We're back! The new Dragons of Legend: Unleashed set releases today, and with presales available from late Wednesday onward in the TCGplayer marketplace, the impact of those new cards is already being felt here in our Friday Market Watch.

For the uninitiated here's the deal: every Monday and Friday we look at raw sales data from the past four days, and highlight the Top 10 cards sold in total volume. By looking at actual sales throughput instead of just hunting for price spikes we can get at a ton of information the general public can't see on their own. And since lots of cards don't show notable price shifts when they spike in demand, we can give you the inside track on emerging trends.

For the last week and a half the sales charts were dominated by The Dark Illusion, which at points occupied not just the Top 10, but the entire Top 25 beyond it. Of those sales positions, we saw Metalfoes and related cards capture seven to eight slots in the Top 10 every week since The Dark Illusion dropped, indicating an incredible level of interest in the so-far-unproven strategy.

This time around those numbers have softened. Metalfoes still took half the Top 10, but the bottom half of our countdown features a mix of cards from other themes, representing Dark Side of Dimensions, The Dark Illusion, and the new Dragons of Legend: Unleashed. Plus a guest star appearance from… Terraforming?

Yeah, that's a thing that happened. Read on!

#10: Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora

There are a lot of things that have been said about Dragons of Legend Unleashed, but one of the loudest sentiments rumbling across the Yugiverse is "TRAAAAAAIIINS!" The Level 10 "train theme" finally arrived on US shores with the arrival of Night Express Knight, Special Schedule, and the fantastically named Snow Plow Hustle Rustle, which were previously only available as video game promos in Europe.

Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora was released two weeks ago in The Dark Illusion, but it took the full release of the remaining trains to kick it into the Top 10, at – perhaps kind of ironically – Number 10 in the countdown.

Coincidence? I think not.


#9: Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow

Slipping from Number 5 on Monday, Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow is a one-of staple in Metalfoes, a potential Kuraz combo in standard Monarchs, and topped ARGCS Providence in Jermaine Johnson's bizarre and impressive Hero Domain Monarch deck.

A Level 5 Tuner for Synchro Summons, Gofu's perfect for Ultimaya Tzolkin plays and fills the field with Vague Shadow Tokens to power big effects. It's easily one of the coolest and most versatile cards in The Dark Illusion, and that's kept it on our Top 10 lists three times out of four since TDIL hit the scene.


#8: Terraforming

Gonna be honest: I've no real idea why this is here. Ritual Sanctuary sold a lot of copies this week despite its presale status, and that could be a factor. Sky Iris put in big work at the ARG 25k and ARGCS Providence. Subterrors rely on The Hidden City. BK Blue-Eyes decks play Mausoleum of White, I guess?

Doug assures me this is a thing that players of questionable competitive character do.

As far as I'm aware there's no newly-announced OCG card spiking Terraforming into the Top 10. It's just a ton of smaller factors. We saw the suite of Terraforming, Sky Iris, Necrovalley, and Secret Village of the Spellcasters take some big victories in the WCQ season, and that hasn't slowed down as a choice group of cards for Pendulum strategies. Somehow it seems like that all added up to big demand for Terraforming this week.

Weird times.

#7: Gold Gadget

After a two-week hiatus in the wake of The Dark Illusion, Silver Gadget wound up at Number 21, while Gold Gadget rocketed right back into the Top 10! Gold Gadget becomes instantly relevant the moment we finally see Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba, and with that release headed our way October 21st, it's really not that far off.

Played in conjunction with the ABC-Dragon Buster suite, Silver Gadget and Gold Gadget are invaluable combo extenders and can solve a number of dead hand situations, bulking up your field, blocking opposing presses, and creating win scenarios almost entirely on their own in addition. Holding tight at two bucks, Gold Gadget leads the charge as we tick down the days to one of the biggest new themes of the year.


#6: Cyber Angel Benten

And finally, the top-selling card from presales of Dragons of Legend: Unleashed was this card, Cyber Angel Benten. Packing a powerful search effect that can grab a variety of cards off theme, Cyber Angel Benten packs a respectable 1800 ATK that grows to an admirable 2800 ATK with Cyber Angel Idaten's effect, and bridges nicely into Cyber Angel Dakini with Petit Angel' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=Cyber Petit Angel">Cyber Petit Angel.

It's intriguing to see that the top-selling card from the new set was a Secret Rare, not an Ultra Rare. The enthusiasm for Cyber Angels really exceeded my expectations. We'll see if that lasts into the weekend in Monday's Market watch.


#5: Metalfoes Combination

And it's all Metalfoes from here. Recent weeks have seen consistent demand for all the Metalfoes support cards, including Metalfoes Fusion and Metalfoes Counter, but this week Metalfoes Combination was the only one that remained in Top 10 territory.

Searchable with the Metalfoes Pendulum Spell effects, Metalfoes Combination is the theme's only real precision search power for monster cards, giving it a unique role along with its powerful ability to cushion the cost of your Fusion Summons. It's a must-run at one per deck, and that was somehow still enough to keep it at Number 5 above thousands of other cards.


#4: Metalfoes Silverd

And no surprise here, as the remaining Top 4 cards in the marketplace this week were the backbreakingly popular Metalfoes Pendulums. Metalfoes Silverd, Metalfoes Steelen, Metalfoes Volflame, and Metalfoes Goldriver are all similar cards with tremendously powerful Pendulum Effects, searching out Metalfoes Combination and Metalfoes Counter to set up, and then letting you constantly recycle and search a single copy of Metalfoes Fusion again and again.


#3: Metalfoes Steelen

The Metalfoes strategy isn't very complicated, and these four cards are its bread and butter. They combo with free sources of Token Monsters like Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow or even Hippo Carnival' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=Super Hippo Carnival">Super Hippo Carnival to search cards as pluses, and they combo really nicely with Guiding Ariadne to seek out Counter Traps in droves.

The entire theme is wildly consistent as a result, and can make tremendous use of Pot of Desires thanks to its ability to find what it needs and thin through a bunch of cards before banishing and drawing. Combined with Painful Decision for even more precision and thinning, the deck just tears through cards on its way to victory.


#2: Metalfoes Goldriver

While Metalfoes Goldriver was the top Metalfoes Pendulum the past couple weeks, it actually traded off with Metalfoes Volflame this time around. Not exactly important information since every version of Metalfoes I'm aware of has run three copies of all four Pendulum Monsters anyways, but the little swerves in the marketplace are always kind of intriguing.


#1: Metalfoes Volflame

And claiming the top spot for the first time… or the fourth time, depending on how identical you see the Metalfoes Pendulums as… Metalfoes Volflame. The sheer volume of Metalfoes cards sold over the past two weeks really can't be overstated, but the theme's real tests are obviously still ahead: YCS Toronto, YCS Rimini, and Monday's Market Watch, where we'll see if new cards from Dragons of Legend: Unleashed crush everything that's come before.

It would be tremendously surprising if we saw Metalfoes top either of the upcoming YCS tournaments, since they're going up against well-established decks players have already sunk money into it, let alone the hundreds of thousands of hours of global testing time that's been invested into each major deck on a worldwide basis thus far. Unless you've got some new tech that's absolute gold, or you just really like Metalfoes, there isn't much reason to take the deck to one of those upcoming Championships.

That said, I'm hugely interested to see how Metalfoes hold up in sales over the weekend. The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack and The Dark Illusion both destroyed the marketplace when they debuted, but Dragons of Legend: Unleashed may not have the same level of interest from tournament players. If Metalfoes can weather that storm and remain anywhere in the Top 10, it's going to spell even bigger things for the theme.


Looking further down the charts, the new Ritual Sanctuary clocked in at an impressive Number 11 finish. Again, that's a really big deal since the set was only in presales until this morning, and those presales only started on Wednesday. And with low stock to boot. Metalfoes Fusion and Metalfoes Counter took Number 12 and Number 13, while Cyber Angels and TRAINSTRAINSTRAINS were all over the rest of the charts.

Again, Leeching the Light put in an impressive showing as an answer to a mix of high-ATK Light threats, but surely spurned on by the burgeoning success of Blue-Eyes White Dragon decks. Mystical Space Typhoon was back in the Top 25 for the first time in ages, outperforming Cosmic Cyclone and Twin Twisters, and Magician's Rod hung tight at Number 25.

That's it for this week, but join us Monday to see the fallout from Dragons of Legend: Unleashed.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer