This week we saw the results from YCS London, and the secondary marketimmediately took a competitive turn. While Sky Strikers and Trickstarsended up in the Finals, the fact that Danger! Dark World FTK took nineseats in the Top 32 wound up determining more than half of our bestseller list this week, as players clearly migrated toward the strategy.

While it seems impossible for Konami to allow the Firewall FTK to survivethe next F&L List, the deck will still be legal for dozens of Regionalsand one more Championship on the way to the next Advanced Format update(slated for November 20th). And as the deck continues to becomemore refined, more and more players are seeing it as a worthwhileinvestment, even if it's just for a few weeks of play.

MeanwhileJohnny Nguyen's Top 8 finish with Noble Knights at the Tulsa RegionalQualifierspiked interest in the theme and launched one of their new cards into theTop 10. Continued enthusiasm for Frightfur Patchwork as well as a few bigsplashables from Soul Fusion remained strong through theChampionship weekend too. While the presence of the Firewall FTK'scertainly oppressive, forcing players to run more hand traps in anoften-doomed bid to survive the Cannon Soldier loop, creativity's clearlystill alive.

This could be a fantastic format if not for the LINK-4 elephant in theroom.

But in the mean time we'll work with what we have, and today that's anotherTop 10 countdown. Here's our recap of the bestselling cards in theTCGplayer Marketplace this week.

#10: Noble Knight Ivyanne

Yugituber Johnny "aznpersuasion2008" Nguyen'snever been short on daring, but how do you top yourself when you alreadyspent the better part of two years as the most decorated RegionalLightsworn player of all time, in formats where most didn't even considerthe strategy viable? Apparently the answer is to take an even biggerunderdogand turn it into a Regional success.

Nguyen's Top 8 build from Tulsa only played one copy of Noble KnightIvyanne, but it looks like that was enough to turn it into a bestseller.Cards like Avalon' rel=", the Enchantress of Avalon">Morgan, the Enchantress of Avalon and Heritage of the Chalicefell just short of the Top 10 as well, as Nguyen's performance clearlykindled interest.

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#9: Danger! Dogman!

As a three-of in different version of the Firewall FTK deck, Danger!Dogman! is also one of the most affordable Danger monsters, leading analmost alarming number of players to stock up. As a singular trend thismight look like vendor speculation, but the number of Firewall FTK cards inthe Top 10, and the sheer volume of those cards that were sold suggestotherwise. Plus it just doesn't make sense to pick these cards up as aninvestment right now with most players expecting the deck to get killed offby the end of the month.

People want to play this thing while it's legal, and that meant a lot ofcopies of Dogman! moved this week.

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#8: Frightfur Patchwork

On the casual side of things, demand for Frightfur Patchwork's continued tobe impressive, with strong sales despite no competitive showings fromFluffals. People love this deck and they love this card – it's just a shameit landed two years after the point where it could have made a real impact.

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#7: The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine

The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine has become one of the game's mostflexible combo extenders, playing into a ton of aspects that make it idealfor FTK strategies. I doubt the intent was to make a card that wouldencourage frustrating playstyles, but if you're going to make a free combocard that's versatile, uncosted, and helps dodge the pitfalls of biginvested summons, I'd suggest you not make its one drawback a conditionthat almost never exists on Turn 1.

The goal here was probably to encourage the mid-game use of this card inconjunction with the banish-driven Phantom Knight traps, but all it amountsto is a Turn 1 FTK enabler. If players weren't so angry about the design ofFirewall Dragon right now, I assume they'd be angry with cards like thisinstead. At some point Shade Brigandine WILL end up on the F&L List,mark my words. Even with Firewall gone, The Phantom Knights of ShadeBrigandine will almost surely pop up in the next broken combo deck down theline.

Which may or may not just be Goukis. Again.

#####CARDID= 19595 #####

#6: Herald of the Abyss

As we said last week, Herald of the Abyss is a great card released at thewrong time. There are plenty of monsters that dodge targeting anddestruction, and you can beat all of them with this thing. But almost noneof those monsters are relevant this format, which means we haven't seenHerald make an impact in tournaments. Still, it's a unique effect with alot of potential long term, and the fact that so many duelists are pickingup their copies gives me faith in the general playerbase.

Herald of the Abyss is a good card, it's just not a good card right now.The fact that it's still selling so well despite that fact is testament tothe widespread hope that KDE will shake stuff up by the end of the month.

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#5: Danger! Mothman!

Another must-run three-of in all of the Danger! Dark World FTK variants,Danger! Mothman! is often heralded as the worst of the Danger! monsters.But that doesn't matter when every Danger! monster is effectivelyoverpowered, leading to big sales for Mothman! all week long.

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#4: Outer Entity Nyarla

Outer Entity Nyarla's a gateway to Outer Entity Azathot, both of which arenow recognized as irreplaceable support for the Firewal FTK. Whileassembling three Level 5 monsters to Xyz Summon Azathot is prettyfar-fetched, gathering two Level 4's to make Nyarla which then turns intoAzathot's incredibly easy. Especially since Armageddon Knight's currentlyone of the most feared cards in the game, and The Phantom Knights of ShadeBrigandine's a Level 4.

Seriously. Who made that thing.

#####CARDID= 23806 #####

#3: Outer Entity Azathot

"The Firewall FTK's not so bad! You just need to run a lot of hand traps!"Said the guy who designed The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine,probably.

On one hand, you have to play cards like Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion,Droll & Lock Bird, and even freaking D.D. Crow to try and survive theDanger! Dark World deck. On the other hand, if your opponent can SummonOuter Entity Azathot your hand traps don't matter anyways. It's an awfulsituation where players are forced to run cards that dilute their corestrategy,but which may accomplish literally nothing anyways.

The Outer Entity suite managed to fly under the radar of many players untilYCS London, becauseeven though Dirk Wagner played it to a 2nd Place finish atYCS Niagara, his deck list wasn't released until several days after the event. Andeven though Wagner and Maximillian Reynolds both ran the same build andcompeted in four Feature Matches combined, the Outer Entity cards didn'tappear in any of them.Add the fact that the Jeff Jones build didn't run those cards, and it seems all the stars were aligned to keep Azathot out of thespotlight.

But it was impossible miss at YCS London, and once players found out aboutit they rushed to grab their copies. With the last line of defense againstthe Firewall FTK gone, Azathot's now sitting on an upward Price Trend.

#####CARDID= 23807 #####

#2: The Beginning of the End

Doug's been making the point lately that a lot of older cards are comingback into vogue because they don't have "once per turn" clauses. When I wasdoing coverage at YCS Niagara I watched several players facing the FirewallFTK reach across the table, pick up The Beginning of the End, read it, andthen burst into a confused cry of "HOW IS THAT NOT ONCE PER TURN?!?" Andthe answer is that this card was designed at a time when it was impossibleto activate it even once in a duel, period, let alone more than once on thesame turn.

Drawing three cards for free? Amazing. Drawing six cards for free?Horrifying. And it happens a lot these days.

That was literally never meant to happen, and now it's the new normal.Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion's going to get Forbidden because of this,mark my words.

All that aside, the Ultimate Rare printing of The Beginning of the Endjumped nearly five dollars this week, again expressing that players arevery willing to invest in the Firewall FTK strategy.

#####CARDID= 5942 #####

#1: Dinowrestler Pankratops

At least Dinowrestler Pankratops is a standup citizen not bent on ruiningsociety.

I assume it was for that reason that Pankratops remained the bestsellingcard in the TCGplayer Marketplace; a new Side Deck staple that's rarelyincredible, but almost always solid over the course of a full tournament.While a lot of people – myself included – often refer to Pankratops as amodern Cyber Dragon on the front end, note that it's actually better thanthat since you can still Special Summon it when you control monsters. BigATK and generic Spell Speed 2 removal still have a place in competition,even if The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine is the only trap card someof your opponents may be playing.

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Just outside of the Top 10, we saw big interest in Noble Knights asmentioned earlier, as well as Orcrusts, Clock Wyvern, and Called by theGrave. Forbidden Apocrypha was the single biggest target for speculators,and while that kind of action's often irrelevant to tournament trends, thespeculators are probably ahead of the pack on this one: Apocrphya's astellar answer to Thunder Dragon fields with multiple Fusion Monsters.

That's it for Market Watch, but don't forget that KDE's partnering with OTSlocations this weekend and next to host hundreds of charity dueling events.If you haven't seen that yet,hit the link here for details and to find a venue near you.

Best of luck if you're heading to one of those events, and have a greatweekend!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer