Welcome back to another Friday edition of Market Watch! Monday was the first Market Watch column following the retail release of the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack, and was it ever a surprise: literally every one of the Top 10 bestselling single cards over the weekend were from the Movie Pack, as a mix of nostalgia and new competitive picks knocked everything else clean out of competition. It was a tremendous first: we've never seen one new set capture all ten of the top spots on the sales charts.

And now we're seeing it again. A whopping 18 of the top 20 bestsellers this week were from the Movie Pack, as enthusiasm for Blue-Eyes and Gadgets continued to build, and duelfans bought into the new Magician Girl theme even harder than before.

Despite the popularity of the Movie Pack and some big returning winners from Monday, a number of new cards made the Top 10 that we didn't see in our previous Market Watches. Several others surged to new heights or traded off for lower positions, too. With no further ado, let's count down the Top 10 singles in the TCGplayer marketplace this week, from Monday to Friday!

#10: Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon

Down from the Number 4 spot on Monday, Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon continues to hold onto a spot in the Top 10, paired with a Ritual Spell that helps mitigate the cost of its Summon, and packing an impressive ATK. Punishing defense mode monsters with a double piercing effect MAX Dragon lacks subtlety, but can still end games very quickly in casual settings.

Our own Loukas Peterson put Chaos MAX Dragon to work this week, demonstrating its synergy with Advanced Ritual Art, and that kind of flexibility kept it in a prominent position on the sales charts through the week.


#9: Lemon Magician Girl

All five of the new Magician Girl monsters made the Top 10 this week, with Lemon Magician Girl making her Market Watch debut. Converting unneeded Magician Girls into raw search power to get you any Spellcaster from your deck, Lemon Magician Girl works especially well with a used Berry Magician Girl if your opponent refuses to attack it.

Zach wrote on a Magician Girl deck this week in More Bang For Your Buck, and it was a solid two-of in that strategy.


#8: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Also new to the Top 10, the classic Blue-Eyes White Dragon sold in droves this week, as players flocked to the strategy. Every Blue-Eyes deck needs three copies of the original powerhouse, fueling everything from The White Stone of Ancients and Trade-In to Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon and Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon. And the new alternate art illustration was attractive as well.

It's a Blue-Eyes deck. It's kind of surprising Blue-Eyes itself took so long to reach a Top 10 position in the sales charts.


#7: Kiwi Magician Girl

Another new entry that didn't make the cut previously, Kiwi Magician Girl is often played as a three-of in the Magician Girl deck, repelling attacks or creating OTK's by dropping to your graveyard hand trap style and buffing the ATK of all your Magician Girls.

As a Level 5 Kiwi's a little tougher to Summon than the rest of the new Magician Girls, but when she's on the field her ability to protect your Magician Girls from destruction effects and targeting can be invaluable. It's a valuable defensive card that holds the line in two different ways, while then threatening to create wins that wouldn't be possible otherwise.


#6: Apple Magician Girl

The final new debut in this week's Top 10, Apple Magician Girl helps you field Kiwi Magician Girl… or any of the other new Magician Girls… and becomes clutch in the mid and late game. Offering a straight +2 or better when it's destroyed, Apple Magician Girl can be a valuable defender as well as a strong source of card economy to keep the deck going. A lot of the deck's longevity comes from this card, which compensates for its slow speed with just a devastating level of card advantage and laser-targeted precision, getting you straight to the cards you want to reuse.

Combined with Chocolate Magician Girl's discard effect, Apple Magician Girl can hit the field surprisingly easy in many games to begin overwhelming your opponent. Solid stuff.


#5: Berry Magician Girl

Up from #7 on Monday, the lynchpin Berry Magician Girl is like an Elemental Hero Stratos with key synergies in the Magician Girl theme. Searching whichever Magician Girls you need to make optimal plays and combos, Berry's also a solid defender, effectively replacing herself with a Magician Girl from your deck when she comes under fire from an attack.

The card's efficiency in card economy is compounded when you pair it with stuff like Lemon Magician Girl and Chocolate Magician Girl, hurrying you through your deck to keep the hits coming. It's a fantastic searcher that's deceptively flexible.


#4: Dark Magic Veil

Clocking in at Number 10 on Monday, Dark Magic Veil is back at Number 4, working with Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, or the key Dark Magician of Chaos as well as dozens of others. The ability to veil DMOC into play and then retrieve the Veil at the end of the turn makes it wildly efficient, and gives you a great source of renewable aggression and banishing power. At the same time, a Dark Magic Veil with Dark Magician of Chaos in the graveyard effectively gives you access to a 2800 ATK beatstick plus any spell you've used up until that point in the duel, turning Veil into a deadly recursion trick.

With competitive and casual applications that often interweave, it's easy to see why Dark Magic Veil was so popular the past few days. With cards like the Gladiator's Assault Magic Formula commanding prices up to $100, everything Dark Magician is hot right now, and Dark Magic Veil's one of the biggest reasons. It's a simple card at a fair cost, and it can be played a number of different ways.


#3: Chocolate Magician Girl

Slipping from Number 2 on Monday, Chocolate Magician Girl is quite clearly the big pick of the Magician Girl roster, offering steady cycling to build combos and troubleshoot the field, while loading the graveyard and evening out rough hands.

Better yet, whenever Chocolate Magician Girl's attacked you score the heftiest of the Magician Girls' "attack me and get punished for it" abilities, reviving any Spellcaster – Magician Girl or otherwise – from your graveyard. Again, that means incredible synergy with Dark Magician of Chaos, barricading attacks for fear of a +2 reprisal.


#2: Silver Gadget

Previously Number 1 in Monday's countdown, Silver Gadget stole the show this week alongside Gold Gadget, as the signature Yugi redux took over the marketplace and captured the imaginations of countless duelists.

Like we discussed last week, the new Gadget monsters fill a huge gap in the Gadget gameplan by giving them the one thing they've never had; speed. While the Gadget deck was previously dependent on Normal Summons, and could be crushed with 1-for-1 effect negation that could exploit the deck's low monster count, Silver Gadget and Gold Gadget keep things on track by triggering when they're both Normal or Special Summoned.

The self-replacing abilities of the two new Gadgets can create some vicious field-filling combos off a string of suicide attacks, thinning your deck and getting monsters to the field for Rank 4's. That means easy access to Gear Gigant X, and that's been enough to drive up interest in the Gadget monsters. These cards become definite winners in a few months when we see Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba, but for now, the hype is so real that we may see Gadgets make an impact one month from today, at YCS Toronto.


#1: Gold Gadget

The last few Market Watches saw me vexed by a strange trend: Silver Gadget was somehow outselling Gold Gadget notably, despite both cards having similar rarities, similar stats, and existing solely to be played in pairs. If there was any organic reason for either card to be in bigger demand due to strength, the choice Gold Gadget with its higher ATK would've made more sense as the number one pick. Was there a short print? Probably not, since supply and the average Market Price were nearly identical for both cards.

It was weird, but now the trend seems to be swinging the other way, which is at least slightly more understandable. While Silver Gadget's remained a solid $1.80, Gold Gadget outsold it this week and saw a rise in price as a result, settling a full fifty cents higher at about $2.30. While it first seemed neither card would be notable for competition until the release of ABC-Buster Dragon in the upcoming Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba, players continue to express steady interest in Gadgets on the whole thanks to the fresh blast of speed Gold and Silver lend to the deck, and that – combined with an accessible price point – have made them the top sellers from the Movie Pack so far.


Looking beyond the Top 10 proper, Chaos Form was the eleventh best-selling card in the marketplace; Palladium Oracle Mahad slipped from Monday's Top 10 to land at Number 12; and the mighty Blue-Eyes White Alternative Dragon took lucky 13.

The only cards in the Top 20 not from the Movie Pack were Dark Renewal – newly popularized by the Magician Girl cards – and Return of the Dragon Lords, which while Number 1 just scant weeks ago, now sits at Number 20.

What do you think. Will the Movie Pack hype die down any time soon? Are Magician Girls a casual-only strategy. Will Blue-Eyes deliver? And can Gadgets capture real tournament results once 2016 / 2017 Regional season begins in September. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer