamut's Materials.

Since Treatoad's easily one of the most anticipated cards from November's Invasion: Vengeance, and since it effectively turns Bahamut Shark into a +2 by negating your opponent's cards, plus the chance to dish out more damage in 2200 ATK packages, suddenly Bahamut Shark is looking like a massive threat in upcoming strategies.

The Infinite Gold reprint is still available in deep supply for less than a buck a pop, but the Secret Rare version from Abyss Rising has sold out repeatedly, and though its average Market Price is just over $6 the only available copies as of this writing would cost you more than $20 after shipping. With the Gold Rare versions seemingly undervalued, and supply suddenly disappearing, Bahamut Shark could become a pretty big money card if demand continues.


#1: Night Express Knight

And finally, up from Number 3 last Monday and Number 2 on Friday, Night Express Knight is finally in the conductor's seat at Number 1! Still hugging the $2 mark in its Market Price the past few days, Night Express Knight could easily start selling out this week, and if that happens it may come to match the price of other marquee Ultra Rares from DRL3, like The Eye of Timaeus at five to six dollars.

On Friday I expressed some doubt about how long the Train hype was going to last, but it's only gotten stronger across the board with Night Express Knight capturing the top-selling position for the weekend, and two more companion cards making the Top 10. You sure showed me, Train players.

You sure showed me.


What else did we see. After a successful Top Cut showing in Alex Vansant's Monarch deck this weekend at YCS Toronto, The Despair Uranus moved in huge numbers, albeit to a niche audience of buyers. Number 45: Crumble Logos the Prophet of Demolition and True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher put in similar showings; they were hot picks for prospectors looking to grab dozens of copies on the cheap.

Machine Angel Ritual, Cyber Petit Angel, Ritual Sanctuary and Pre-Preparation of Rites all sold in droves, just skirting the Top 10, with Pre-Prep finally hitting a price spike after all those weeks where it remained in the Top 5 bestselling cards a month or two ago; that card's average Market Price is still about $1.50, but the lowest available price is now more like $5.50. Keep an eye on it this week.

Meanwhile Metalfoes saw more sales off their success at YCS Toronto, with three of their four Pendulum Monsters just barely making the Top 25. Metalfoes Volflame, Metalfoes Goldriver, and Metalfoes Silverd all made it, and it's fair to assume Metalfoes Steelen was just outside the Top 25 as well.

That's it for now, but join us again on Friday to see what happens this week, as we brace for the arrival of the 2016 Mega-Tins and Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh later this month. Will all those price spikes remain? Will Trains keep packin' em in? And will Cyber Angels continue to put in big numbers. We'll answer those questions and more in another four days.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer