Welcome to another Friday edition of our TCGplayer Market Watch, where wecount down the bestselling cards of the week by number of cards sold! Norarity restrictions, no price parameters; just cold hard data on thehighest-selling hot stuff.

…And this week that meant four big categories of cards. Right off the bat,the top splashable tournament standbys of the past month remained in theTop 10 – no surprise there, as cards like Called by the Grave remainawesome as a flood of new players and lapsed competitors step up their gamein the new year, just in time for the return of Regionals.

Perhaps more surprising? Salamangreats were hot once again after explodingin demand last week. We're getting closer and closer to both the streetdate release of Savage Strike and the launch ofStructure Deck: Soulburner, and both February products buff theSoul Fusion Salamangreat theme.

Beyond that we saw a big push for Chaos Dragon Levianeer, one of thebiggest price spikes over the course of the week in the wake of a keyRegional Top Cut showing. And finally news about upcoming cards includinglast minute reveals from Dark Neostorm actually created a surge ofinterest in Orcust, a closet fan-favorite theme that may have some teethmoving forward.

Ready for it? Here's our Top 10 from Monday to this Friday morning.

#10: Salamangreat Sanctuary

Back for the second week in a row, Salamangreat Sanctuary's a key FieldSpell that helps anchor the Salamangreat theme's mechanic of upgrading LinkMonsters by using previous copies of the same Link as Link Material. Italso helps boost your LP at the cost of monsters you were going to use asMaterials anyways, giving the deck some advantage in time and someflexibility in regular game play.

#####CARDID= 24403#####

#9: Salamangreat Falco

A ridiculously useful Level 4 with an awesome effect that triggers when itleaves the field, Salamangreat Falco helps you not just reuse, but alsosearch important Salamangreat spells and traps. It swaps around your fieldpresence to make some clutch combos too, and it's effectively a must-runutility card in most builds of the Salamangreat strategy.

#####CARDID= 24354#####

#8: Called by the Grave

Called by the Grave. Still a must-own, and still an indicator of newplayers gearing up for competition. If you don't own your copies yet it'sprobably because you weren't playing in tournaments, but if you orderedyours this week good on ya' for deciding to go that much harder.

Welcome to the tournament scene. Enjoy nerfing your opponent's hand traps.

#####CARDID= 23177#####

#7: Will of the Salamangreat

Sort of a Salamangreat Soul Charge, Will of the Salamangreat's usuallyplayed as a singleton since you can reuse it so easily with Falco…and sinceadditional copies are dead in hand due to its once-per-turn clause. Mostbuyers were picking up multiple copies, but it's unclear if that wasbecause they plan to run multiple copies, or if it's part speculation or a"just in case" type scenario. Whatever the plan this card is great for itstheme and you wouldn't want to head into a match without at least one copy.

#####CARDID= 24405#####

#6: Summon Sorceress

The Soul Fusion Special Edition promos have all proven to havelegs as long as…well, as long as Summon Sorceress, as demand continues tohold strong. The Sorceress is a staple for a number of combo-centric decksin current competition, and at the same time it's an enabling helper for alot of rogue strategies as well. That's a winning combination that's keptSummon Sorceress in high demand ever since it was re-released.

#####CARDID= 24587 #####

#5: Neo Space Connector

You can say similar things about the pure combo card Neo Space Connector,which exists almost solely to pull Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin from your deckso you can cost your opponent more cards on your way to an Extra Link, aTopologic Gumblar Dragon, or both. Goukis and Dark Warriors were trendingup in Regional results last weekend, and it's no surprise to see SpaceConnector still topping the charts.

#####CARDID= 24588#####

#4: Lady Debug

Speaking of last week, Lady Debug was one of the biggest cards of our lastMarket Watch and demand remained super-strong despite the card's relativelyhigh price tag. As a three-of staple in the Cyberse-strong Salamangreatstrategy, every Duelist with an eye toward the future is looking to pick uptheir playset.

The price of Lady Debug has held solid at about six bucks over the last twoweeks, and supply still seems pretty solid. That said, it wouldn't be hardto buy out most of the stock in the TCGplayer Marketplace right now, and ifsomeone does we could easily see Lady Debug jump into the price range ofbigger marquee Structure Deck foils like Return of the Dragon Lords in itsprime.

#####CARDID= 23854#####

#3: Chaos Dragon Levianeer

Easily the biggest surprise of this week's Market Watch, Chaos DragonLevianeer jumped from six dollars to eight dollars and now sits at awhopping ten bucks and climbing. We talked about Levianeer earlier thisweek on our social media,where it was the topic of our latest Price Spike Warning– make sure to Likeus on FB or Follow us onTwitter for more up-to-the-minute price info like that. But yeah – thetremendous demand for Chaos Dragon Levianeer is a surprise, since cardswith such value rarely sell so many copies to get this high in the Top 10.

One big reason for that was the card's use inNishaad Lorengo's Danger! Chaos Thunder Dragon build, from the Top 8 of the latest New Jersey Regional. His build borrowed alot from a few variants that saw success before, but Lorengo's performancegenerated a ton of conversation and drew attention to match. Levianeer'sarguably undervalued to begin with and to some, this just feels like a longoverdue market correction.

#####CARDID= 24375#####

#2: Orcustrated Return

Yes, Orcustrated Return outsold almost everything in the TCGplayerMarketplace this week. Why is that? There may be a few factors involved,but the first place I'd look isDark Neostorm, whichjust released in the OCG and brought overseas players cards likeOrcustrated Climax. Which, if you haven't seen it yet, is almost sort of a free SolemnJudgment that banishes instead of destroying. You can then banish it fromyour graveyard to search a Dark Machine from your Deck or get one back fromyour removed zone.

That card comes with some restrictions, but they're basically just astandard once-per-turn clause and a promise to only Summon Dark Machinesthe turn you use the search. Which seems fair.

On account of the bustedness and all.

#####CARDID= 24410 #####

#1: Dinowrestler Pankratops

But of course, no amount of OCG hype can unseat a Cyber Dragon Dinosaurwith 2600 ATK, a built-in Super Mystical Space Typhoon, and purple gymshorts! There's nothing left to say here: Dinowrestler Pankratops is a SideDeck staple that wanders into Main Decks from time to time, wearing a dozendifferent hats to solve a hundred different problems at any given time.Like Called by the Grave it's a barometer for the number of duelistsentering tournament play, because if you're going to tournaments on atleast a semi-serious basis you already own your playset.

It's an OTS Tournament Pack Ultimate Rare waiting to happen.

#####CARDID= 24359 #####

Aside from the Top 10 countdown we also saw heavy speculation on OuterEntity Nyarla, and a mix of heavy speculation and play-driven buys onSalamangreat Heatleo. No surprise there given the huge interest inSalamangreats over the last two weeks.

Speaking of, Salamangreat Foxy and Salamangreat Jack Jaguar took Number 11and Number 12 respectively. Galatea, the Orcust Atomaton came in at Number13, while The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots and Phantom Knights' FogBlade took Number 14 and 15.

That's it for this week, but in just a matter of hours we'll start seeingresults from YCS Sydney!Make sure to keep an eye on the Deck Archive this week, where we'll be posting Top Cut lists from the YCS and the latestRegionals as soon as they're available.

See you next week!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer