Welcome to the first day of the new Advanced Format.


With the F&L List taking effect this weekend, and Dark Saviors set to unleash the Sky Striker theme on Friday, competitive Dueling is about to take some big turns. The last couple of weeks of Top Cut decks have demonstrated a wide open field right up to the last days of the previous format, and with many of those decks losing literally nothing to the new F&L List, lots of decks appear to be viable heading into the coming weekend.

Last week the biggest trend we saw in the TCGplayer Marketplace was a hugebuy-in on True Dracos. Those sales patterns Evaporated over the weekend, replaced by a ton of enthusiasm for splashable tech cards and Knightmares –both of which were popular for several weeks prior – and SPYRALs, which did well in several recent Regionals and make especially good use of Knightmarecards.

We also saw a few trends fueled by anticipation for the Sky Striker Acetheme, AKA "Brandish Maidens" as they were once fanlated, in advance ofDark Saviors later this week. Add all those factors together, andyou get our latest Top 10 bestseller countdown.

#10: Tri-Gate Wizard

The Knightmare Link Monsters make it much easier to Summon Tri-Gate Wizardwith all of its effects activated, creating a new level of Turn 1 controlset-ups in a few different strategies that can pull it all off. That's madeTri-Gate Wizard a big factor in Goukis, World Chalice, and SPYRALs, andthat put Tri-Gate into the Top 10 this weekend.


#9: Effect Veiler

With a wider array of triggered effect monsters likely coming to tournaments in the new Advanced Format, demand for Effect Veiler andInfinite Impermanence is up. But with Infinite Impermanence now topping the$80 mark it's not really an option for any but the luckiest or mostcompetitive duelists, and that drove Effect Veiler up to the Number 9 spotover the weekend.


#8: Knightmare Mermaid

Knightmares feature heavily in newly successful Altergeist decks, and theybreathed new life into Trickstars, Mekk-Knight Invoked, Goukis, SPYRALs,and more, and Knightmare Corruptor Iblee's becoming more and more common inTop 8 builds. Demand is up for Iblee driving it over $45 this weekend, andthat - combined with the generally favorable impression of Knightmares as awhole - put the more niche Knightmare Mermaid into Number 8.


#7: SPYRAL Double Helix

SPYRALs did notably well in the last two weeks of Regionals, withseveral Top 8 finishes documentedin both Knoxvilleand Kissimmeeso far. The deck benefits from all the standard strengths of Knightmareswhile also finding unique uses for some of their better effects: KnightmareUnicorn's a standout, returning SPYRAL Resort to the deck so it can bereused. It singlehandedly patches up the problem of Resort being Limited,and it often does it for free, or as an after-effect of other stuff youwere already doing.

Interest in the SPYRAL deck is way up in the wake of Knightmares and thenew F&L List; SPYRAL Double Helix is on an upward Price Trend as oftoday, but so are SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue, SPYRAL Tough, SPYRAL Super Agentand others. Super Agent jumped dramatically, skyrocketing from about 8dollars to a current price of more than 22. Definitely prepare to seeSPYRALs in your tournaments moving forward.


#6: Shared Ride

Shared Ride is a popular tech pick for the Sky Striker Ace / BrandishMaiden matchup in the OCG, and we saw hints of that stateside just a fewweeks ago, when hype builtand demand drove Shared Ride to the Number 1 position in the TCGplayer Marketplace. Market Prices slipped as demand abated, with the 2014 Mega PackSecret Rare reaching an average Market Price of just 75 cents last week.

That was a clear opportunity, and tons of TCGplayers snapped up their copies of both the Secret Rare and Gold Rare versions of Shared Ride just afew days before the Sky Striker debut. Dark Saviors releases thisFriday, and it's almost guaranteed that the Sky Striker theme will make an immediate impact on tournaments.


#5: Knightmare Phoenix

Once again, Knightmare Phoenix and Knightmare Cerberus were neck and neck this weekend, as more players started either taking up themes that leverageKnightmares, or preparing for a WCQ season that might see them do so in the near future.


#4: Knightmare Cerberus

Interestingly enough, while Knightmare Cerberus outsold Knightmare Phoenix by a small margin, Phoenix drew more praise in Top 8 deck profiles this week for its more flexible effect, while Cerberus was actually passed on in favor of themed alternatives that match some of its Link Markers, likeSPYRAL Double Helix. Knightmare Phoenix is actually on an upwards PriceTrend, though Knightmare Cerberus retains a slightly higher current MarketPrice.


#3: Called by the Grave

Meanwhile Called by the Grave remains a very strong seller, with the Common printing available for as little as 70 cents a pop and hand traps continuing to see lots of play.

Whatever slowdown hand traps saw earlier in the year, business picked up in the last four to six weeks, and there's no sign of that slowing down under the new F&L List. Even with Infinite Impermanence taking up deck space and Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries a bit of a tossup, the pairing ofGhost Ogre & Snow Rabbit and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring are still huge, and that's led lots of players to side or main Called by the Grave.


#2: Waking the Dragon

Even with True Dracos losing Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King,Waking the Dragon's continued to be a top seller week in and week out. Last week we saw lots of players reacting to the F&L List announcement by buying in hard on Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior and Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter, and that kept demand high for Waking the Dragon.


#1: Red Reboot

And finally, Red Reboot was the bestselling card in the TCGplayer Marketplace, now for a week straight. Positioned on an upward Price Trenda nd now firmly grounded at $3, Red Reboot's looking as if it will begin tofill a similar role to Cosmic Cyclone and Twin Twisters, just as ubiquitous forms of backrow suppression. If you don't own Red Reboot yet, you probably need to pick up your copies before your next tournament.

There's a good chance you're going to need them, given how the new format may shape up.


Looking below the Top 10, Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries almost made the cut coming in at Number 11; that card's seen some debate recently, and lots of discussion in advance of Dark Saviors. Gouki Suprex and Gouki Octostretch came in at Number 12 and Number 14, continuing the strong interest in the Gouki strategy. And that left Pot of Desires at Number 13, and Knightmare Goblin at Number 15 to round out the bestseller list.

Join us again on Friday, when we'll see the first round of bestsellers fromDark Saviors along with last minute sales before the first tournament weekend of the new format.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer