The Machine Reactor and Dinosmasher's Fury Structure Decks arrived on Friday, and to no one's surprise, cards from and related to the two Structures took basically every spot on our Top 10 Countdown, as we tallied the bestselling cards from Friday morning to today.

Perhaps the big surprise was that despite the tremendous interest in True King Dinosaurs, the new Ancient Gear cards managed to take four of the Top 10 spots. Whether that will translate into actual table time in competitive tournaments is up in the air, but the sales numbers were huge; we may actually see Ancient Gears back in competition, at least in locals and Regionals.

Meanwhile results from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Bogota Colombia are still largely trickling out of that event, making it a relative non-factor for today's Market Watch. If some powerful tech emerges from that tournament we'll likely see it make an impact in Friday's Market Watch rather than here.

But for now it's all Dinosaurs and Ancient Gears all the time.! Let's look at the latest Top 10 countdown.

#10: Ancient Gear Hunting Hound

No surprise here: Ancient Gear Hunting Hound's a powerful Fusion enabler for what's now become a Fusion-forward strategy, offering strong card economy by rolling Polymerization and a Fusion Material into one card. Given the sheer volume of Fusion Materials some of the new Ancient Gear monsters demand, grifting card economy is a big deal.

Add in 600 points of burn damage for free with a decent 1000 ATK, and it's easy to see why Ancient Gear Hunting Hound's seen play in OCG builds. It's a clear buy for anyone interested in the strategy as it was printed in Raging Tempest, not Machine Reactor, and many players never picked up their copies until now.

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#9: Ancient Gear Reborn

Ancient Gear Reborn may be a bit slow for competition, but that didn't stop players from seeing potential in its renewable revival effect. It's very situational, since you need to set it as a trap before you can activate it, and it only works when your field's cleared. But it offers tremendous chump block potential that could compensate for its lack of speed, and fuels your Fusion Summons with more free plusses under the right conditions.

Will it see play in Regional-level Ancient Gear decks? I think that's debatable, but since it wasn't included in the Machine Reactor Structure Deck it got a bit of a push in singles sales demand.

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#8: Evolzar Dolkka

After claiming the Number 5 spot last week in our Friday Market Watch, Evolzar Dolkka held the attention of Dinosaur enthusiasts through the weekend. Dolkka hasn't seen a reprint for nearly five years, and even the Collector's Tin Super Rare version is almost seven bucks now. Supply's relatively low in the TCGplayer Marketplace, though a handful of sellers still have big quantities and are keeping the price from inflating even further.

#####CARDID= 10972 #####

#7: Babycerasaurus

Unlike the last few cards on this list, Babycerasaurus was reprinted in Dinosmasher's Fury, but its key roll as a three-of that fuels your most important combos kept it in high demand.

#####CARDID= 5139 #####

#6: Ancient Gear Howitzer

A Fusion of just two Materials, Ancient Gear Howitzer is the most accessible of the Ancient Gear Fusion Monsters and easy to make with an assist from Ancient Gear Hunting Hound. Burning the opponent for 1000 damage, it unleashes the biggest Ancient Gears from your deck off a successful kamikaze attack, and its jumbo-sized recruiting ability forces out removal effects if your opponent's got them.

It's a surprisingly annoying card to deal with on a routine basis, and that makes it a frequent three-of.

#####CARDID= 21185 #####

#5: Petiteranodon

Like Babycerasaurus, Petiteranodon exists to be fed to destruction effects to facilitate Special Summons in the True King Dinosaur deck. Unlike Babycerasaurus, it can grab Level 4's or giant high-Level monsters, provided you don't mind delaying that monster's attack for a turn.

Both monsters are must-runs for all Dinosaur variants moving forward; both fuel True King Lithosagym, the Disaster; and True King Dinos simply wouldn't exist without both cards. Petiteranodon's one of the reasons to pick up Dinosmasher's Fury, and if you're not going to, you need to grab a playset on the singles market. It's not surprising to see it crack the Top 5.

#####CARDID= 21580 #####

#4: Souleating Oviraptor

Equally important, Souleating Oviraptor enables your Dinosaur combos by chowing down on Babycerasaurus and Petiteranodon. An Elemental Hero Stratos for Dinosaurs that also loads the graveyard, it's got 1800 ATK, an ideal Level of 4, and massive combo potential.

#####CARDID= 21582 #####

#3: Twin Twisters

One of the highest selling cards of 2016, Twin Twisters has been a blue chip card at eight to ten dollars ever since it debuted in Breakers of Shadow. Now that it was reprinted in Dinosmasher's Fury it's still more than $5 in its new common form, leading the pack as the most expensive card from the new Structures.

As of this writing Dinosmasher's Fury is essentially sold out in the TCGplayer Marketplace, and when it's available it's going for about fifteen bucks, hence why Twin Twisters can sell for over half the MSRP of the entire deck. The same level of availability and the same price point is universal, at least as far as online outlets are concerned – eBay's singing the same tune.

The incredible number of Dinosmasher's Fury decks being sold suggests what we've all expected – that True King Dinosaurs are going to be all over the place once Maximum Crisis hits.

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#2: Ancient Gear Giant' rel=" Ancient Gear Giant">Chaos Ancient Gear Giant

The premise of a win condition that effectively reads, "take all your Ancient Gears and make them into one giant beater" held great appeal in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week, as Ancient Gear Giant' rel=" Ancient Gear Giant">Chaos Ancient Gear Giant managed to outsell everything Dinosaur from Raging Tempest and Dinosmasher's Fury. That's pretty interesting, since Ancient Gears aren't expected to make anywhere near the impact of the True King Dinosaur deck.


#####CARDID= 21184 #####

#1: True King Lithosagym, the Disaster

…Naturally, the biggest card of the past seven weeks reigned supreme in the marketplace this weekend. Arguably the most important card in the True King Dinosaur deck, True King Lithosagym, the Disaster picked up the Number 1 spot yet again, climbing to an average Market Price of nearly seven dollars on an upward price trend. There are still two and a half pages of listings in the TCGplayer Market Price, but with the tremendous sales we've seen of Dinosmasher's Fury those remaining copies may not last long, even with the rising price point.

I noted before that while we were all a bit confused at the printing of Lithosagym as a Super Rare, that decision may have been made to keep the price down, and Dinosmasher's Fury accessible. I feel even more confident in that theory now, as the card rockets toward a price point previously reserved for must-own Super Rares like Twin Twisters.

The speculators must be looking ahead to Draconic Diagram and licking their lips. Demand for that card's going to be crazy.

#####CARDID= 21162 #####

Other notable sellers in the TCGplayer Marketplace this weekend included Terraforming, Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, Lost World, and the freshly reprinted Quaking Mirror Force, taking Number 11 through Number 14 on the salescharts. The only big seller not linked to True King Dinosaurs was Toy Vendor, holding it down for Fluffals at Number 15.

Stay tuned to the Deck Archive this week to see if Dinosmasher's Fury managed to make an early impact in Regional Qualifiers, and join us Friday to see how the market shifts in the wake of the new arrivals.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer