By this time next week, Last Chance Qualifiers for the North American andSouth American WCQ's will be in full swing. Today's our chance to get oneof the last looks at predictive trends before continentals kick off.

Results are in from theOceanicandCentral American WCQ's, and the clear winner is no surprise: Sky Striker Trickstars dominatedboth tournaments, to the point that literally ever competitor who qualifiedfor the World Championship did so with the same strategy. At this point,you'd have to have a really good plan to beat that matchup if you wanted totake anything else into the North American, South American, or EuropeanChampionships.

That said, we've seen some strategies that might get it done:Peter Mitro took an anti-meta version of Sky Striker Trickstars– a build featuring Phantom Skyblasters and Mekk-Knights – all the way to 3rd Place at the Oceanic WCQ, narrowly missing his shot at aninvite. And meanwhile a ton of Gouki decks – with and without Sky Strikers– topped the last Regional Qualifiers and the Central American WCQ. So manyin fact, that we saw some echoes of that trend in sales patterns this week.

We'll get to that in a bit, but for now, let's start our Top 10 countdownat Number 10. Oh, and a quick refresher? Our Market Watch countdowns arebased off the bestselling cards by sheer volume sold. That means we canspot trends that wouldn't necessarily be reflected in price spikes, so whena bunch of players pick up say, a limited Super Rare for one particulardeck, we can see that and draw it to your attention.

#10: Pot of Desires

Demand for Pot of Desires continued to ride high through the week, as Potof Desires remains one of the most competitive cards in the game. One ofthe biggest fringe benefits of playing Trickstars right now is the sheeradvantage they have in playing this thing: Goukis can't swing it since theyhave some key one-ofs they can't afford to banish, and Pot of Desires is arare pick in both Altergeists and pure Sky Strikers.

Trickstars play it with impunity, and the sheer volume of Pots being soldcontinues to serve as evidence of Trickstars' dominance.

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#9: Foolish Burial Goods

Meanwhile the demand for Foolish Burial Goods demonstrates sustainedinterest in pure Sky Strikers, and perhaps SPYRALs as well. We haven't seenmuch from SPYRALs in WCQ's, but the deck's made a couple tops in thosetournaments and it's continued to be a presence in Regional Qualifiers.That said, the bulk of these sales are probably winding up in the hands ofSky Striker players, and you can definitely expect to see pure Sky Strikerscontinuing to be popular in upcoming tournaments.

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#8: Sky Striker Ace - Kagari

Sky Striker Ace – Shizuku slipped from the Top 10 this week, but sales ofher fiery friend were still strong. We're at a point now where Sky Strikermashups are prioritizing two Kagari over one Shizuku almost universally,and many decks are running just Kagari alone. Ghost Reaper & WinterCherries is getting more and more popular in both Side Decks and Main Deckstoo, and it's extremely rare to see a Top Cut finisher run more than justKagari for Cherries' effect.

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#7: Mirror Force

We've seen Mirror Force and Drowning Mirror Force trade off spots in theTop 10 over the past two weeks, as both were hot off their reprints inDark Saviors, and both might be seeing some enthusiasm thanks tothe Cybernetic Horizon release. Last time around it was DrowningMirror Force at Number 10, and this time Mirror Force spiked all the way toNumber 7.

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#6: Knightmare Phoenix

Knightmare Cerberus clocked in at Number 15 on the sales charts this week,but Knightmare Phoenix held strong at Number 6. We're starting to see moreplayers running multiple copies of Knightmare Phoenix in their Knightmareengines, and some are even running the Phoenix independent of otherKnightmares just to get at its removal and cycling abilities. Itsversatility and ease of use make it one of the strongest Link Monsters ofall time, and competitors have reacted accordingly.

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#5: Armageddon Knight

A popular pick since its Dark Saviors reprint, Armageddon Knight'splayed niche roles in Top Cut decks this format, largely paired withDestrudo the Lost Dragon's Frisson or making a few appearances in theseemingly-defunct Dark Gouki deck. It's not seeing much use right now, butthat hasn't stopped it from being a frequent sight in our Top 10's.

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#4: Reinforcement of the Army

This was definitely the big surprise of the week. While a lot of playablereprints from Dark Saviors have bounced on and off the bestsellerlist, Reinforcement of the Army's never made it until now, which is sort ofsurprising and yet sort of not.

On one hand, it's almost weird that such a playable card hasn't spiked evenonce, while stuff like Mirror Force, Armageddon Knight, and others havemade it to Market Watch multiple times. On the other, Reinforcement of theArmy's a Limited card, so most players are only buying one copy if theywant to play it.

What does that mean? It may mean nothing. But I suspect it indicates a bigspike of interest in Goukis, as players look to find something that'sdifferent enough to give them a potential edge over cookie cutter SkyStriker Trickstars. On one hand, that strategy is the definitedeck-to-beat. On the other, nobody wants to walk into a 1500 person WCQplaying the same deck 1000 other people are running. There isn't muchplaying RotA right now, and Goukis are the obvious push-factor after recentsuccesses in WCQ's and Regionals.

Get ready to see more Goukis.

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#3: Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones

Last weekend we saw Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones slip from Number 1 toNumber 2, and now it's fallen another spot. Which probably doesn't indicatemuch, save for the fact that the card's sold so many copies everybody hastheirs already. Whether you're playing Sky Strikers, Trickstars, or Goukis,you're probably running some number of Hornet Drones. That's likely tocontinue until we see a major format shakeup after the WCQ's.

#####CARDID= 23502#####

#2: Scapegoat

Sliding up a spot, Scapegoat's a staple of Trickstar variants and sees playin rogue decks like ABC-Dragon Buster. It's widely recognized as one of themost powerful cards in the game today, chump blocking attacks and thenconverting into a range of adaptive Link Summons. At this point it seemslikely that we'll see some sort of restriction on it sometime before thenext Ultimate Duelist Series.

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#1: Called by the Grave

And finally, Called by the Grave was once again the bestselling card in theTCGplayer Marketplace, reprising its Number 1 finish last weekend. It tooka long time for Call to reach this level of ubiquity – it debuted to bigexpectations off a huge showing in the OCG, but since we don't have to dealwith Maxx "C" right now, it was a bit of a flop out of the gates. FastForward a couple months and all that's in the past – the odds of anyone NOTplaying three copies between their main and side are slim these days, asit's one of the most popular, and most affordable cards in tournament playtoday.

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Looking past the Top 10 proper, Red Reboot saw a bit of a surge to theNumber 11 spot. World Legacy's Memory jumped to Number 12, a couple weeksoff its preview printing in the Flames of DestructionSpecial Edition. Dragon Spirit of White and Toon Table of Contentsclocked in at Number 13 and Number 14 respectively, while KnightmareCerberus plunged to Number 15, now well removed from its association withKnightmare Phoenix.

That's it for this week, but we'll be back on Monday for the second-to-lastMarket Watch before the North and South American World ChampionshipQualifiers! We'll see you next week.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer