Welcome back to our Top 10 countdown of the bestselling cards of the week, here in Market Watch.

You probably know the score by now: every Monday and Friday we look at the bestselling cards of the past four days from the TCGplayer Marketplace. By seeing which cards sold the most copies we can gauge player response to upcoming releases as well as news from overseas, and we can even extrapolate up-to-the-minute trends in current competition.

That last point was a big one this week, starting us off at Number 10.

#10: Wiretap

The Paleozoic Frog deck is the newest of the three decks-to-beat in the current format, and with as many as 30 trap cards, Wiretap is proving to be a valuable Side Deck pick. Michael State played it in his 2nd Place Paleozoic Frogs at YCS Anaheim; Patrick Hoffman played it in the same deck at YCS Bochum; and it appeared in at least two of the Top 8 decks a week later at the Regional Qualifier in Iowa. It was played there in both Paleozoic Frogs and Awesome Heroes, demonstrating an expanding range of use.

Wiretap has no activation cost, and instead of destroying the trap card it negates, it shuffles that card into your opponent's deck. It's great for shutting down a clutch Waboku when you have game, and the shuffle helps stunt Paleozoics by keeping them out of the graveyard. While it's a very focused card that won't be useful in plenty of matchups, Wiretap seems to be highly effective against Paleozoic Frogs and was likely one of the factors that set Michael State's deck apart from the dozens upon dozens of competing builds.

The market clearly noticed.

#9: Abyss Actor – Sassy Rookie

With weeks of hubbub and strong sales for Abyss Actor cards, we finally saw a notable Top 8 finish: Nick Torrez played this Abyss Actor Metalfoes deck to third place in the Altoona Iowa Regional. While it wasn't a dedicated Abyss Actor deck, Torrez ran a nine-card engine with four different cards: Abyss Actor – Superstar, Abyss Actor – Wild Hope, Abyss Script – Rise of the Abyss King, and our Number 9 pick for the week, Abyss Actor – Sassy Rookie.


#8: Pot of Acquisitiveness

This answer to Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries didn't see much play at YCS Bochum, but it was huge at YCS Anaheim, where it was Side Decked in both ABC-Dragon Buster and Paleozoic Frog decks. Despite flagging use over the following tournament weekends, it seems more players are getting tired of losing to Cherries, and have decided to invest in a solution.

Pot of Acquisitiveness is definitely a trend to watch out for you in your metagames over the holidays, and well into 2017; something you should be aware of if you play Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries yourself.


#7: Metalfoes Mithrilium

Metalfoes gained even more prestige with Billy Brake's win at YCS Bochum, and with more players deciding that three copies of Metalfoes Mithrilium is better than two, sales have remained strong.

#####CARDID= 20893 #####

#6: Left Leg of the Forbidden One

All five pieces of Exodia managed to hit the Top 20 this week, but Left Leg of the Forbidden One sold even better than the rest. With players returning to the game all year long and Christmas quickly approaching, it's possible this was purely a nostalgia-driven surge.

Alternatively, the spike in sales could be owed to the upcoming reprint of Exodia the Forbidden One in Japan's 20th Anniversary Pack 1st Wave, which might boost TCG and OCG demand for English copies of all the Exodia pieces. At the end of the day, this upswing is likely the product of several different factors.

#####CARDID= 11419 #####

#5: Abyss Actor – Wild Hope

Another three-of in Nick Torrez's Abyss Actor Metalfoes deck, Wild Hope bumps the Metalfoes Pendulum Scale to a top end of Scale 9. It lends more search and attack power to the deck, and along with Sassy Rookie helps you make more Rank 4 plays.

Abyss Actor – Wild Hope's perennially the most important card in any Abyss Actor deck, and that remained true in Torrez's variant. It was enough to land Wild Hope in the Number 5 position.

#####CARDID= 20975 #####

#4: Fairy Tail - Snow

With anticipation mounting for The Grass Is Always Tastier On The Other Side in Raging Tempest, Fairy Tail – Snow was subject to the same market forces as Left Arm Offering last weekend. Snow's already found a home in TCG Lightsworn decks, but over in Asia's OCG it's a huge pick in the new 60-card Infernoid decks, where The Grass Is Always Tastier can send massive numbers of cards to the graveyard.

#####CARDID= 20182 #####

#3: Frightfur Sabre-Tooth

The upcoming Fusion Enforcers is coming February 24th, spiking demand for not one, but two Fluffal cards this week. The OCG version of the set released powerful new cards like Frightfur Kraken, and reprinted Frightfur Wolf, Frightfur Sheep, and Frightfur Tiger, but didn't include Frightfur Sabre-Tooth.

Sabre-Tooth was only printed in Dimension of Chaos and the 2016 Mega-Pack, and it's already climbed to nearly seven bucks in its Average Market Price as buyers begin to stock up.

#####CARDID= 19120 #####

#2: Fluffal Wings

And while the OCG's Fusion Enforcers debuts Fluffal Octo and reprints Fluffal Dog, Fluffal Owl, and Fluffal Penguin, it left out Fluffal Wings. It's just a common that's barely above 30 cents, but that looked like opportunity to a number of buyers who snagged tons of copies.

At this point we don't know for sure what the TCG version of Fusion Enforcers will look like, but both of these cards have a chance to show returns for speculators. That launched them to the top of the salescharts.

#####CARDID= 19085 #####

#1: Darklord Nurse Reficule

But when everything was said and done, it was the renamed and reborn Darklord Nurse Reficule that moved the most copies in the TCGplayer Marketplace this week!

We saw some big Darklords action in our Market Watch on Monday, where Darklord Rebellion was the Number 1 seller. At the time we speculated that it might be enthusiasm for Reficule, though Rebellion seemed a strange fit for that strategy.

Fast forward four days and Darklod Nurse Reficule is selling by the bushel, still affordable but riding an upward Price Trend. Supply is six pages deep in the TCGplayer Marketplace, but Reficule's popularity this week was undeniable despite no sellout situation in sight.

#####CARDID= 21001 #####

Abyss Actor – Superstar nearly made the Top 10 this week as well in light of Nick Torrez's success, and continued enthusiasm for Abyss Actors in general. A Rebounding performance in recent YCS tournaments might have caused a spike for Return of the Dragon Lords, and the Top 32 showing from SPYRALs at the recent ARGCS made SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red a notable seller as well.

That's all for now, but join us again next week as we take a different look at the TCGplayer Marketplace. We'll be examining the biggest sellers of the year from each release, and we'll answer some questions about the bestselling products of 2016.

See you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer