Market trends have been pretty steady since Secret Slayers dropped, but that all went out the window this week!

For weeks now, market trends have largely revolved around three things: steady interest in key Links from Duel Overload, the gentle rise and all of early adopter interest in Adamancipators, and the recent surge of interest in Halqifibrax buddies, mostly Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon, Martial Metal Marcher and cards aligned with them. But this week we saw a lot of enthusiasm about new tech concepts emanating from Eternity Code launching stateside in June, as well as the surprise announcement of Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series Collector's Set slated for September.

The result was multiple buyouts and price spikes, four new cards in the weekly Top 10 and some notable shakeups in the season's best-sellers. Even without real life tournaments advancing competition, the market's still growing along competitive lines as players prep to jump back in once stores safely reopen…Whenever that may be.

That's all the preamble we need, so let's just jump into the countdown! These were the Top 10 most purchased cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCGplayer Marketplace this week.

#10 - Legendary Knight Critias
The announcement of Dragons of Legend: The Complete Collector's Set sparked a kind of frenzy for some of the key character cards from the Dragons of Legend series: Legendary Knight Critias landed at Number 10 and Legendary Knight Hermos wasn't far behind at Number 11. A ton of people picked them up, and speculation was definitely the guiding factor; the average purchase was half a dozen copies or more.



Both cards have been printed three times so far, and they were all dirt cheap so they were an easy investment to get into. The Dragons of Legend 2 Secret Rares were the bulk of the action this week, and that printing of Legendary Knight Critias shot up from 25 cents to a current price of 3+ dollars after a near total buyout, with the spike of demand shown in the graph above (though not the final price where it's come to rest now). Meanwhile Hermos jumped from the same penny stock price range to a whopping six bucks as of this writing.

#9 - Mecha Phantom Beast Jaculuslan
The Level 9 Mecha Phantom Beast Synchro sold like hotcakes when players figured out that it helped create a one-card hand loop with Eternity Code's upcoming Deep Sea Minstrel. Sam did a video about it that we featured on Wednesday, and the response in the Marketplace was immediate. While it's smart to be skeptical of big flashy combo plays that don't have a proven tournament record yet, the Minstrel loop has a rare advantage, plucking the first card out of your opponent's hand very early in the play sequence to let you work around hand traps that have made similar combos too inconsistent for high level tournament play in the past.

Is the combo good enough to really matter? We don't know yet, but for many buyers the ability to work through traditional blockers was enough to go on, resulting in hundreds upon hundreds of copies sold. There was some pressure to act on this one because supplies are pretty limited: Mecha Phantom Beast Jaculuslan hasn't been reprinted since it first appeared in World Superstars, and cards that were only printed once are much more likely to spike in price than those with multiple printings.

Right now there are still a few copies available at about a dollar each and there are three pages of listings, but the stage seems set. If demand continues, Jaculuslan could spike; if it was just a fad, then it could sink back down. Time will tell.

#8 - Herald of the Arc Light
On the more predicable side of things, Herald of the Arc Light continues to feature in an increasing number of big field combos and finally hit the Top 10. It's extremely easy to fit into a variety of strategies and once it hits the table its negation effect becomes one more layer your opponent has to fight through.



A month ago this card was 90 cents, but now that it's a staple in both Adamancipators and Eldlich even the cheapest printing is going to cost you $3.50 (that's the Ultra Rare from Battles of Legend: Hero's Revenge). It just keeps creeping up.

#7 - Jet Synchron
Meanwhile Crystron Halqifibrax continues to push compatible Tuners into best-selling positions for its sheer ubiquity. While there are builds of Eldlich Invoked that don't run it, and recent rogue hits like Madolches don't play it either, Halqifibrax is everywhere right now in decks like Adamancipators, Dinosaurs, Water and more in post Eternity Code environments. Some of the Eldlich builds opting to run Magicians' Souls even play two copies, and that's made Jet Synchron and other Halqifibrax hits into top sellers.

Jet Synchron's been here for weeks, and it probably won't leave the Top 10 anytime soon.

#6 - Solemn Judgment
Solemn Judgment's currently one of the saving graces keeping stuff like Madolches and Anti-Meta Stun viable, and it's definitely still an option in Eldlich though it may be falling out of favor there. Foil reprints of Solemn don't come around all that often, and the Secret Slayers version continues to be an affordable hit with players who didn't own the card before, and those just looking for an upgrade. At a time when the biggest decks in online competition are new and expensive, Solemn Judgment's a safe, affordable investment for the wait-and-see crowd that's not going for the new stuff just yet.

#5 - Dark Ruler No More
A lot of players view Adamancipator as the deck-to-beat this format, and to do that you need to be able to break up those huge Turn 1 control boards. Dark Ruler No More lets almost any deck do it, and No More's just one of the absolute easiest ways to make that happen. It's a low risk card that doesn't require combos or special field conditions to work, and it's extremely good at filling the role of a Turn 2 enabler.

#4 - Crystron Halqifibrax
Back down to Number 4 from the Number 1 spot last week, Crystron Halqifibrax is finally making that climb so many of us predicted; it now sits at $26 dollars and seems likely to continue creeping up. This card is everywhere right now, and it's so popular that a new counter to it became an instant hit overnight.

#3 - Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon
Players continue to respect Auroradon more and more every week, even as it slips in and out of vogue in Adamancipators and Eldlich. Duelists are exploring it in strategies like Dinosaurs as well, and that trickledown effect's keeping it a hot seller even as its value increases. Check out the tale of the tape on this one.



Very few players were talking about Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon when it first dropped in Duel Overload: a month ago it was a buck to a buck-fifty. But you can see how the price has slowly increased while demand has remained consistent, more than doubling its value over time.

I think at the end of the year we're going to look back and see a lot of second tier DUOV exclusives following a similar arc, stuff like Relinquished Anima, Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians and Lib the World Key Blademaster. Those cards are unique for what they do, and they probably won't be reprinted any time soon. That's going to create considerable value over time.

#2 - Martial Metal Marcher
Martial Metal Marcher's back at Number 2 thanks again to Crystron Halqifibrax. Ruben Penaranda and Ryan Yu both played it in their Adamancipator decks taking 1st and 2nd Place respectively at the PPG Weekend Championship last Sunday, Denis Nadas played it in Eldlich in the Top 4 and Kamal Crooks Top 8d with it. Metal Marcher's sparked a lot of debate, but it looks as if those weekend performances turned a lot of heads.

#1 - Barrier Statue of the Torrent
Totally bought out on Wednesday, Barrier Statue of the Torrent shot up from 40 cents, all the way the 3-to-4 dollar mark overnight, as hundreds upon hundreds of copies were snapped up by eager players and speculators. Torrent first appeared in Cyberdark Impact, and it's only been reprinted once, in OTS Tournament Pack 4. That wasn't a wide retail release, so it's kind of a drp in the bucket. That lack of supply left Barrier Statue of the Torrent vulnerable to buyouts, and by Wednesday night every copy of the OTS printing was gone while sellers started listing the CDIP original for $4 or more. In some cases much more.

The reason? Gizmek Uka, the Festive Fox of Fecundity, headed our way in Eternity Code. Dropping this thing against Crystron Halqifibrax lets you Special Summon Barrier Statue of the Torrent, locking both you and your opponent into Water Special Summons. Since none of the top decks right now play Water monsters while most of them play Halqifibrax, that's hugely punishing for almost anything short of a dedicated Water deck. Over in Europe where Eternity Code's already out, sales of Gizmek Uka have taken off. It's doubled its value to the equivalent of about $17 USD, so it's still approachable in price. But with no in-hand copies yet in North America, speculators and eager players had nothing to invest in save the matching Barrier Statue.



This graph shows how demand exploded for Barrier Statue of the Torrent Wednesday when Yugitubers and online circles started really discussing it. Where it's headed from here is anybody's guess: is Gizmek Uka positioned to become a staple, at least long enough to chase away Crystron Halqifibrax? A lot of people are betting that it might.

With Legendary Knight Hermos at Number 11, that left Upstart Goblin at Number 12, Adamancipator Risen – Dragite at Number 13, Dragon Buster Destruction Sword at Number 14 and Salamangreat Almiraj at Number 15. We'll be back with another Market Update on Facebook and Twitter on Monday, but for now, have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer