The surprise announcement of the long-awaited F&L List Wednesday evening toppled the week's trends in the TCGplayer marketplace, leaving us with a mish-mash of cards in our Top 10 countdown today!

Looking at the bestselling cards that sold the most copies from Monday to Friday morning, our Friday Market Watch is a mash-up of shifting favorites from recent releases – or cards that spiked in interest due to those new sets – as well as some strong prospects that hit it big the moment the new Forbidden & Limited List dropped.

Remember, since the F&L List appeared Wednesday night, and the sales period we're accounting for today ended this morning, the new List only really contributed to about 36 hours of sales. That means hot sellers like the new cards from Dragons of Legend: Unleashed were effectively on the radar for almost three times as long as the big movers influenced by the F&L List, making their Top 10 status that much more impressive. It's a rare situation that doesn't come around very often – it only occurs when a new F&L List is released – and then only if it's released at a very specific point in the week.

If you compare the Top 10 today to Monday, note that there have been some shifts between the positions of similar cards. Often when a new card is hot and trends immediately, one of two things can happen: the market either gets its fill and moves on to another card in the theme, or the card simply sells so many copies that sellers can't keep up with demand. In the latter case the demand is still there. The sales numbers are just lower in successive weeks because the supply no longer exists and players literally can't buy it.

Such was likely the case for at least one big card this week, as Friday's Number 1 slipped from the top 10 and gave way to a companion card.

#10: Cyber Angel Idaten

While Cyber Angel Benten exploded into the Number 6 position a week ago on pre-sales alone, then hit Number 1 on Moday, supply ran low in the TCGplayer marketplace this week as demand for everything Cyber Angelic continued to mount. While the search-driven Benten's by far the flashiest of the new Cyber Angel cards, it's almost impossible to imagine running it without Cyber Angel Idaten.

Buffing Saffira, Queen of Dragons to a controlling 3500 ATK and bolstering Herald of Perfection to a nigh-unkillable 3800 DEF, Idaten's effect helps secure your big Ritual Monsters just as it solves the problem of big untargetable walls and defenders that would clog your way with immunity from destruction; the otherwise low ATK values of the current Ritual Monster ranks can struggle otherwise.

Note that though neither of those two old Rituals cracked the Top 25 this week, their prices did spike, with Herald of Perfection selling out and now topping the $15 mark when available.

#####CARDID= 20252 #####

#9: Mirage Dragon' rel=" Mirage Dragon">Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon

A must-run in the eyes of many Odd-Eyes Magician players, Mirage Dragon' rel=" Mirage Dragon">Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon is a Scale 8 for your high end, searchable with Sky Iris and often drawing comparisons to Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn. While it competes with Unicorn for deck space, it can also combo with it to allow reuse, and its recycling Pendulum ability is just one small aspect of its appeal.

Since Mirage Dragon' rel=" Mirage Dragon">Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon is a Level 3, you can actually Pendulum Summon it with a low Scale like Oafdragon Magician or Nobledragon Magician. That makes it Level 3 Material for Nobledragon, creating plays for stuff like Coral Dragon or even Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. The card's more versatile than it looks, and could make an impact on Pendulums moving forward.

#####CARDID= 20240 #####

#8: Gold Sarcophagus

Limited for literally years, Gold Sarcophagus is now back at three, dropped into an era where search effects are vastly more common and a two-turn delay feels like forever. Is Sarcophagus worth Limiting for its search power? Definitely not. When it was first released the game was characterized by triple Gorz the Emissary of Darkness and the wait-and-see pacing of the Dark World mirror match; that's where its search effect was a problem, and it did do legitimate damage in the OCG at that time.

But the real problem with Gold Sarcophagus here in the TCG was its use as a combo-starter in the early Zexal era, where players combined it with Leviair the Sea Dragon to make easy Special Summons. That was chiefly used for abusive plays in Dino Rabbit, where you'd banish Rescue Rabbit and bring it to the field with a Tour Guide into Leviair play. Nowadays that sort of combo could be even more dangerous, with Speedroid Terrortop offering similar access to Leviair without consuming your Normal Summon.

Our own Doug Zeeff has been on about the impact Gold Sarcophagus may have in the coming weeks for just that reason; it'll be really interesting to see what happens. Some players are definitely underestimating the card's potential in a new format where big combos are often at their best, triumphing over an untested field.

#####CARDID= 6658 #####

#7: Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon

Likely the single most competitive card from Dragons of Legend: Unleashed, Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon has jockeyed for position as the biggest money pull from DLR3 since the set debuted, trading off with Cyber Angel Benten and Ritual Sanctuary. Those two cards have both reached heights that Cipher Dragon's yet to ascend to, largely sitting around the seven to eight dollar price point, but the spotlight Rank 8 could see a similar price spike soon enough.

As a generic Rank 8 Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon is a must-own for competitive players and works well in Decks like Pendulums and Monarchs (or whatever's left of them in the new format). Briefly clearing an opposing monster with a Brain Control type effect is one thing, but overlaying it with Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon to keep it forever is even better, making Cipher Dragon a tremendous answer to opposing Xyz.

That kept Cipher Dragon steady at Number 7.

#####CARDID= 20268 #####

#6: Ritual Sanctuary

Also unchanged from its position on Monday, Ritual Sanctuary continued to be a hot seller, riding the enthusiasm for Cyber Angels while also promising support and a sweet recursion effect for a handful of other off-theme Light Rituals.

Recycling spells by shuffling them back into your deck, and creating offshoot plays by bringing everything from Cyber Petit Angel and Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands to full-blown Ritual Monsters back from the Graveyard, Ritual Sanctuary is currently the biggest pull from Dragons of Legend: Unleashed, often commanding as much as $15… when it's even in stock.

#####CARDID= 20255 #####

#5: Ruffian Railcar

The loosely-named but much-loved Level 10 Train Theme remains immensely popular amongst a vocal crowd of players, so it was only a matter of time before their clutch search card made it to the Top 10. Night Express Knight has been a top seller since DLR3 hit the TCGplayer marketplace, and Railcar can grab that, along with Heavy Freight Train Derricrane, Rocket Arrow Express, and Snow Plow Hustle Rustle.

That's even more valuable than it may seem on the surface, since the deck largely revolves around the need to have the right Level 10 Trains at the right time in order to field them and make Rank 10's. The ability to search Hustle Rustle can also ward off or bait attacks when your opponent knows you're holding it, making that search effect into a small mindgame to boot.

#####CARDID= 17581 #####

#4: Number 59: Crooked Cook

The sudden rise of Number 59: Crooked Cook feels like a bit of a mystery. The card can create some limited combos with Artifacts and Fire Kings, but neither deck has seen any competitive hype the past few months, and it seems unlikely that it would make an appearance in Kozmos. That said, Crooked Cook sold in droves this week, and to a vast number of buyers, so there must be a reason for its sudden surge. Perhaps a sudden hyped combo? Maybe someone squinted really hard and thought it looked like Apoqliphort Towers?

If you know the answer, please feel welcome to share it down in the comments.

#####CARDID=20264 #####

#3: Soul Charge

Down from Number 2 on Monday, the reprint of Soul Charge in a newly-accessible upgraded Ultra Rare form continued to make it a tremendous seller the last four days, riding the wave of growing popularity of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck. While the Ultra Rare version is slowly coming into line with the price point of the original Super Rare, it's still more affordable at present, and even as a Limited card played in only a restricted handful of decks, it was an attractive pickup for countless buyers anyways.

The original Dragons of Legend set sold out so quickly, and so many cards disappeared into the shoeboxes of nostalgia-driven collectors instead of players, that many of those cards are now worth quite a bit. While there's always the Emperor of Darkness Soul Charge for play-oriented duelists who don't mind running a common, the attraction of the max rare reprint is still strong amongst collectors and players alike.

#####CARDID= 20290 #####

#2: Night Express Knight

TRAINS! Players can't get enough of them, and while the deck will likely do nothing in Championship-level tournaments, the first person to top a Regional with Level 10 Trains will become a certified folk hero. Not only is there a lot of passion for the theme from its select audience, the card's still riding a wave of enticement after a long stint as a European-only card; a status which built tremendous anticipation of the type we haven't seen since Red-Eyes Wyvern in its heyday.

A giant defensive wall and a tremendous Rank 10 enabler, the appeal here is clear, though its days in the Top 2 may be coming to a slow, train-like halt.

#####CARDID= 19578 #####

#1: Card of Demise

While Cyber Angel Benten slipped all the way from Number 1 to Number 12, the card filling its place in the wake of the new F&L List is no surprise at all!

Thousands of players expected some sort of restriction for Card of Demise in the new format, and one of the most shocking elements of the new list was the complete and total absence of Demise on the list of changes announced Wednesday night.

Despite losing an Emergency Teleport and two copies of Kozmo Dark Destroyer, there's some speculation that Kozmos may've gotten off easier than most suspect, and it's been one of the most successful Card of Demise decks of the summer. Meanwhile more fringe strategies like Demise Yosenjus were left entirely unchecked, and the restriction of big field-securing cards across several themes as well as the blow dealt to the consistency of Monarch strategies definitely opens doors for more success via sheer draw power.

As soon as the new F&L List was announced, it was easy to see that Card of Demise was going to reach even greater heights than it saw in the weeks following the release of Millennium Pack. Now it's back at an average Market Price around $25, bouncing between 25 and 30 bucks depending on daily supply. This one was inevitable, and it's one of the biggest cards to watch moving into the new Regional season.

#####CARDID= 19723 #####

What else saw action this week? The Eye of Timaeus narrowly missed the Top 10, due solely to the surge of demand for cards like Gold Sarcophagus and Card of Demise. It was followed by Cyber Angel Benten as noted earlier, while Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow, Amulet Dragon, and Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon finished out the Top 15.

Metalfoes virtually disappeared after strong showings prior to the release of DRL3, while a handful of cards saw limited audience but significant demand in anticipation for the upcoming Legendary Decks II and the new Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba Structure Decks – think Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior and Silent Magician cards.

That's it for this week, but join us again on Monday when we see more fallout from the new F&L List's big reveal, as well as the beginning of the impact from YCS Toronto and YCS Rimini!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer