A week and a half ago, the big reveal of the new F.A. cards fromFlames of Destruction set the TCGplayer Marketplace ablaze asplayers scrabbled to get ahead on F.A. staples. Then last week,anticipation for Dark Saviors reached a new high, sending SharedRide through the roof as players prepare for theSky Striker Ace theme.

But as speculative hyped died down and Regional results continued to rollin, this weekend saw a return to tournament trends as the guiding factor inthe marketplace. While shreds of those forward-thinking trends certainlyremain, current competitive cards returned to fashion, and recent resultsfrom one underdog strategy started to shape sales patterns.

With no further ado, let's get right into the Top 10 for the weekend; thesewere the bestselling cards by sheer volume, from Friday to Monday morning.

#10: Torrential Tribute

Yes, Torrential Tribute was back in the Top 10, as players continue toembrace it as a combo-breaking answer to mass Special Summoning. WhileTorrential's still pretty obscure in modern competition, we're starting tosee it in decks likeWorld Chalice,Mekk-Knights, andABC's.Kevin Bortle even ran a full three copies mained in his Top 8 Trickstarbuildfrom the recent Regional in Tulsa Oklahoma, relying on Torrential and cards like Heavy Storm Duster to get an edgewith a deck that's normally regarded as predictable.

Will Torrential catch on? The sales numbers suggest a lot of players arelooking to try it out, so watch out for it in your tournaments.


#9: C-Crush Wyvern

Speaking of ABC-Dragon Buster,the deck had a pretty strong few weeksand has provenespecially popular in Latin Americathis format. While Called by the Grave is a huge threat to ABC's, it stillhasn't really caught on in tournament competition, and that's left a bigwindow for ABC-Dragon Buster. The Secret Rare reprints inLegendary Collection Kaiba were some of the most popular cards inthat release when the set first debuted, and C-Crush Wyvern crept up toNumber 9 in an encore showing.

#####CARDID= 23073#####

#8: Qliphort Genius

The ABC-Dragon Buster decks of today rely on the Machine-material QliphortGenius to make bigger plays, and we saw Genius spike in demand a week and ahalf ago along with the rising interest in F.A. cards. It's tough to tellif the Number 8 placement this weekend was due to F.A.'s, ABC's, or bothtogether, but regardless it's clear that there's a lot of interest inMachines moving forward, especially withCybernet Horizonon the…. Well, you know.

#####CARDID= 22966#####

#7: Decode Talker

It's been a while since we've seen Decode Talker as a consistent player inthe Top 10, but demand for it was huge over the weekend. Again, the mainculprit is returning and new players: Decode Talker's been around foralmost a year now, so most duelists have their copies. That said, theStarfoil Rare reprinting in last month's Star Pack: Vrains mighthave had something to do with boosted interest.


#6: Anti-Spell Fragrance

Anti-Spell Fragrance is becoming the most feared floodgate in anever-refining format, and it's recently become a common Main Deck pick inmultiples for True Draco decks. The allure of the Pendulum-poundingfloodgate is clear; Fragrance is a one-two punch on a level that arguablyshouldn't exist in the game, exercising control over the field while alsoprotecting itself from common removal.

With Pendulum Magicians still the deck-to-beat in most metagames, and morematches are being won with Anti-Spell Fragrance. Its most affordableprinting is still the Battles of Legend Ultra Rare, and with thatcard commanding a Market Price of nearly $5, lots of players seemed to belooking to get ahead of a possible price increase this weekend.

#####CARDID= 21932#####

#5: Shared Ride

Down from the Number 1 spot last week, Shared Ride was still one of thehottest cards in the game over the weekend. Both Secret Rare versions arestill on upward Price Trends hugging the $7 mark, and theInfinite Gold version – the only other printing – is nowofficially on an upward Trend as well. That version's still affordable atjust under three bucks, and with so much conversation surrounding the cardlast week, lots of players grabbed their copies over the weekend.


#4: Underclock Taker

Underclock Taker's still one of the most important Link Monsters in thegame, and it's still one of the bestselling cards in the TCGplayerMarketplace. A Link-2 with a downward pointing Link Marker and a knack forreplacing more important Links when they're lost to Ghost Reaper &Winter Cherries, Taker's a backup plan for some of the format's top decksas well as a table-turning source of damage thanks to its ATK swappingeffect.

It's a game-winning card for a lot of different reasons, and the continueddemand demonstrates that lots of players are ramping up for the WCQ season.

#####CARDID= 22914#####

#3: Proxy Dragon

Once again, Proxy Dragon outsold Underclock Taker just as it did last week.It's difficult to tell what exactly that indicates; perhaps returningplayers knuckling down and picking up the Extra Deck staple in preparationfor the WCQ? Time may tell, or this one may remain a bit of a mystery.We've seen Underclock Taker outsell Proxy for so many weeks that a reversalof trends – especially one that sees the older card, which more playershave had more time to pick up, outperform the newer one – seems a bitbizarre.


#2: Pot of Desires

Though if we're talking about older cards that sell like hotcakes day inand day out, Pot of Desires is the absolute kingmaker. Still locked in atabout $4 to $4.50, it's rare for Pot of Desires to rise in price, despitethe perpetual demand. It was the bestselling card of 2017 thanks to itsMega-Tin reprint bringing it to the masses, and it's en route tobe the bestselling card of 2018 as well.

If your deck can support Pot of Desires, you're playing it. If it can't, itbetter be good enough to win out when your opponent's making free plussesof card economy.

#1: Called by the Grave

And finally, Called by the Grave was the biggest mover in the TCGplayerMarketplace yet again. A huge pick in the OCG, Called by the Grave wasexpected to see just as much play here in TCG territories; but even whileit's slowly becoming more popular, we're not seeing it topping a lot oftournaments. Kelly Locke has a really great article about that trend andthe reasons for it tomorrow here on TCGplayer, but for our purposes today,it was still the best card of the weekend… even though almost no one isplaying it.

Called by the Grave remained a solid five dollars over the course of theweekend, while Extreme Force Special Editions are still about $13a box.

#####CARDID= 23177#####

That was it for the weekend's Top 10, but looking beyond the biggestsellers we saw a lot of indecision and long shots in the marketplace. Therewas no real consensus amongst speculative buyers regarding possible nichepicks, though we did see some concentrated interest in Mekk-Knights.

Mekk-Knight Yellow Star, Mekk-Knight Red Moon, and Mekk-KNight IndigoEclipse all saw substantial sales as popular cards in current Mekk-KnightInvoked builds, but the biggest picks were actually Mekk-Knight OrangeSunset and Mekk-Knight Green Horizon. Those cards are wildly affordableright now since they're seeing no play, and a few buyers clearly saw thatas an opportunity.

Dragunities, World Legacy, and 'roids were popular with small groups aswell, as buyers look to cash in on potential hits from future releases.Dragunities have been the subject of lots of talk over the last few weeks,and interest has rotated through the entire Dragunity arsenal at thispoint.

That's it for our weekend recap, but stick with us here on TCGplayer thisweek, as we bring you competitive commentary, creative deck fixes, and somesurprises in this week's lineup. Then we'll be back on Friday with anotherMarket Watch countdown – we'll see you then!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer