Welcome back to another Friday Market Watch, where we count down the bestselling singles in the TCGplayer marketplace for the past four days. Why? To show YOU ongoing deck trends, reactions to new releases, and player responses to breaking news overseas, as reflected in real sales data from over a thousand active Yu-Gi-Oh! sellers.

It's pretty sweet.

Last week we saw big trends continuing to dominate, with three D/D monsters in the Top 10, two Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards making the cut, and more big sales numbers for Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. We also saw a new surge of interest in Shiranui Solitaire, with Zombies seeing Regional success; Bottomless Trap Hole, thanks to a revived interest in traps and Traptrix Rafflesia; as well as Majespecter Tornado, since Majespecter variants had an absolutely huge weekend.

The last two weeks of Regional Qualifiers generated a ton of information; a grand total of TWENTY Regionals were hosted in North America alone. That meant a lot of info flew under the radar, manifesting in the past four days instead of having an immediate impact on Monday.

But boy, did it ever manifest. A bunch of Regional results combined with news about upcoming releases in the TCG and OCG to make for some surprising bestsellers, and we're going to kick off the Top 10 this week with a familiar face that once occupied the Number 1 spot.

#10: Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow

While Monarchs have faded from competition, Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow's still wildly popular in Metalfoes and Dark Synchros, both of which saw Regional Top 8 finishes in the first two weeks of the format. Metalfoes snuck in some Top 8 showings both weekends, and while I'm only aware of one Dark Synchro deck that's Top 8'd so far, we'll likely see more once Regional Qualifiers pick up again in October.

In addition, a variety of strategies are splashing Synchros solely on the strength of Gofu, while variants of decks like Phantom Knights and Heroes are starting to experiment with it and finding success as well.

Gofu's one of the most flexible cards in The Dark Illusion; it's been a staple of our Market Watch Top 10's since it was released, and it's only new product news and new releases that bumped it down to Number 10 this week.


#9: Obelisk the Tormentor

Fresh off a big reprint in the 2016 Mega-Tins, Obelisk the Tormentor is one of the most iconic cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, and its re-release as an easy-to-get Secret Rare has driven a lot of lapsed players back into the game on the weight of sheer nostalgia. While many of those prodigal duelists grabbed Mega-Tins, those are becoming scarce to impossible to find in many areas, and that drove up demand for singles copies.


#8: Majespecter Tornado

Majespecters were HUGE last weekend, something I didn't observe in time for the Market Watch on Monday, where we first saw Majespecter Tornado hit the Top 10.

We've added dozens of Regional Top Cut decks to the deck archive over the past week, and now you can see tons of different Majespecter variants that outlasted their competition: pure Majespecters; Majespecter Metalfoes; Demise Majespecters; Draco Majespecter Metalfoes; Majespecter Pendulum Magicians; Majespecter Odd-Eyes; Draco Majespecter Performapals; and Majespecter Performage Magicians all made Top 8 showings, wildly outpacing expectations.

Many of those decks played Majespecter Tornado, and some of their pilots preferred Tornado over Majespecter Tempest – once the handsdown pick of the two Majespecter-stamped traps. Tornado might've slipped a couple spots from Number 6 on Monday to Number 8 today, but it's still an undisputed winner for the week, and strong sales numbers suggest this is just the beginning as more duelists pick up their Majespecter cards.


#7: Toon Dark Magician

Everything Dark Magician is hot right now, with the 2016 Mega-Tins feeding nostalgia and the upcoming Legendary Decks II bringing us Eternal Soul. While that meant a Top 10 spot for good ol' regular Dark Magician on Monday, it's translated in part to Toon Dark Magician – a fascinating and promising cards all on its own – making the Number 7 spot this week.


#6: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

One look at the deck archive reveals that Blue-Eyes is fast becoming the deck-to-beat, and once again, that meant huge sales numbers for the OG original, tremendously accessible thanks to the 2016 Mega-Tins.


#5: Igknight Templar

Was this all because of Igknight Unite? The new Igknight support card from Invasion of Venom had an immediate impact on the TCG marketplace when it was first announced back in June, but hasn't seen much discussion since. While Invasion: Vengeance is drawing near, the set's still many weeks away, which makes me think there's another factor at work here.

Shout it out in the comments if you know the answer, because right now I don't have a clue.


#4: D/D Savant Thomas

D/D's saw a bit more success in Week 2 Regional Qualifiers, and it was enough to keep D/D Savant Thomas in the Top 5, down from the Number 1 spot on Monday. We're seeing several high-finishing players actually bumping this card to three per deck, and while that choice is debatable, a ton of players are eager to get their copies now before the new Structure Deck hits in January.

Whether they're playing D/D's immediately or not is certainly up in the air, but with more documented successes now available for netdecking, study, and revision, it shouldn't surprise you if a few D/D decks pop up at your locals in the coming weeks.


#3: Aratama

Early cards for the new Esprit theme were previewed earlier this week in the latest V-JUMP Magazine in Japan, revealing a new tribe of monsters uniting the Ritual and Spirit themes.

Esprit Lord – Hikokujaku is one of the coolest Rituals we've seen in ages, backed by Esprit Calling, effectively a Miracle Fusion type card; Esprit Bird – Kannagi Tsuru offers big synergy with it, drawing you through your deck and pushing out damage as well a s free Materials for bigger Summons; and Esprit Healing's a killer control card on both defense and attack.

We saw huge enthusiasm for the Esprits the moment they broke on sites like The Organization. Aratama's been a three-of staple for all competitive Spirit decks in the past and has obvious uses in the as-of-yet-not-fully-revealed Esprit deck, so it's no surprise that it was bought up in droves this week. Right now supply is deep on the TCGplayer marketplace, but it's fair to note that the card's experiencing an upward Price Trend anyways.


#2: Breakthrough Skill

The resurgence in the use of trap cards continued to have more impact this week, as Breakthrough Skill suddenly surged all the way to Number 2. With several mill-driven decks promising a widening impact on competition over the coming weeks, the mix of factors contributing to the spike of interest here were really no surprise, though the sheer volume of Breakthrough Skills sold was hefty.


#1: Paleozoic Anomalocaris

And finally, the big star of the week was none other than a crazy underdog pick, Paleozoic Anomalocaris! Why were Paleozoics so huge? Good question.

First up, while the Paleozoics debuted as World Premiere cards in Korean releases of Clash of Rebellions and Dimension of Chaos, and we only have half of the theme so far in the TCG, Japanese territories just got them all in Extra Pack 2016. That suggests we could easily see the remaining cards in our Invasion: Vengeance release in November. There's been some hubbub recently about Paleozoics in notable tournaments, namely YCS Toronto, but there were also some rulings confusion there that allowed the deck to perform better than it should have. Regardless, the cards are seeing discussion and may be released imminently.

If we do see the remaining Paleozoics as OCG imports in Invasion: Vengeance, then that set's release of Treatoad also has a tremendous impact on demand for Paleozoic cards; the full-blown Paleozoic deck happens to be really good at making double Treatoad openings and then pressing for a win from there, and we've seen Treatoad make waves in the TCGplayer marketplace before – it's arguably the most-anticipated card from the set.

That all added up to big hype and big sales for Paleozoics, centered on the deck's current Xyz star: Paleozoic Anomalocaris. It's doubtful the enthusiasm will last long enough to become a trend, but for now it demonstrates a clear set of expectations and hopes for the next big booster set.


Beyond the clear-cut Top 10 we didn't see many big trends this week, as niche interests drove a wide assortment of sales across the board. Former chart-topper D/D/D Flame King Genghis clocked in at Number 11, but from there the market was all over the place; a variety of conflicting removal cards and Side Deck choices showed that there's no consensus yet about which approaches are superior in the new format.

That's it for this week, but tune in Monday as we see more fall-out from Regionals in North America, as well potential impacts from YCS Mexico City and the Legendary Local Duelist Series overseas.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer