Last weekend we saw an ARGCS in Charlotte, a UDS Invitational inSacramento, and a giant YCS in Bochum Germany that drew as many as 2000duelists.With our Monday Market Watch encompassing sales from Friday to Mondaymorning, that left very little time for new sales patterns to emerge.

But the impact of those three tournaments were immediate anyways! With TheMonarchs Erupt coming in at Number 10 and Amano-Iwato just missing thecountdown at Number 11, there was a clear uptick of interest in TrueDracos. Instant Fusion and Thousand-Eyes Restrict both made the Top 10 offtheir reprintings in Ancient Millennium, but both featured in thePendulum Magician FTK strategy as well, revolving around the combo ofLyrilusc - Independent Nightingale and Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom.

Underclock Taker, Chronograph Sorcerer, Overtex Qoatlus, and Rescue Ferretall sold in droves in response to the play they saw at those threetournaments. But all of those sales patterns were just the first line oftrends to come from the Championship weekend. Now, five days later we havea better look at how those trends have developed; which trends declined,which trends gained momentum, and which trends were supplanted by new ones.

With the landscape established, let's look at the Top 10 bestselling cardsin the TCGplayer Marketplace this week, from Monday to Friday.

#10: Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm

The only surprise here is that Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm'sonly Number 10 on the list. Pendulum Magicianswon the ARGCS but failed to win the UDS Invitational and the YCS. Thatsaid, key cards for the deck are still trending upward, giving some mixedsignals about the tournament share direction of the Magician theme.

It's definitely still a great deck that players are migrating to. But withWorld Chalice and Zefras both throwing big monkey wrenches into thecompetitive landscape, there are definitely a lot of duelists taking upalternative strategies this week.


#9: Effect Veiler

With Maxx "C" gone and weak matchups keeping Droll & Lock Bird and AshBlossom & Joyous Spring a little more tempered than they were lastformat, a big niche has been carved for Effect Veiler in currenttournaments. Reprinted twice last year in both Duelist Saga andStarter Deck: Link Strike, Veiler's a strong budget alternative toAsh Blossom and is even seeing play alongside it in some Top Cut lists.


#8: Eva

Marco Perico's victory with World Chalice at YCS Bochum was owed in somelarge part to a key innovation: the use of Brilliant Fusion with Eva toseek out Herald of Orange Light, paid for with used Mystical Shine Balls.We saw Eva take off like a rocket Sunday night, earning it a shoutout forheavy speculation on Monday, but now it's a fullblown trend that suggestsmany competitors are flocking to World Chalice.

If you didn't think Perico's YCS win would inspire more players to take upthe theme you were probably on the wrong side of history from the get-go,but now that we're seeing Eva move the way it's moving, the sales patternsdefinitely suggest that you'd better get ready for more World Chalice atyour tournaments.


#7: Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Dropping from Number 5 on Monday, Thousand-Eyes Restrict hung in there atthe Number 7 spot. This is likely a perfect storm made of one part fanappeal in the wake of TER's reprint in Ancient Millennium, and onepart competitive potential; Thousand-Eyes Restrict features in mostMagician FTK decks, since you need something to Instant Fusion for whenLyrilusc - Independent Nightingale isn't the right call.

We could start to see Instant Fusion for Thousand-Eyes Restrict in otherdecks as well, so keep an eye out for that. I'm told it's already happeningin some places, though it might be a dubious strategy.


#6: Instant Fusion

Everything I just said about Thousand-Eyes Restrict? It applies here.Instant Fusion just got reprinted in Ancient Millennium and itplays a clutch role in the Nightingale FTK, since you need to, like, getNightingale going without actually playing any Lyriluscs. Instant Fusionmakes that happen, though its drop from the Number 1 spot to Number 6 maybe telling.

Does that suggest a flagging interest in Magician FTK? Or was the initialcompetitive appeal buffed by now-waning fan enthusiasm due toAncient Millennium? Tough to say. Regardless, Instant Fusion's adeadly card, and it's one to watch in the near future.


#5: Chronograph Sorcerer

WAY up from Number 9 over the weekend, Chronograph Sorcerer's spike toNumber 5 is the one big indicator of rising interest in Pendulum Magicians.While Magicians got stomped out of Championships at both YCS Bochum and theUDS in Sacramento, the deck still won the ARGCS, and the strategy's nowherenear being solved. There's big debate amongst successful players about theMythical Beast suite, as well as a lot of personal preference exercisedtoward individual cards like Wisdom-Eye Magician, Star Pendulumgraph, andTime Pendulumgraph.

Meanwhile the Nightingale FTK continues to see success, and tech picks likeWhite Wing Magician and Dragonpit Magician see some play too. PendulumMagicians have nowhere to go but up, and we may see even better resultsfrom the deck as players continue to figure out an ideal approach.


#4: Ancient Gear Frame

Ancient Gear Frame remains the bestselling new card fromAncient Millennium, running counter to any tournament-drivenmarket forces. It's down from Number 2, as immediate demand for AncientGear Fusion starts to die down after release day hype.

#3: Amano-Iwato

Amano-Iwato was HUGE over the weekend, helping True Dracos press throughhand traps and pesky on-field monster effects. It took Number 11 over theweekend, but now that it's up to Number 3 it spells a lot of interest inTrue Dracos moving forward. We've continued to see dedicated Demise TrueDraco decks as well as splashed engines topping tournaments, so definitelyget those Master Peace answers ready for upcoming competitions.


#2: Underclock Taker

Finally the two biggest cards of the week were both splashable in a ton ofdifferent strategies, starting with Underclock Taker


#1: Pot of Desires

…and ending with a return to form for Pot of Desires. Yes, the format'sgreatest "draw 2" spell is back on top yet again, after being thebestselling card of 2017.

It's Pot of Desires. You need three copies. There isn't much left to say.

Meanwhile beyond the Top 10, we saw Ojamassimilation at Number 11 and OjamaPajama at Number 13. Proxy Dragon took Number 12, Worm Bait came in atNumber 14, and Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion finished at 15 for theweek.

The list of heavily speculated cards was actually more interesting.Clashing Souls and Flick Clown both saw big sales in light of discussionthis week. Moon Mirror Shield trended upwards too,topping a Montreal Regional in a Draco Six Samurai deck, of all things. Rescue Hamster fell from verified Top 10 status into speculativeterritory as well, as its popularity waned but a number of buyers picked updozens of copies in volume.

It was a lot of action and a lot of shifts this week, and as we count downto the release of Legendary Collection Kaiba seven days fromtoday, we're bound to see some big moves over the weekend. Join us again onMonday to see what the next few days have in store.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer