YCS Atlanta is over, and we're already beginning to see the fallout in theTCGplayer Marketplace.

There were 17 Pendulum Magician decks in the Top 32, falling to 11 in theTop 16 and 5 in the Top 8. Three of those decks made it to the Top 4,culminating in a mirror match Finals. Bolstered by HeavymetalfoesElectrumite, the new standard build seems to be Supreme King Magicians withSupreme King Dragon Darkwurm and Supreme King Gate Zero. But we also saw aMagician FTK in the Top 32, Mythical Beast Master Cerberus builds, and evena very cool monster-heavy version that felt reminiscent of the Monster Mashdecks of old.

Magicians are clearly the number one archetype in current competition, butwith so much variation it's not so much a deck-to-beat, than a"decks-to-beat, plural."

The next most successful theme in the Top 32 was Trickstars with 5 seats,but only 2 made it to the top 16, and only 1 of them made it to the Top 8before the strategy was eliminated from the tournament. Players clearlycame prepared for the matchup. The rest of the strategies caught moreplayers unaware.

While 3 True Draco variants made the Top Cut, with 1 making it through theTop 32 all the way to the Top 8. 2 Dino Lightsworn Zombie decks survivedthe Swiss Rounds, and one survived to the Top 16 before being knocked out.Invoked placed 2 Duelists in the Top 32, but neither made it to the Top 16.

Calvin Tahan got ABC's into the Top 32 but didn't get any further. OneMetalfoes deck got to the Top 8, piloted by Nicholas Petzold, and ImranKhan reprised his previous success as the only SPYRAL player in the TopCut, getting all the way to the Top 4. That's pretty impressive with suchlittle representation in the tournament as a whole: the Khan brotherscontinue to be some of the most remarkable players in the game.

As a result of YCS Atlanta, Magicians and Dinosaurs continued to be instrong demand. But several different decks made use of the "Rescue"monsters, and that catapulted them into the secondary market spotlight.Meanwhile there was growing interest in some of the format's biggest trapcards, and new tech traps, as some new trends from last week grew biggerover the weekend.

Let's get to it! The following were the ten bestselling cards in theTCGplayer Marketplace this weekend, from Friday to Monday morning.

#10: Chronograph Sorcerer

Unsurprisingly, Chronograph Sorcerer continued to sell in droves, as moreplayers take up Pendulum Magicians and learn to appreciate Chronograph'srole in fielding Heavymetalfoes Electrumite. While Chronograph Sorcerer andAstrograph Sorcerer were both popular since day one in the new format, wesaw more use of Timegazer Magician and Stargazer Magician to back them up,so expect to see all four cards pretty frequently in the coming weeks.

#####CARDID= 21794#####

#9: Pot of Desires

Featuring in Zombie Lightsworn, Invoked, ABC's, Trickstars, Magician FTK,and both of the Finalist Pendulum Magician decks, Pot of Desires was inalmost everything at YCS Atlanta. While we often see players ease off ofDesires at the start of new formats that definitely didn't happen this timearound, as risks were taken to draw as many cards as possible.

The Ultra Rare reprint is up about 20 cents from its already rising pricelast week, now at an average Market Price of $3.70. At this rate it couldcrack the $4 mark and any day now.

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#8: Overtex Qoatlus

Overtex Qoatlus was huge before YCS Atlanta, largely played to searchDouble Evolution Pill for Ultimate Conductor Tyranno. But the Dino buildssucceeding this weekend, both at the YCS and in Regionals, played for a bitmore emphasis on actually fielding Qoatlus itself. Torrential Tribute, MindCrush, and Dimensional Barrier were really big, and when Dinos are facingdown a loaded backrow Qoatlus is the go-to Special Summon off Double Evo.

While demand for Overtex Qoatlus fell a bit over the weekend in the face ofnewer trends, it's still selling incredibly consistently, and Dinosaurs aredefinitely alive and well moving forward from the Championship weekend.

#####CARDID= 22911#####

#7: Underclock Taker

Played in Top 32 SPYRAL, Invoked, ABC's, Pendulum Magicians, and LightswornZombies, Underclock Taker was a bonafide hit at YCS Atlanta. Though it sawsurprisingly little play in logged Regional Top Cut decks leading into theweekend, it definitely delivered the goods once Atlanta arrived. It'salready become one of the most-hoped-for Ultimate Rares for upcoming OTSPack releases.

#####CARDID= 22914#####

#6: Full Force Virus

Heading into the weekend as the focus of speculation, Full Force Virusdidn't make a notable impact at the YCS, but it did continue to sell by thefistful.

Now set on a rising Price Trend across both its originalRaging Battle printing and its 2017 Mega Pack reprint,it's unclear where this card is headed. While it could be a misstep of themarket, it saw wider sales across more buyers this weekend than the weekprevious, indicating rising adoption.

We'll have to wait and see if Full Force Virus has legs enough to carry itthrough the week. At a price of about $2.50, it's still a really affordableopportunity.

#####CARDID= 21221#####

#5: Heavymetalfoes Electrumite

Maintaining its $70 price point through the weekend, HeavymetalfoesElectrumite dominated the Marketplace in a way that very few double-digitvalue cards ever do. It's exceedingly rare to see a $12+ card rank thishigh in our Top 10, let alone one worth six times that. An incrediblenumber of copies were sold in the wake of YCS Atlanta, and with duelistsbuying into the Pendulum Magician theme that hard, we may start seeingPendulum Magicians occupying even more seats in upcoming Top Cuts.

Note that while Heavymetalfoes Electrumite moved hundreds of copies, thereare only about 50 left in the TCGplayer Marketplace as of this writing.That could forecast a slowing number of sales this week due to lack ofsupply, but it could also indicate a strong chance of a spike to 80 or 90dollars in the near future.

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#4: Rescue Ferret

Rescue Rabbit and Rescue Hamster both saw big play in the Top 32 ofAtlanta, but Rescue Ferret's nowhere to be seen in the reported results sofar. That said, Ferret becomes tremendously important whenCherubini, Black Angel of the Burning Abyssarrives, and combined with the general enthusiasm for Rescue monsters thisweekend, that was enough to drive tons of people to pick up their copies.

#####CARDID= 22010#####

#3: Rescue Hamster

But as hyped as Rescue Ferret was, Rescue Hamster was an even bigger star.Featuring in decks like Eric Hernandez's Monster-Heavy Pendulum MagiciansandNicholas Petzold's Draco Rescue Magician Metalfoesat YCS Atlanta, as well asAaron MicInnes' Rescue Draco Metalfoesa week before at the Fort Worth Regional, it sold hundreds of copies overthe weekend.

With versatility across a range of strategies, and an approachable pricepoint of about 50 cents, the appeal was pretty easy to understand.Pendulums are back in a big way, and Rescue Hamster's a surprisingly strongelement of the mechanic's comeback.

#####CARDID= 21820#####

#2: Dimensional Barrier

Right now we have 13 of the Top 32 decks from Atlanta in the Deck Archive,and 10 of them were Side Decking multiple copies of Dimensional Barrier.That makes it more popular than Solemn Judgment and Torrential Tributecombined. Be prepared for it, because nothing's going to be slowing downdemand for Barrier in the coming weeks.

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#1: Darklight

And finally, what started as a niche speculative trend last week became awidespread frenzy, as Darklight exploded from 90 cents to over 5 dollars.Appearing nowhere in the YCS Atlanta coverage, it's unclear whetherDarklight has real tournament potential or if the demand is simply theresult of massive hype in facebook buyer groups.

That said, as the demand for Pendulum Magician tech rises, the ease ofaccess offered by Astrograph Sorcerer, Chronograph Sorcerer, Black FangMagician, and Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm may make Darklight a temptingpick. It's definitely a card to watch moving forward, and while it stillseems a bit dubious, it's worth keeping an eye out for it in upcomingtournaments.

#####CARDID= 9475#####

Beyond the Top 10, Effect Veiler narrowly took the Number 11 spot as it sawrevitalized play in both Regionals and the YCS. Magicians took the Number12 and Number 13 spots with Abyss Actor - Curtain Raiser and Mythical BeastMaster Cerberus, the latter being almost surprisingly successful inAtlanta: 3 of the 7 Top 32 Magician builds we've logged so far playedCerberus.

Finally we saw Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall take the Number 14 spot, whileProxy Dragon arrived at Number 15. Proxy actually seems to have taken a bigtumble in the new format; it may not be as ubiquitous as it once was.

As for speculation, no card ruled the roost like Lyrilusc – IndependentNightingale. The lynchpin card in Colby Potts' Magician FTK, you copy itseffect with a pair of Supreme King Dragon Starving Venoms for an immediate8000 burn damage. While Potts only made it to the Top 16 with thatgameplan, the sheer power level of the idea resounded with a wide spread ofplayers, driving hundreds of copies of Nightingale out the door.

As we continue to update the Deck Archive, the secondary market willcontinue to shift in the wake of this weekend's Regionals and YCS Atlanta.Join us again on Friday as we see which trends emerge, and which onessubside, here in the TCGplayer Marketplace.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer