On Monday we saw the Powercode Link Structure Deck take a majorityof the spots in our Top 10, as we counted down the bestselling cards in theTCGplayer Marketplace.

Now, four days removedfrom the ARG Invitationalandthe return of Regionals last weekend, the Marketplace is a mix of Powercode Link andCybernetic Horizon hype, competitive staples, and a ton of nichebuys as speculators stocked up on influential picks. It's that time of year– an F&L List should be hitting any day now, and that means opportunityin the eyes of the bold.

We'll detail some of those speculative hits in a bit, but for now let'sdive right into the Top 10, starting with a newly validated trend fromCYHO.

#10: Crusadia Arboria

Crusadia Arboria was the only Crusadia monster to make the Top 10 thisweek, but after an early run of huge sales, Crusadiasmanaged to top Regional Qualifiersandthe ARG Invitational. It's a bit odd to see Crusadia Arboria outpace bigger cards like CrusadiaMaximus and Crusadia Magius, but it's a three-of in almost every build, andthe high number of sales for a workhorse card like this one suggestslegitimate interest in playing the theme.

We'll have to see how Crusadias do in the next round of Regionals. For now,it seems like the deck is starting to deliver, even without an assist froma new F&L List.

#####CARDID= 23694 #####

#9: Wee Witch's Apprentice

Playable in Altergeists and Pendulum Magicians, Wee Witch's Apprenticefailed to materialize at the ARG Invitational and hasn't yet emerged inthose strategies in Regional results. But it wasplayed in Dave Trepanier's Lair of Darkness deck, whichturned a lot of heads this week after capturing a Top 8 finish inMontreal. There was considerable Altergeist presence in Top Cuts, but so farduelists seem to be passing on Apprentice. Whether that will continue, andwhere else Wee Witch's Apprentice might wind up, is yet to be determined.

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#8: Powercode Talker

Down from Number 5 over the Powercode Link debut weekend,Powercode Talker appeared inShelby Redmon's Top 8 Sky Striker deck from the Fort Worth Regional. Redmon largely lauded Powercode Talker for its ATK doubling effect, whichworks well in Sky Strikers thanks to the free Token fodder the deckgenerates. Will it prove to be popular over time? Probably not, but it's atech option that could net you some surprise wins if you keep it in theback of your head.

#####CARDID= 23889 #####

#7: Impcantation Talismandra

Impcantations didn't appear in any Top Cuts that I'm aware of, but both ofthe Impcantation monsters continued to sell strongly through the week.Impcantation Talismandra and Impcantation Candoll both mitigate the costsof the Ritual Summoning mechanic in a few different ways, and just likePre-Preparation of Rites before them, that's captured the imagination – anddueling dollars – of thousands of players.

#####CARDID= 23700 #####

#6: Impcantation Candoll

Working together to create free card advantage, free Tribute fodder, andhand-fixing solutions to uneven draws, Impcantation Candoll andImpcantation Talismandra are really well designed, even if they each bringa small element of additional risk to the Ritual concept. On the whole, theImpcantations accomplish far more than they risk, and by extending yourlines of play they give Ritual decks the longevity needed to compete.

That hasn't paid off yet, but the competitive season's young and thesecondary market clearly believes there's potential.

#####CARDID= 23699 #####

#5: Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones

Sky Striker Trickstars are definitely trending downward in Top Cuts, butpure Sky Strikers were significantly more popular in Regional Top 8's thisweekend and did extremely well at the ARG Invitational, taking three seatsin the Top 8. Sky Striker Goukis continue to be a strong choice as well,and Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones has become a splashable card in allsorts of strategies, from Heroes to SPYRALs.

While Hornet Drones is Limited in the OCG, there's some reason to believethat won't happen here, so more and more players are picking up theircopies every day. As a well-rounded utility card, Sky Striker Mecha -Hornet Drones is one of the best cards of the format.

#####CARDID= 23502 #####

#4: Cyberse Gadget

Slipping just one spot from Number 3 to Number 4, demand for Cyberse Gadgetheld up surprisingly through the week. While it's only a one-of in most OCGCyberse builds – a deck that's yet to appear in competition here, and whichmay not materialize until we see future releases – it's powerful,searchable, and has the "Gadget" name recognition for oldschool players.Still, it's surprising to see it so high up in the salescharts.

#####CARDID= 23858 #####

#3: LANphorhynchus

Less surprising is the ascent of LANphorhynchus! Up from Number 6,LANphorhynchus is already seeing Top 8 play in Regional Qualifiers andappeared in several decks from the ARG Invitational Top 32. Cheap downwardLink Arrows for themes that don't have them yet? Yes please.

#####CARDID= 23891 #####

#2: Called by the Grave

The return of premier-level competition brought with it a bigger focus oncompetitive cards, and that boosted Called by the Grave from Number 7 allthe way to Number 2. At this point it's sort of a Pot of Desires typesituation: it's surprising that there are still players who need Called bythe Grave, but there are apparently thousands of people still picking uptheir copies.

If you don't have your playset yet, Called by the Grave's effectively amust-own in today's hand trap dominated metagames, so you'll definitelywant it if you're playing in tournaments.

#####CARDID= 23177 #####

#1: Lady Debug

And finally, Lady Debug landed on top of the charts once again, reprisingits Number 1 finish from the weekend! A bit of a surprise there, but itseems like interest in the Cyberse theme was enough to weather the firstweek of sales. We'll see where the strategy – and its new cards – wind upon Monday after another round of Regionals.

#####CARDID= 23854 #####

Speculative action was huge this week, with small groups of buyers pickingup hundreds of copies of individual cards, capitalizing on Regional resultsand placing their bets on an as-of-yet undefined F&L List.

The biggest winner of the bunch was Phantom Skyblaster, reprinted inPowercode Link and proven effective in the Top Cuts of bothRegionals and the ARG Invitational. It was followed by Debunk, Scapegoat,One for One, and Terraforming, all of which sold in droves. Meanwhileanticipation of long term fan demand for Elemental Hero Chaos Neos andElemental Hero Magma Neos sold hundreds of copies of thoseShadows In Valhalla reprints, albeit to a small handful of buyers.

Mist Valley Apex Avian's use in Pendulums drew speculator attention, andValerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest was targeted for its synergy withRescue Cat. Recent tournament-level tech picks were marked by speculatorsas well, chiefly There Can Be Only One and Magical Mid-Breaker Field. A lotof people picked up a lot of cards in anticipation of possible marketshifts.

That's it for this week, but we'll be back on Monday to take a look at thestate of the secondary market in the wake of another round of Regionals!We'll see you then.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer