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Upcoming release news about Raging Tempest might have been the biggest factor guiding trends in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week, but continued enthusiasm for Different Dimension Demons as well as a shaky-at-best rumor from across the seas both had their say as well.

This is our Friday Market Watch, where we count down the bestselling single cards of the last four days, from Monday to Friday morning. There's some exciting stuff this time around – even more than usual! – so let's get to it!

#10: SPYRAL Resort

SPYRAL cards moved in big numbers this week with the reveal of new material from Raging Tempest: SPYRAL Tough, SPYGAL Misty, SPYRAL MISSION – Recapture, and SPYRAL GEAR – Handy Cable impressed the dueling public, enough to place SPYRAL Resort at Number 10 in our countdown. The essential, repeatable search card is the lynchpin of the current SPYRAL strategy and will continue in that role moving forward once there are more great monsters to search. It's especially relevant since Misty requires one of the other two Agents to work.

Meanwhile SPYRAL MISSION – Assault clocked in at Number 12, and despite shortages in the TCGplayer Marketplace, SPYRAL Super Agent sold enough copies to take the Number 13 Position.

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#9: Symphonic Warrior Basses

The confirmation of Symphonic Warrior Guitarrs, Symphonic Warrior Sizerrs, and Symphonic Warrior Miccs kicked up demand for Symphonic Warrior Basses this week, and even put Symphonic Warrior Drumss at Number 17. The addition of the Pendulum Summoning mechanic to the TCG Symphonic Warrior roster opens up a lot of new possibilities, while Sizerrs' search, summon, and mimicry effects offer a ton of redundancy.

That moved units.

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#8: Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel

Still fresh from its release in Movie Pack: Gold Edition, the lynchpin Cubic monster managed to hit the Top 10 yet again, despite no notable applications on the horizon.

#7: Ultimaya Tzolkin

With the much-hyped Sea Monster of Theseus revealed to be a Level 5 Tuner Fusion Monster, playable with Instant Fusion, there was an immediate run on Ultimaya Tzolkin.

Make no Mistake, Theseus is going to wind up an absolute must-own card, and will likely land Instant Fusion on the Limited or even Forbidden List at some point. But for now, one of the best uses for it will be as the Tuner half of a Tzolkin Summon, bringing one of the biggest Synchro Summoning tricks in the game to a wealth of strategies that couldn't really support the short list of alternatives. Anything with Level 5's – or even just Brilliant Fusion for Gem-Knight Seraphinite – it set to get a whole lot better.

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#6: D/D/D Flame King Genghis

Different Dimension Demons appear to have missed Regional Top 8's in their first weekend out. That might've been because players overcompensated, packing lots of answers to the strategy. Or it might've been a function of the low number of Regional Qualifiers held in North America last week. Regardless, the stumble out of the gates feels like a disappointment for what's potentially one of the hardest-hitting, most consistent strategies today.

But just like we saw on Monday, those initial results did almost nothing to slow demand for the deck's most important cards. D/D/D Flame King Genghis has been hanging out around the middle of our Top 10 countdowns since the beginning of the year, and it's stuck that position again this week, even as news of the weekend's tournament results continued to spread.

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#5: D/D Swirl Slime

The combo-building D/D Swirl Slime fell a spot from Number 4 to Number 5 this week, which is in no way drastic, especially considering the sheer number of players that must already have their Swirl Slimes after weeks of high sales. I would've expected worse, myself.

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#4: D/D Necro Slime

Necro Slime experienced a similar slip, from Number 2 to Number 4, again for the same reason: as much as the lack of the two Slime cards in Pendulum Domination built demand, that spike of interest can't last forever and the high accessibility of both Commons makes an eventual downtrend inevitable.

Personally I wouldn't have thought that demand would've lasted this long after a largely disappointing first weekend for the strategy.

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#3: Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju

Interrupted Kaiju Slumber and related Kaiju monsters have been incredibly popular lately due in large part to their now-common use as a complete engine in the OCG. And with Raging Tempest drawing near we've seen that popularity building.

So many players already own Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju, so this feels like a simple market correction as duelists update their collections. But if you think there was something else at work here, let us know down in the comments!

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#2: D/D Savant Thomas

Once again, D/D Savant Thomas was the top-selling card from the Different Dimension Demon roster, being a must-run card that was never reprinted after its initial offering in The Dark Illusion. D/D/D Gust King Alexander narrowly missed the Top 10 at Number 11, and D/D/D Oracle King d'Arc came in at Number 14; Different Dimension Demons were once again the biggest sellers in the TCGplayer Marketplace for another full week.

Sort of…

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#1: Ancient Leaf

They WERE outsold by this thing. An almost hilariously unfounded internet rumor this week suggested that Yu-Gi-Oh! would move from 8,000 starting LP to a 12,000 LP format as a new standard. Some people chose to believe that based on a smattering of other predictions allegedly made by the same source, and the result was a giant mess of debate and crazy sales of Ancient Leaf, pushing it to an average Market Price of over $4.50.

The logic was that Ancient Leaf would become a new three-of must-run Pot of Greed. But that would require the rumor to be true, and it would require Konami to take no action to restrict Ancient Leaf, despite the fact that Pot of Greed is Forbidden and letting players run three copies of it would be obviously unhealthy for the game.

But enough people believed in both of those premises to sell through a ton of Ancient Leafs! I don't think we'll be seeing this one back in the Top 10 on Monday.

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And speaking of Monday, that's it for this week! We'll see you then. In the mean time there are only three Regional Qualifiers scheduled for the next couple days in North America, with Yu-Gi-Oh! Day events being held at roughly 400 Official Tournament Stores. It's going to be another sparse week for Regional results.

What do you think? Will Ancient Leaf still be a top-seller by Monday? Will demand persist for Different Dimension Demons? And if not, what will take the place of those cards at the top of the heap.

We'll find out, after the weekend.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer