Sales trends in the TCGplayer marketplace were pretty consistent over the weeks that followed the release of Dragons of Legends: Unleashed. Cyber Angels, Level 10 Trains, and the cards related to both themes were tremendously hot, along with the newly Ultra Rare-ified Soul Charge and The Eye of Timaeus reprint. Minus a few one-shot outliers like Card of Demise and Gold Sarcophagus, Market Watch has been pretty steady the past couple weeks.

But now, with the new Regional Qualifier season kicking off tomorrow and some new tidbits of news about Invasion: Vengeance, a series of new sales trends have risen up to make room amongst those weeks-long juggernauts. Did Trains and Cyber Angels survive new market forces? We'll show you, in today's Top 10.

First up, a quick recap: if this is your first Market Watch column and you're not quite sure what's going on, every four days we look at the sales numbers of the top-selling cards in the TCGplayer marketplace. TCGplayer's a gateway to over 1000 active Yu-Gi-Oh! sellers; it helps you comparison shop for the best deals on the cards you want, in whatever rarity and condition you're looking for. That means we see a ton of information, and while it's easy to figure out which cards are price spiking or dropping in value just with your own detective work, Market Watch is all about volume: we show you the most in-demand cards not by price, but by actual copies sold.

That means when a themed common sells a bajillion copies, but doesn't price spike because it's a lowly non-foil, we can tell you about it. And information like that can demonstrate the impact of upcoming product news from the TCG and OCG; indicate hot new tech picks people are snapping up; or show you which decks thousands of duelists are buying into, AKA what you might expect to see at your next tournament.

That's powerful info, and it's what Market Watch is all about. Without further ado, let's examine this week's Top 10 from Monday to Friday.

#10: Metalfoes Volflame

Metalfoes struggled to make the Top 10 on Monday after weeks of utter domination in the wake of The Dark Illusion, barely getting a toe in off Metalfoes Combination. This week they continued to cling to the sales charts with Metalfoes Volflame clocking in at Number 10. Metalfoes put in some promising, if not necessarily impressive showings at both YCS Rimini and YCS Toronto, and with Performapal Monkeyboard now gone from Advanced Format play they could be the biggest Pendulum deck available.

Time will tell, but for now the deck's clearly retaining player attention.


#9: SPYRAL Super Agent

Speaking of, a combination of factors came together to create a surge of interest in the SPYRAL theme this week. Teasers about upcoming SPYRAL support in Invasion Vengeance, mixed with the Forbidding of Kaiser Colosseum and the general disruption of the last format's top strategies opened up room for enthusiasm for the deck, and that resulted in a sellout situation as players bought out the TCGplayer marketplace of the theme's key Secret Rare.

At an average Market Price of about six bucks for a must-run three-of Ultra Rare, the appeal to both speculators and potential players is easy to see. If SPYRALS take off, SPYRAL Super Agent could easily become a $15 or even $20 card, and that sent players scrambling to snap up their copies.


#8: Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora

Previously Number 8 on Monday, Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora continued to sell well over the week, keeping momentum as everything Trains just ran roughshod over the competition this week. While Trains Relinquished their momentary stranglehold on the Number 1 spot, secured by Night Express Knight last weekend, it's impossible to ignore that half of the Top 10 bestsellers this week were all tied to the Level 10 Train theme.


#7: Heavy Freight Train Derricrane

…That included newcomer Heavy Freight Train Derricrane, previously a Top 25 selling card now launched into the Number 7 position. With Night Express Knight having crept from Number 3 to Number 2 to Number 1 over the past two weeks, buyers were clearly hungry for other Train theme cards, and set their sights on Derricrane as demand for Night Express Knight slipped. That removal effect can be more valuable than it looks at first glance.


#6: Night Express Knight

That landed Night Express Knight at Number 6, down from Number 1 on Monday, again probably just because so many players who wanted their copies picked them up before Monday anyways. Night Express Knight's been the biggest and most vaunted card from the Train theme for weeks, as a fundamental Level 10 offering easy Summoning for Rank 10 plays, but it was actually outpaced this week by two other Train cards, including one that may have benefited from convergence with another major theme. More on that shortly.


#5: Pre-Preparation of Rites

Cyber Angels sold in absolute droves for a week and a half: on Monday we showed you the sales rankings from the YCS weekend, where Cyber Angel Benten, Cyber Angel Idaten, and Cyber Angel Dakini all made the Top 10 for the first time since their debut. This time around the Cyber Angels were pushed way down in the sales charts, but Pre-Preparation of Rites – once a longstanding staple of our Top 10 rundowns, with a run that outpaced any card before or since – was back in huge demand. And while Pre-Prep never broke the $2.00 mark in its original run in the wake of Shining Victories, it's now crossed that line in average Market Price, and sellout level numbers have made it much more expensive to pick up from available listings.

Pre-Preparation of Rites can't search the Cyber Angel Ritual Spell Machine Angel Ritual, since it doesn't specifically name any Ritual Monster in full in its card text, but it can grab Hymn of Light and Dawn of the Herald for Saffira, Queen of Dragons and Herald of Perfection respectively. Since both cards are so frequently played with the Cyber Angel suite, and have seen dramatic boosts in demand and price spikes to match, it's no wonder that Pre-Prep has finally paid off for all those players who picked up their copies early.


#4: Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon

Inarguably one of the most competitive cards from Dragons of Legend: Unleashed, it's almost surprising that Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon took so long to chart. Effectively a Rank 6 beatstick with a double Book of Moon effect against opposing Fusions, Synchros, Xyz, and Pendulums. More than that, you can use its effect to turn Dragulas itself face-down and abuse its last effect, which sends one card – any card of your choosing – from the field to the graveyard.

Combined with its recursive ability that protects it from removal, Dragulas offers a level of versatility and resiliency we don't usually see from Rank 6's. It's a trouble shooter, a wall, and a removal driven powerhouse all in one card, and that sent it to the Number 4 position this week.


#3: Ruffian Railcar

Up from its Number 5 spot the last two weeks, Ruffian Railcar has now surpassed Night Express Knight in sheer demand, as buyers play some catch up in realizing its importance for the strategy. Seemingly a must-run with Revolving Switchyard, it's a potential Level 10 option that offers high utility in-hand, some quick burn power, or the chance to swing for 1800 battle damage. One successful play with Railcar almost brings your opponent down to game shot territory off a single Rank 10 attack plus a blast with Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max, and it's one of the few Train cards that can offer significant value on its own, no combos required.

Combined with a powerful search effect that can keep the hits coming and build momentum, it's a huge pick that's often played in twos or threes. As long as Trains remain popular, it'll continue to be a hot pick.


#2: Special Schedule

New to the Top 10, Special Schedule blasted to the top of the charts this week after largely being ignored by buyers since its reprinting in Dragons of Legend: Unleashed. Offering easy Special Summon power for Trains, it's also made appearances before in Kozmos, and that convergence could be part of the reason for its sudden popularity. While Special Schedule was played in Kozmos before to leverage Kozmo Dark Destroyer, it fell from favor quickly and was only playable in European territories at the time.

Now, with Kozmo Dark Destroyer Limited to 1, it's possible that some players are looking to Special Schedule as a means of recycling the card and abusing its destruction effect: while banishing Dark Destroyer is the usual routine when it hits the graveyard, Special Schedule can revive it and trigger its effect; a method of use that may become more relevant in the new format.

That theory makes a little more sense when you see that the Number 1 selling card this week in the TCGplayer marketplace was none other than the signature Kozmo lynchpin, Kozmo Tincan.


#1: Kozmo Tincan

While Kozmos lost two copies of Kozmo Dark Destroyer and one Emergency Teleport to the new F&L List, the deck gained a third Allure of Darkness. That might not sound like much, but consider the damage done to other big themes: Monarchs took a tremendous hit to their consistency, and will struggle to remain relevant; while Burning Abyss bled some resiliency and opening turn strength, losing all but one Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal. Pendulums lost some sheer force as well, though they escaped largely unscathed minus the redundancy of Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin.

Meanwhile Kozmos didn't lose much. Emergency Teleport's Limitation is a minor speedbump, and while three Kozmo Dark Destroyer was certainly far better than one, the deck can play around that blow and doesn't lose nearly as much strength as the other major themes. A lot of people figured that out pretty quickly, and with the lack of restriction on Card of Demise, the deck's suddenly a hot prospect again.

Does everyone agree on Kozmo's potential in the new format? Definitely not. But the number of players that do were sufficient to drive Kozmo Tincan all the way to the top of the charts this week, returning it to bestselling status out of nowhere and hiking its average Market Price back up to $3.75.


Looking past the ten bestsellers this week, Metalfoes Steelen, Metalfoes Silverd, and Metalfoes Counter all charted in the Top 25. Cyber Angels largely disappeared from the top selling positions, likely a combination of diminishing demand due to the sheer volume of sales the theme saw the past weeks, combined with diminished supply – Cyber Petit Angel was the only card from the theme that charted.

Meanwhile Revolving Switchyard saw big numbers in addition to all the Top 10 places Train cards captured, and Interrupted Kaiju Slumber saw some significant action. Blackwing – Gofu the Vage Shadow was a big pick for a more narrow audience of speculators as well, as competitors banked on its potential in both the trending Metalfoes deck and the down-but-not-quite-out Monarch strategies.

That's it for this week, but join us on Monday when we see the secondary market repercussions from the first weekend of Regional Qualifiers in the new format! Be sure to keep your eye on the deck archive too, as we'll be logging Top Cut decks as they emerge.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer